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Complexity and simplicity. I am a jack of all trades. All I ask for is an upvote and comment. Maybe a watch to?

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We all know the message. The warning, given to us by the riverman.

"Beware the man who speaks in hands."

This message was warning us about the mysterious being known as W.D Gaster, the Royal Scientist before Alphys. The man who created the CORE which gives life to the Underground. A mysterious skeleton that, in a failed experiment, was blasted across time and space. Lost in the Void between worlds.

Yet now, one day after what seemed like both millenia, and an instant, the good doctor falls into a new world with new problems.

And a new enemy.

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Twilight Sparkle finds herself sitting at a gravestone one day, and is harshly reminded of a reality of her rule. And she asks herself a question.

How many?

art isn't mine. I found it on Derpibooru. If the artist doesn't want me to use I will be happy to change it.

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Somewhere in the multiverse is a special place. A pub in a seedy back alley in almost every city, yet it is all one pub. A pub with the image of a skull and crossbones, with two hands holding some ale.

A place where conquerors, dictators, murderers, and psychopaths can go and relax. Destress from a long day of laborious evil deeds, and even heal the wounds from encounters with heroes.

A place called the Villain Pub.

If you want a specific villain to appear, PM me the deets.

Not currently taking OC villains unless they're from a popular story on here.


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Lucifer Morningstar, former Devil of Hell, and Wannabe Lord of Earth, finds himself at Death's void. When confronted with the option of a second chance, he jumps at it. But, it doesn't go as he expects. Now, trapped in a world of pastel ponies, he has a second chance. But, can he learn the magic of friendship? Or, will the Apocalypse find its way into Equestria?

FYI, takes place after Season 13 for Supernatural, for MLP post S7.

cover art is temporary

Ship, um, and don't roast me. LunaxLucifer. But, I'm obliged to change it.

Also, like if u like, dislike if u dislike.

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