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An autistic brony who loves EQG, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, crossovers, and semi complexity. You can probably guess what sort of stories I do and read.

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Bio Thing.

What do I do here? Well, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Marcbbot2004, on the Xbox one, I'm Marcbo3000. I got in on the fandom through Equestria Girls 3, Friendship Games. I like DC, Marvel, SOME Anime(FMA, One Punch man, Seven Deadly Sin, ect.), Harry Potter, Supernatural, Arrowverse, Sherlock, Star Trek, Star wars, Doctor Who, Voltron, Last Airbender, stuff like that. Video game wise, I llike First person shooters like Wolfenstein, Halo, Destiny, Stuff like that, I also like the Arkham series, and Assassin's Creed, as well as Warframe and Watch_Dogs, Fallout, stuff like that. I'm a struggling fanfiction author and I always appreciate constructive criticism.I plan on getting better through every chapter, my update time is wonky depending on patience and trying to finish a story I'm reading in my spare time. if a story I'm writing is dead, I will mark it as Cancelled, OK? Ok.

Well, glad you took the time to pay me a visit.

Bye for now.

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At my grandparent's house. · 5:29pm August 8th

Hi, I'm currently typing from the dining room table at my Grandparent's house.:derpyderp2: Won't be back till Sunday(I think).:applejackconfused: So, I might be a little offline for a bit. Also, I saw Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom. it was cool.:rainbowdetermined2: I might do a review, but I'll let you guys decide in the comments down below. And I also saw the Daniel Craig James Bond movie SPECTRE on demand a before I saw Fallen Kingdom.

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