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I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.

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Chronicles of Light One. Take Two. · 4:37pm Yesterday

You read that right folk! My greatest failure is getting some new life! I'm applying the techniques I learned into this old story! Now, I will update the other stuff, but COL 1 will be a priority. Go read it now!

Bio Thing.

What do I do here? Well, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Marcbot2004, on the Xbox One, I'm Marcbot3000. I got in on the fandom through Equestria Girls 3, Friendship Games. I like DC, Marvel, SOME Anime(FMA, One Punch man, Seven Deadly Sins, Hellsing ect.), Harry Potter, Supernatural, Arrowverse, Sherlock, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Voltron, Last Airbender, stuff like that. Video game wise, I like First person shooters like Wolfenstein, Halo, Destiny, Stuff like that, I also like the Arkham series, and Assassin's Creed, as well as Warframe and Watch_Dogs, Fallout, stuff like that. I'm a struggling fanfiction author and I always appreciate constructive criticism. I plan on getting better through every chapter, my update time is wonky depending on patience and trying to finish a story I'm reading in my spare time. if a story I'm writing is dead, I will mark it as Cancelled, OK? Ok.

Well, glad you took the time to pay me a visit.

Bye for now.

Quote Box.

This box is a box of quotes I like or made myself. You can use any quotes here, these are just some of my favorite quotes (Will be added to).

"It's Pinkie Pie, Don't question it." -Josh Scorcher/Firebrand/Firey Joker.
"Better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war." -Psithyra from Bloodlines continuity by A bag of plums.
"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." -Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight.
"Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today." Sensai Wu from LEGO Ninjago.
"The best way to defeat your enemy is to make him your friend." Also Wu.
"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people." -V from V for Vendetta
"Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof." Also V.

And now, for some Doctor Who quotes to live by. Because DW is awesome.

“The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.”

“I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”

“The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.”

“Everybody knows that everybody dies. But not every day. Not today. Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and The Doctor comes to call, everybody lives.”

“Some people live more in twenty years than others do in eighty. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”

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He’s back as jaded1

He’ll be back. What is his deal?

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