Boo! scared ya!

by Xenont

Happy halloween! - The only chapter

"Ring!" Sunset slapped her alarm clock as she sat up, rubbing her eyes.

"Zzzt!" Sunset's phone vibrated at her table, nearly falling over. "Ah!" Sunset instantly reached forward to prevent it from falling off. "Okay, who is it this time?" She said aloud as she looked through her messages. "Oh, it's Rainbow Dash!" Sunset pressed on the chat.

Happy halloween Sunset! - Sent by Rainbow Dash

Meet me outside Sugarcube Corner in 5 - Sent by Rainbow Dash

Sunset rolled her eyes. What does Dash have planned this time? Rainbow had always been known to pull unknown pranks and scare the living daylights out of people, now that it is halloween, Sunset doubted that it would be any different. Who does she want to scare now?

Be right there! - Sent by you

Sunset changed into her dress as she pulled on her leather jacket, wearing her boots. Lucky for me, Sugarcube corner ain't too far away. Sunset ran out of the door, letting it slam behind her as she took off down the streets.

"I'm here..." Sunset painted as she walked towards Rainbow, who was leaning against the wall, an overactive Pinkie by her side, jumping up and down.

"Okay, how clean is your house?" Rainbow asked.

"Er...that was totally out of the blue...?" Sunset said as she struggled to catch her breath. "Why? And why did you call just me and Pinkie out today? During halloween?"

"You can't guess?" Rainbow said, rolling her eyes. "Fine! I'll tell you. So basically, I want to pull a prank on Flutters, but i know Rarity and Twilight would disagree, and Applejack is busy at the moment, soooo.....? I just thought, since it's our first halloween together, I should have you involved."

"And I asked if your house is clean, so we can decorate it with crazy scary stuff! Let's see, my house is clean, but my parents would freak if I make a mess, and Pinkie? Well, you know, we might accidentally set off a party cannon or something while setting up."

"Of course..." Sunset said. "And yes, you can use my house, did you bring the supplies?" The moment she said that, Pinkie whipped out a huge bag of items. "Eww, is that a spider? Why is it moving?!" Sunset asked as she looked inside.

"It's on batteries, silly." Pinkie said. "Pretty cool huh!" She waved the bag around. "There are all sorts of other stuff inside!" Pinkie looked at Sunset mischievously. "There may even be some rare surprises inside....."

"Ugh..." Sunset stuck her tongue out. "I sure hope that there is nothing alive in there."

"Okay! So here's the plan....." Rainbow leaned in and whispered to her friends as soon as they reached Sunset's house. "Got it?" She asked, earning a nod from them. "Okay! Let's get to it!"

Sunset dimmed the lights in her house as she worked on covering the walls with fake spiderwebs and skeletons. "Are you sure this would work?" Sunset asked, coughing from the dust.

"Sure? Why won't it?" Rainbow asked. "Everything scares the life out of that girl." She laughed as she laid down some moving spiders on the floor. "Last year, she got scared of an ant that was crawling on her!" Rainbow said. "It was hilarious! She ran all over the classroom, thinking that some monster and come to get her!"

"Oh, yeah!" Pinkie said as she added some smoke machines. "I remember that time! Poor Fluttershy." Pinkie rubbed her hands together. "This is gonna be sooo good!"

"All done up here!" Sunset shouted as she walked down the stairs. "Wow, nice work Pinkie!"

"Thank you!" Pinkie bowed as Sunset looked at her work. "One of my best, if i do say so myself."

"Yup!" Rainbow said. "Ha, I can't even believe this is your house, Sunset! It looks like some sort of haunted mansion!" It was true, the walls were plastered with webs and bones such that you could not even tell that it was a wall in the first place. "And those smoke machines! I know, we should use Sunset's amplifier to make creepy sounds and voices! Like 'I am coming for youuuu' what do you think?"

"I think it's great." Sunset said. "Okay, I'll call Fluttershy, I'll tell her to meet me here. Once she enters, Rainbow would slam and lock the door okay? Then, we scare!"

"Fluttershy!" Sunset shouted into the phone.

"Yes? What is it Sunset?"

"I need you to come to my place, we are holding a party, Pinkie, Dash and me!"

"'Oh, okay, I'll be right there."

"Hurry, the treats would be gone!" Sunset said as she hung up.

"Okay, Fluttershy is coming in a while, places, everyone!"

Fluttershy drove into the road Sunset's house was and parked along the street. She got out of the car, looking at the apartment before her. As she got out, Angle jumped out after her, making her laugh. "Okay, you can follow me." Fluttershy said as she hugged the bunny.

"Erm, hello?" Fluttershy said as she walked to the door. "Anyone here?" She pushed the door open. It was all dark, with little hints of lights from the windows.

"Hello?" Fluttershy squeezed Angel as she walked into the house. Right on que, the door behind her slammed shut as a figure rushed past her. "Sunset? Is that you...?" Fluttershy asked the darkness.

