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JuSt a DEmOn RoAmInG thE WeB :)


Twilight get a bad grade for her mid years and looses her temper, saying things that she would never had said, hurting her friend's feelings.

A simple story no less than 1,000 words

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Wow. I like this

Thats me when I get 63.33% on a math test.

For the third time.:ajbemused:

"Loses her temper", not "looses her temper'.

Ahem. That is also my reaction at failing. I hate failure.

And yes, I lash out.


How, you ask?

Lemme put it this way: when it comes to my attention that I have failed at something, the best place to be is in a concrete and steel enforced storm shelter, dressed in a suit of protective armor, and do not come out for at least two hours. At least.

(No, I do not take failure well...)

Oh you too?😁

I enjoyed this!

You have a cool style of writing.

I've been in your shoes Twilight, Believe me

I am proud that I have never gotten below 50%
Quickly hides the science tests I've failed.

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