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Sunset, Rainbow and Pinkie decided that it would be fun to play a little prank on Fluttershy during Halloween, but little did they know what was about to happen when it backfires...

Short story, less than 2,000 words

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"I need you to come to my place, we are holding a party, Pinkie, Dash and me!"

Hee hee
PinkieDash:pinkiesmile: :rainbowkiss:

Get it?:ajsmug:

very funny. There's a comma. And yes, I get itπŸ˜›

This was just such a fun read, you are able to write sooo quickly.

It's really amazing!

Happy Halloween too!:yay:

I actually started on this yesterday, so...

Thanks anyway!

😁 You don't say...

I NEED MORE!!! Please!
Maybe a prank with these same three! THIS WAS SO GOOD! I was cracking up the whole time!:rainbowlaugh:

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Well, this was a good story, but I have one note... I don't think that Fluttershy would be scared of an ant because she loves all animals and it's her special talent.

But other than that, it's really good!

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