• Published 31st May 2020
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On a normal day in Eqeustria a strange miasma rolls in that will change the lives of three fillies forever.

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Chapter 4: Day 1 Part 2

The CMC were about to leave their clubhouse when a mysterious stallion wearing a cloak that covered his entire body stood there. He shrugged “If you ever need any weapons or armour come to me, I can outfit you for the right price. If you fight shadows they should drop bits, so you will be able to buy whatever you need.”

Apple Bloom frowned “Shadows drop bits?” Speedwing, Velvet and Tremor materialised carrying a bag of bits each.

The stallion smiled “It seems your Personas are holding onto your bits, you three are real lucky.”

Scootaloo frowned “What’s your name anyway?”

The stallion shrugged “Just call me Shopkeeper, now aren’t you going to buy something.” He clapped his front hooves together and two large boxes appeared with a board next to them “This shows all the currents goods for sale. All of the weapons are designed to interface with your natural magic.”

Apple Bloom found a pair of spiked gauntlets and a full suit of heavy plate. Scootaloo picked up a pair of daggers and a set of reinforced leather armour. Sweetie Belle grabbed a long wooden rod with an orb of powerful magics, a set of dark blue robes and a large yellow pointed hat. After paying the stallion, they bound their weapons to their Personas for use while putting on their new armour.

Apple Bloom could barely feel the weight of the plate, Scootaloo was unimpeded by her armour. Both turned to Sweetie Belle only to see two green glowing eyes visible out of outfit, Shopkeeper grinned “A powerful mage left that to me long ago, to find a fitting mage who could make good use of it. I believe one of the latest Persona users would make good use of it.”

Sweetie Belle smiled “Thank you, Shopkeeper. We’ll check in another time.” The trio trotted away, eager to show off their new gear. As they headed towards the school, they noticed the nervous looks that they received.

Apple Bloom frowned “Maybe we are a little overdid it, Ah mean we do stand out quite a bit.”

Scootaloo frowned “I love to show off but this isn’t the kind of attention I like to receive. Should we go back…”

A nervous pair of voices came from behind them, they turned around to see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Diamond rubbed her head nervously “I’m sorry for everything, we both are. I didn’t ever expect you to save us.”

Sweetie Belle trotted forward “No matter what happens, we are not going to let petty grievances prevent us from saving the lives of another. To do so would be insult to the gift we have been given.”

Silver Spoon smiled weakly “Do you mind spending some time with us later?”

Apple Bloom shrugged “We don’t have anything on later, sure we could spend some time together later today.”The five fillies trot onto the school grounds, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom strode forward full of confidence while the fillies who bullied them were far more subdued.

Scootaloo frowned at the two bullies “Are you two okay, you are usually so much more confident?”

Silver shuddered “How can you be so calm? Those things are terrifying, even if you can fight them you are only three. Creatures that want nothing more than your destruction.”

Apple Bloom closed her eyes “It’s simple, the three of have been an endlessly chasing a goal. To find out who we are, now have a path to follow. A road to guide us, no matter how thorny it is we will pull through because together we are strong.”

Diamond looked down “I wish I could be that strong.”

Sweetie Belle put a hoof on the pink filly’s withers “Not everyone has to be that strong but it is the responsibility of those who are to make good use of such power.” They enter the classroom and the day passed normally save a few strange looks.

After classes were over for the day the Crusaders were awaiting outside of the school. Diamond and Silver joined them, Silver rubbed her wither “So where are we going?”

Sweetie Belle smiled “Milkshakes from Sugarcube Corner sounds good and then you can watch us spar later.”

Diamond blinked “Spar, what does that mean?”

Scootaloo smiled “Mock fight in a way, help us improve our abilities through training. It will be fun too truly test how we match up against one another.” Diamond and Silver shared nervous looks, Scootaloo smiled “We’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

They entered Sugarcube Corner and all took a seat, Pinkie bounced over. She paused for a split second before grinning madly “Don’t see your five together often, I’ll get your milkshakes.”

Diamond blinked “Uhhhh.”

