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A teenage girl who has been living on the streets her whole life, steals the bag of a rich woman only to get pushed out of the building. She tried to escape into an alleyway only to be shot by the police but before the police could apprehend her a strange magical metal arm appears that will change her life forever.

Takes place in the Canterlot Adventures

Chapters (22)

Trixie has been through some rough times of late and in her desperation she returned to Ponyville. She returned to an attack included many angry ponies and even a unicorn possessed by dark magic. It's not all bad after all she is receiving help from the Lord of Chaos.

Warning : this story contains Tricord(Not Twicord) and Somity

Chapters (39)

Pinkamena is the pupil of Celestia and she is about to visit Ponyville for the first time. Little does she realise how this will affect the rest of her life. Inspired by Rainbow Unicorns https://www.fimfiction.net/story/198657/rainbow-unicorns.

Chapters (5)

Sweetie Belle after a accident involving some explosives discovers she is not real. Fortunately she is not alone and has many friends to support her. Also contains Applejack x Rainbow and Discord X Pinkie. Please tell me what you think in the comments. This story is going to rewritten in the future under a diffferent name.

Chapters (8)
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