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Twilight is curious with why Sunset meets Timber without her, denying that she follows along. So she decides to ask Sunset about it and the results that she gets is not exactly what she had expected.

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Nah. Rating is fine.

This was a good story!

You did good and thank you for protraying timber positively. It seems like the fandom gets into a rage over every new romance option. Either he is too perfect and bland(flash) or when he does have flaws(timber flirting with twilight on the job. Which doesn't automatically make him a complete creep.) They extraight it to the Max. To me it seems like fans act more like jealous suitors who lost the girl to their competition. Then again these are the same fans who ship their OC's with the mane six or the mane six with each other cause 'its cute'

😁 No prob, I'm not against anyone anyway.

Awesome! I love these random stories of Sunset and the others!:rainbowkiss:

True, people do hate when romances actually pop up in the series, because they already have their personal ships. This story's image of Timber is really good to have in the positive, and this whole story is a good random story.

To be fair, I don't mind Timber, but BRAD BRADLEY (aka Flash Sentry) is definitely a character I personally don't like.

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