Apple Bloom shrugged “Pinkie can be at bit strange but her heart is in the right place. You’ll get used to her, besides Ponyville is a weirdness magnet. This is not the strangest thing that has happened in this town.”

Silver sighed “We haven’t really paid much attention to those things. We kind of tried to avoid the weird things.”

Scootaloo smiled “Maybe you will learn to enjoy it.” She then tapped her hoof impatiently “What is taking our milkshakes so long?”

Sweetie Belle frowned “Be patient Scootaloo, we will get our milkshakes in time.”

Pinkie bounced out and put a strawberry milkshake in front of Scootaloo, two bananas in front of Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. She then put a chocolate in front of Diamond and a vanilla in front of Silver “Sorry it took so long, I usually don’t make them for five.”

The five fillies calmly enjoyed their milkshakes before leaving Sugarcube Corner, they headed to the local lake. Diamond looked at them nervously “Are you sure it’s safe for us to be this close?”

Scootaloo frowned “That is a good point, you may want to stay far back. That was you’ll be out of range of our attacks.” Sweetie Belle summoned Velvet while Scootaloo summoned Griffon and Apple Bloom summoned Tremor as Diamond and Silver galloped a fair distance away.

Diamond and Silver began to watch them spar. Apple Bloom burst into a gallop towards Scootaloo, Scootaloo dodged an incoming swing only to get hit by a ball of fire from Sweetie Belle sending into the water. Scootaloo shook it off before galloping towards her unicorn friend at rapid speed. She summoned her daggers and leapt at Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie Belle’s horn shimmered as she dissapeared in a flash of green light, Scootaloo striking air as Sweetie Belle appeared fifty metres over the water. Her horn shimmered as she reappeared next to Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom blinked “You can teleport?”

Sweetie Belle grumbled “First time trying it actually, it’s why I ended up so far above the water. I am surprised I managed to get myself to the beach with that.”

Scootaloo frowned as she galloped over “Are we going to continue sparing or are we going to sit here discussing teleportation.”

Sweetie Belle frowned hit Scootaloo with her hoof sending flying into the air “Fine then.” Scootaloo conjured up shards of ice and sent them hurtling towards her two friends. Apple Bloom rushed Sweetie Belle, Sweetie Belle was sent flying sideways by a glancing blow.

Scootaloo slammed into Apple Bloom’s back, then leapt backwards. Apple Bloom shrugged off the blow, Scootaloo frowned “We are pretty tough, those fireballs did little more than singe a few feathers.”

Sweetie Belle frowned “The problem is none of us wish to harm the other which leaves this moot? Maybe we should go fighting creatures in the Everfree Forest.”

Apple Bloom frowned “Maybe another day we should do that.”

They head back to the edge of the beach, Silver smiled “That was amazing. Maybe we should do this again sometime, go to the arcade even and have some fun.”

Diamond smiled sadly “That sounds like fun but I’m not sure if my mum would let me. She would tell me it would be a waste of time.”

Scootaloo rolled her eyes “Come on, there is nothing wrong with having some fun.”

Diamond smiled brightened slightly “I would like that.” The text from before came up going form 2 to 3. Temperance Social Link: Unsure Bullies bond increased.

Silver nodded “Well we have to get going, see you three later.” Diamond waved goodbye.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo smiled as their new friends galloped away. Scootaloo grinned “I never thought I would see the day when the five of us would be friends.”

Apple Bloom nudged her “It was well worth it, I hope we do this again soon but we should pop to see how Rarity is doing.” The trio headed back to the Boutique with smiles on their faces.

Author's Note:

These chapters will come out slowly, I will write them slowly over days so I don't burn myself out.

Also race bonuses:

Earth Pony Persona Users' magic stat gets added to their physical attack, physical defense and magic defense.

Pegasi Persona Users have resistance to ice, lightning, wind and blunt force damage.

Unicorns Persona Users cause quadruple damage from any spells they cast and only have to use 10% of the magic to cast but their physical defense and attacks stats are much lower than the other two races.

Alicorn Persona Users get all three bonuses.