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This story is a sequel to Deaths New Life

After the events of Anon-a-miss, the car accident, new love, and dead enemies, Sunset, Thanatos, Krieg, Zaraza, Nälänhätä, Nightmare Moon and Fluttershy enter Equestria, will our seven friends and family find peace and forgiveness...or does God have something else planned.

If you haven't read Deaths New Life, it is imperative that you do to understand this story, and the abilities our heros have, spoilers ahead from the Deaths New Life

Again I don't own Supernatural or MLP:FIM/EQUESTRIA GIRLS please enjoy the story

Update: New cover art by The Sleepless Beholder

Edit: OMG this made it to the popular tab 8/16/2020...I have no words...thank you guys

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This really good and I hope to see more of it!

Man I Can't Wait For More/I Can Wait For More

Love the new look

Take your time no rush if you're doing a displaced story bloodborne story a old man goes to the Comic-Con what his family dressed up as the first Hunter Gehrman and all you missing this is weapons what's a night Gehrman joins the hunt.

Sounds like a good idea, but my idea for a displaced fic is very different from the usual, popular characters. Instead I was going to base it off a guy who gets displaced as Krampus, mostly because. 1 he's a demon, 2 he's not actually evil he punish the bad and evil, and 3 I feel it's unique and I could start the story with that trope of the guy doesn't go to the merchant the merchant comes to him because he's been waiting for someone that does something different.

But if you want to use my idea you can.

I need to do my research on Gehrman because he is definitely a bad ass

Issue is I've never played bloodborne I've never even heard of it until know, heck I don't even know how I'd write the story, this idea would definitely be a challenge and that's what I'm looking for. So right now I have three very good ideas. Human to sphinx, Displaced as Krampus and Displaced as Gehrman The First Hunter.

I completely respect your decision and if you feel a displaced is at your intrest right now i say go for it. You have my support

I’ll be honest I found this story because of the Krampus story that I’m now following and eagerly waiting for the update but then I got interested in Deaths new life and now I’m here and to be honest I get why you want to change it up and that’s respectable but in my personal opinion if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but you do you it’s good and healthy and for now I’ll follow this story until you manage to update it because seriously I’m gushing at the mouth on how apocalypse could come out in a place so full with harmony, peace and life and if you ever need help just ask.

Feel free to bounce ideas off of me if necessary.

Just imagine everyone's face when they realise who the are.

so u have stop the story dane it

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