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Complexity and simplicity. I am a jack of all trades. All I ask for is an upvote and comment. Maybe a watch to?


Twilight Sparkle finds herself sitting at a gravestone one day, and is harshly reminded of a reality of her rule. And she asks herself a question.

How many?

art isn't mine. I found it on Derpibooru. If the artist doesn't want me to use I will be happy to change it.

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Before reading the fic, I believe you might have meant the title to read 'seconds' and not 'sceonds'. Either way, Heaven Sent intensifies.

Thank you. Big fingers, tiny keyboard. Not good combo.

Loved the fic, it was amazing, but it did leave me with the question. Where is Spike? Has he died? gone to the dragon lands? Or is he still here but Twilight wanted to be alone? Or will he also died but hes not dead yet?

Apologies. Um....He is the carriage driver. I meant to say that, I just forgot, sorry.

Ok thanks, dont worry about it. I loved the fic.

Personally, I think that's one hell of a pony.

In all seriousness, I like the depth you gave Celestia.

is it good or bad I made yo feel like that?

Good thing I feel like that. A straight blow to the gut, been a while since I felt like that for a fic.

Hmm. Thank you. Tho, if I may ask a question. Ehat did you think of the ending twist?

I have to ask out of curiosity but you got this from when the doctor said those exact words didn't you.

By the way i didn't mean it in a bad way I love it its more morbid curiosity that I want to know if you got it from him or not.

The speech itself? Yes. How its delivered was taken from the story known as The Shepard Boy by Brothers Grimm.

Cool and this is an amazing delivery on the subject I love it you are a great writer bud

No problem bud you are amazing

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Wow. That really hit me.
(Crap, I wasn't planning on ugly crying today....)

God dangit, you hit me in the feels again.
Quiet sobbing

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