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And now it's time for one last bow, like all your other selves. Eleven's hour is over now. The clock is striking twelve's.


It's November, and Applebloom gets severely sick from an unknown disease, and the farm has lost most of it's crop due to severe storms, Applejack takes a part-time job as a clerk for the ruthless Ebenezer Scrooge. When Applebloom takes a turn for the worse, Sunset Shimmer decides to try and teach him the true meaning of Christmas and life itself. With the help of her friends, Sunset decides to use ghosts from the past, present, and future. Told from different points of view from the main six, this adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is certainly worth the read.

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I like this. I was actually in a production of a Christmas Carol a the beginning of the month (I got Bob Cratchet. I share a role with the best pony). You did a pretty good job. Keep at it!

Nice story.

Happy Christmas.

5412998 And a Merry Christmas to you too ,and a Happy Hearth's Warming Eve

Rainbow Dash as always like a boss. :rainbowdetermined2:

Haha, finally got around to reading this!:yay:

6425434 Pinkie Pie is going to be a ghost.

6425631 Of Christmas Yet to Come.

6425636 :eeyup:
So I was saying oh boy because Pinkie Pie is going to be my favorite ghost.

6425645 Oh, nice.
I hope this doesn't disappoint.

:heart:x 100
This story is absolutely awesome!

We did a school play of this, we all sucked lol

6807430 I wrote this in about a week.
I thought it was rubbish.

6807460 I loved it. Out play was shiittttt. I was forced to do it

6807471 English teacher, she said if you don't all do it (to 68 students) You all get a 50% grade

6807474 Sounds like a b:yay:tch.
Which character were you?

6807487 narrator 2 in first scene (five scenes, 1 is when scrooge and bob talk through when scrooges goes upstairs, two is when Jacob says shit, three was first ghost, four was second ghost, and five was future ghost, then happy scrooge) Then Sound effects scene two, then nothing in scene three, then scene four as I like to call it, a background pony, (I was like a background person, didnt have any lines, just did stuff) then in scene 5 I was scrooge

IM NOT CRYING! (Insert liquid pride meme)

Then don't say anything, just answer this: Would you and your family care to join me for a little turkey dinner, on thin fine Christmas morning?" Scrooge asked. "Merry Christmas." Just then, an entire crowd of people, including, Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie.
"Why Mr. Scrooge, we'd love to." I responded

Wait... why are they having dinner in the morning?

This is an interesting adaptation of Charles Dickens' mastermasterpiece.

Scrooge slammed the door in her face. He spotted the Christmas Wreath, and snatched it. He opened the door, and threw the Wreath at her, causing her to collapse.


"Yes sir!" I said, and once Scrooge left, I left too. I walked over to the alleyway. Sunset, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash were there waiting. Rainbow's hair was dyed a light blue, and she was wearing a long light blue dress.

What’s up with Rainbow?

Sunset, Pinkie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and I, were in an alley just off the house. I had had my hair dyed temporarily to get the look we were going for. "Is the projector set up?" Sunset asked, peeking around the corner.

Ah, okay, I get why RD looks like that now

"Tis the singing of the street corner choir" Scrooge then put his hand over my mouth. "Hey, what gives?" I asked.

Aye, Muppet Christmas Carol song!

I love Sunset Shimmer so much I’m gonna cry ❤️❤️❤️

This is an amazing story, I love it! Awesome job!!

Three years later, and you reply. Not complaining. I'm just pointing it out.

I remember acting in a dramatic reading of this working. I was Scrooge.


Decent story. Seems a little rushed, but that might just be because of my preference. Keep up the good work.

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