• Published 24th Nov 2018
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Power of the Cybernetic Soldier - HeartfireFirebrand

A young teenage thief running from the police winds up in EQG Canterlot as Tempest Shadow getting a new chance at life.

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Chapter 6: Aftermath

Tempest watched as Twilight looked down at Sunset, she spoke with a determined voice “You will never rule Equestria, you have shown everyone what is in you heart.”

Sunset cried “I’m sorry, I just wanted to her to love me.”

Twilight frowned “Who?” Sunset stayed quiet as she sobbed, Twilight shook her head “You can seek out friendship or you can be alone forever, I’m leaving the choice in your hands.”

Sunset looked up “I don’t anything about friendship.”

Twilight smiled as she pulled he out of the crater “Maybe not but I know some people who can teach you.”

All of sudden a rock pelting into Sunset’s back causing her to wince , boisterous voice shouted “Take that Shimmer!”

Tempest instantly turned around with a deadly scowl “Trixie, detention, tomorrow!” Trixie froze as she nodded, Tempest walked over to Sunset with a smile “Look at me Sunset, the next few months will be hard but you are strong you can make it through this with friends on your side.”

Sunset asked tear streaming from her eyes “Why are you helping me, I’m a monster?”

Tempest shook her head “A monster doesn’t feel regret, I can feel it within in you, you never went that far before. I am an ex-soldier, I have fought in wars, killed without hesitation I am the real monster here. Speaking of which let me check something.” Tempest’s left eye glowed with power as she looked over Sunset, she then walked behind and frowned “You’re hurt, where you going to tell anyone about this?”

Sunset whimpered as Tempest removed her jacket and rolled up the back of her shirt revealing two deep scars on her back “No.”

Tempest frowned “Look you need help and other are willing to help you if you let them, you have second chance.” Sunset began to cry again, Tempest lowered her shirt walked around to her front as she cleared her tears, she asked with a small compassionate smile “Do you have a phone?”

Sunset nodded and pulled it out, Tempest told Sunset her phone number. After Sunset put the number on her phone Tempest smiled “I need to go home and get ready for the next day.”

As soon as she walked over to her wife, Snowy frowned “Why did you help her?”

Tempest sighed “Everyone makes mistakes in this life and left alone it can be the death of you” she then frowned “she wants to make a change and I wish to help her.”

Snowy smiled at her “Well wish you luck,I gotta get home you know how much paperwork I have to do, let’s hope when I return there isn’t a magical incident like this one.” Tempest nodded as she returned home for the night.

It was the next day, Tempest was smiling as she entered the school. Her smile quickly turned to a scowl as she saw Sunset pinned to a locker by Gilda, Gilda then pulled her fist back only for it to slam into a metal arm her fingers bending at odd angles as she screamed, Tempest scowled “Miss Griffon, you have a months worth of detention for this starting today!”

Sunset cried “A month, that’s not fair I deserve this!”

Tempest frowned “If I let her get away with it for you she will think it’s okay for her to do it again, beside this is the tenth time since she enrolled at the school. If Principal Celestia found out about this she would be suspended or expelled.” Sunset nodded glumly, Tempest shook her head “What’s your first class?”

Sunset groaned “History.”

Tempest sighed “Let’s hope Berry Punch isn’t drunk today, I’ll take you to class, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Sunset looked at her with a mix of shock and confusion “Why?”

Tempest smiled “You aren’t a bad kid, you just have made some mistakes it happens to everyone.”

Sunset felt tears in her eyes “I have terrorised this school for years, I have hurt so many people, I have torn friendships apart.”

Tempest turned away “Your survived, that girl was clearly not from here and neither are you. Do you have a place to stay, a proper home?” Sunset looked away from her, Tempest frowned “That tells me all you need to know, you going to come to my place and stay with me, I have quite a few guest rooms.”

Sunset eyes widened in shock “Why are helping me so much?!”

Tempest took a deep breath days stealing and running away on the streets. “It’s because you need help and you remind me a lot of myself, there are some parts of my past that would have been better if I had someone to care for me.” Tempest smiled “Come let’s get you to History.”

Sunset nodded numbly getting out her books as she thought about the question she couldn’t get out of her head (Why is she helping me?)

Tempest then began to guide Sunset to her History Class. As several students scowled at Sunset, Tempest gave them deadly glares, she smiled as she opened the door and let Sunset in as Berry Punch smiled “Hello Tempest what are you doing here?”

Tempest frowned “Sunset was attacked by Gilda, I gave her a month’s detention for the repeat offence of attacking a fellow student.”

Berry Punch nodded “I will make sure no-one hurts her, you can count on me.”

Tempest smiled “Thanks Berry Punch” She then smiled at Sunset “I’ll see you at break, okay.” Tempest smiled as she walked off happy to have done the right thing for someone for the first time in her life.

Author's Note:

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter.