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JuSt a DEmOn RoAmInG thE WeB :)


Twilight's friends have realised that one of her fears is swimming due to her past experiences. In order to help her, they share their own experiences of learning how to swim to encourage her not to be afraid.

Another short story less than 2,500 words

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They don't call up Princess Twilight to share her story?

Come on.:pinkiehappy: that's takin it a little too far. 😁

Not a bad story. Punctuation errors everywhere, but the story itself isn't bad.

Lol totes earned a fave from me!

I feel for Twi. I really do.

Truthfully, I...can't really swim either...

I can stay above water...barely...but when it comes to actually attempting to swim...well, let's just say Ihave been dragged out of the water half drowned more than once.

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