Fluttershy was absolutely terrified, she stood rooted to the spot when she heard a voice.

"We have come for your souuuulllll.....and you cannot hideeee" Sunset spoke into the mic in the deepest voice she could master without bursting into laughter.

Fluttershy looked up and saw the skeletons. "AAHHH!!!" She screamed as she felt the fuzzy fake spiders make their way up her legs. "EEEEEPPP!!"

She shook the door handle in fear. "Let mee out!!!!!" She turned the door knob, running out. In her shock, she had accidentally thrown Angel on the floor. Unfortunately, in her struggle, the key to the door was shook out of the key hole, landing outside the apartment, locking them all in.

"Haha!" Rainbow laughed as they tumbled in a heap of laughter on Sunset's bed. "That was gold!" She added. "I never thought that we would get such a good reaction!"

Sunset jumped down. 'Okay, let's get the heck outta here and tell Flutters what is really going on!" She looked at the decorations around her house. "Well, to be fair, we were pretty convincing!"

"Er..." Rainbow said. "How do you get out?"

"What do you mean?" Sunset asked as she tugged at the front door knob. "You just....just....what?!" Sunset turned the knob, realising it was locked. "Okay, then you just....." Sunset reached down to the keyhole. "Just turn the...the...key....?" Sunset waved her hand in the darkness. "Where?"

"What...?" Rainbow said, a slight tinge of worry in her voice.

"Hey guys! Why aren't we out yet?" Pinkie asked as she approached Sunset, who was currently strangling the door knob. "Erm....did you lose the key?"

"Uh huh." Rainbow said as Sunset frantically searched the ground. "We did."

"I thought it was right here!" Sunset said as she reached for the light. "Where is the light switch?" She said, feeling the wall for the bump she always pressed the moment she stepped into the apartment.

"Oopsie!" Pinkie said. "I might have covered it with some of the decorations...." She shrugged. Sunset groaned.

Suddenly, something whooshed past the three girls. "What was that?" Rainbow asked as she scrambled behind her friends, making Sunset roll her eyes in the dark.

Something brushed past their feet. "Ahh!" This time, Pinkie screamed.

"Wait, I'll find another light...." Sunset said as she removed a trembling Rainbow from her. Sunset reached out in the dark. "Okay..." Sunset reached out, walking a few steps. "AH!" Sunset tripped over Pinkie and fell to the floor. She saw a flash of white run past here.

"Erm...." Sunset said. "What was that?!" The three girls looked up. There were glowing green skeletons hanging from the walls. "Heh heh...." Sunset laughed as she backed into her friends. "I think we really over done it this time....."

"I'm scared!" Pinkie shouted. "Where are those keys you promised?!" Sunset scrambled around, looking for them when the whole house was filled with a faint sound of scratching. It sounded like it was getting closer and closer to the three girls.

"Okay, it's just our own hallucination..." Rainbow said. "Nothing to be afraid of....."

Then, something brushed against their legs, making the girls scream in fright. "Ah!! Hurry, follow me, we can escape through the windows!" Sunset shouted as they ran towards the kitchen, tripping and falling all over each other. "Almost out, all I have to do is open this...." Sunset yanked the window open as they jumped out.

"Girls?" Sunset looked up to see Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity looking down at them. "What are you doing outside ina heap?" Rarity asked.

"There is something haunted in Sunny's house!!!! We saw it! We felt it!" Pinkie screamed. "It's haunted....."

"Really?" Twilight asked. "There are no such things as ghosts you know?" She walked towards the front door. "Come on, let's go check it out."

"Twilight, the door is spoil....oh..." Sunset looked down at the steps in front of her house, where her keys lay. "So that's where those went, they must have been flung out when Fluttershy pulled the door open too roughly."

"And just what was Fluttershy doin in your house and why did she wanna get out in a hurry?" Applejack asked.

"Oh, uh..." Sunset looked at Rainbow. "Want to be the one to explain it all?"

"Well, so basically, we wanted to scare Flutters into thinking that Sunset's house was haunted. We didn't know that is was haunted, you know?"

Twilight rolled her eyes as she unlocked the door. Using her phone's flashlight, Twilight found the light switch, ripping the decorations off. "Oh, so that's the creepy haunted monster huh." She said with amusement.

"See, I told you...oh..." Rainbow said. In front of her, there was a dazed looking frazzled Angel. "Really?"

Angel jumped up into Fluttershy's hands. "There you are! Wow Angel, you sure did a good job scaring Rainbow. I never thought that I would see her scared!"

The three girls looked down at their feet as the others looked at them. "I'm sure glad that backfired! Taught ya'll a lesson!" Applejack said, winking.

"Yeah..." Sunset said as she scratched the back of her neck. "Sorry Fluttershy..."

"It's okay! After all, it is Halloween! It's good to have a little fright every once in a while." Fluttershy answered with a smile.

The girls shared a laugh before proceeding inside to clean Sunset's house up.