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This story is a sequel to Bully for you

Sunset is in the hospital. Her friends come to visit as well as learn the reason behind it all, and help comfort Rainbow and tell her that sometimes, it is okay to be scared

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Any of you have any idea what I should write next? Feel free to leave suggestions!


Rainbow had argued all day with the doctors that she should bot be discharged just yet and that she was 'not ready' for school.

It should be "not" not "bot".

Maybe have it where Gilda makes another attempt on Rainbow Dash. Only this time, all of her friends, including sunset who recovered from the hospital, stands by her side.

ooh, good idea. Thanks. I'll start right away

Ummm the cops were called right? So they let her go after commit assault and battery and attempted murder?

Yeah. They did, with a warning and a fine

.................You don;t know much about law do you. Ethier that or these are the DUMBEST COS EVER!

Chill. Its a story. And if she's in jail, I can't write the next one. And you're right, I do not know anything abt law. I'm a kid.

And I think you meant 'don't' and 'COPS'.

This was also cute but cliche. try to branch out and have more scene variety.

that was so good

Glad you liked it๐Ÿ˜€

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