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This story is a sequel to An argument

After a heated argument, Rainbow realises that friendship is more valuable than any popularity status or number of fans. The only problem now, is if she can fix the broken bonds that she has made.

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I think it's fine?

To be fair, I was terrified that it is not allowed to have two separate chapters in two separate stories, so I thought if i realesed it on the same day, it's fine?

Loved it!

I knew Dashie could make things right.

She stood up to leave just as Rainbow walked in through the doors. "After all, it looks like the performance is over, so we can walk past the stage without bothering poor Rainbow."

Just then, the doors to the shop swund open, revealing a certain rainbow haired girl.

You said the same thing twice here. You need to decide which instance you're going to use.

I've read a lot of good books, and I must applaud you for all your stories. You truly have the makings of a truly incredible writer.

I think its better off combined like a chapter one and two.

Well it did end good at the end! :pinkiehappy:

"I'm not a band....I'm not a...." Rainbow's eyes widened. "A one-man band...." She looked towards the stage and gasped. "My friends! Ohh, what would I do???" She thought of all the things that she had done to them. "How would I make it up? How?" With that thought, Rainbow ran from the stage and into her house.

I can give you a solution, Dash: Go bring your entire collection of Daring Do and guitars, and just tear, break, destroy and/or burn them!

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