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Complexity and simplicity. I am a jack of all trades. All I ask for is an upvote and comment. Maybe a watch to?


Lucifer Morningstar, former Devil of Hell, and Wannabe Lord of Earth, finds himself at Death's void. When confronted with the option of a second chance, he jumps at it. But, it doesn't go as he expects. Now, trapped in a world of pastel ponies, he has a second chance. But, can he learn the magic of friendship? Or, will the Apocalypse find its way into Equestria?

FYI, takes place after Season 13 for Supernatural, for MLP post S7.

cover art is temporary

Ship, um, and don't roast me. LunaxLucifer. But, I'm obliged to change it.

Also, like if u like, dislike if u dislike.

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Just a small thing I might do in my spare time. As usual, thoughts, constructive criticism, ect.

Well, as to your question, I found it amusing! Poor Lucifer. He ended up exactly where he did not want to go... ...still, there is definite promise. Its well written and entertaining. I'm looking forward to more!

I see a similar story to mine. Different plot, of course. When you commented on mine, I just had to read this. I ship Lucifer/Rarity, since in my universe, Luna is...someone else that is definitely NOT interested in Luci that way.

This is also a crossover to the show Lucifer on Netflix.

No. Maybe. I'm considering it, just not in the way ya might think

Just wanted to know that's all. Also Season 5 for the show Lucifer on Netflix will be released sometime next year, but no promises on it.

You should give him the devil face, yes.... I can see it now: lifeblood insults him while somehow missing the fact he has wings, only to get the face of the devil in return~

Also, can't wait for the next chapter mate!~

But this story is a crossover with Supernatural and not the Netflix TV show Lucifer.

Lucifer isn't blonde. Except for the Lucifer version in the comics.

I....yeah. at the time I thought it'd be an interesting idea. New form new powers for the angel

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