• Published 31st May 2020
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On a normal day in Eqeustria a strange miasma rolls in that will change the lives of three fillies forever.

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Chapter 1: Awakening

Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom were currently in their clubhouse. Apple Bloom frowned as she looked over their list “Any new ideas for getting out Cutie Marks?”

Sweetie Belle eyes widened as she looked outside “Um, is it supposed to do that?” The sky darkened blotting out the sun, shadowy being began to form as Applejack galloped into the clubhouse.

Applejack shouted “Come on, we need to get you to the farmhouse!” As they galloped out, several of the shadows now having formed blue masks and arms surrounded them. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo stood in front of Sweetie Belle as she shivered, the shadowy creatures slowly approached. Applejack bucked one with full force, it shrugged off the attack as if it was nothing. Death now bearing on them triggered something that was very rare.

An orange light emerged from Scootaloo’s body as a yellow one emerged from Apple Bloom and a white one emerged from Sweetie Belle. The orange one formed into an orange griffon twice the size of Applejack with clipped wings, the yellow one formed into a massive yellow pony made of stone and the white one formed into a soft, cat like creature.

The three beings spoke “I art thou and thou are I.”

All three of the fillies felt words in their minds, Scootaloo smiled at the Griffon “Speedwing” she then turned to shadowy masked creatures “use Bufu!” Speedwing fired ice into one of the creatures destroying it. Scootaloo cheered “Yes!”

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom turned to their new allies “Velvet/Tremor” they turned to the shadowy creatures “use Agi/Magna.” Velvet torched a shadow with a fireball while Magna crushed another with solid rock. One of the shadowy creatures leapt at Sweetie Belle, she smacked it into the ground hard enough to cause a large crack.

She blinked as it turned to smoke “Wow, I didn’t know I could do that.”

Apple Bloom frowned as she crushed one of the shadowy creatures “We don’t have time for this! There could be more of these creatures out there and Ah’m not about to let them destroy our home!”

Scootaloo growled as she looked at the smoke fading in front of her “Let’s go Apple Bloom.” Scootaloo burst into a gallop with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle close behind their allies following them. Applejack was stunned at the events that played out in front of her.The run into town only to see three shadowy creatures clustering around Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara.

Scootaloo sighed “We really have to save them from the Shadows, don’t we?”

She leapt on one of the Shadows as did Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom. As the smoke cleared Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon rubbed their right foreleg with their left “Thank you for saving us from those monsters.” Before the trio could say another word, a strange card with a moon surrounding a lake of it appeared in front of them.

Then strange text appeared above strange gauge that went up from 1 to 2. Temperance Social Link: Unsure Bullies bond increased.

As Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon galloped away a strange doorway appeared behind them in the middle of street. Always a curious bunch, the Crusaders entered the only to find themselves in a strange blue room covered in the finest velvet, a strange griffon with a long pointed beak sat there on the other side of the table “It’s been a long time since we’ve had an Equestrian in here yet alone three.”

Sweetie Belle blinked “What is this place and who are you?”

The griffon smiled calmly “This is the Velvet Room, a space between dreams and reality, between mind and matter. Only a select few may access this place and to those unwelcome they will not be able to even see the entrance. As for me, I am the proprietor of this place Igor.”

Apple Bloom frowned “What does this place do?”

Igor chuckled slightly “I like you, straight to the point. I can improve your Personas here as well as allow you to catalog them should you ever need one back. You can also make new Personas here as well as check your Social Links, notably they will slightly different for all three of you as your relationships are stronger with others.”

Scootaloo frowned “What does that mean?”

Igor nodded “Allow me to explain further. For example, the Fool Arcana which you represent is at a three due to you relationship with each other, your Social Link is at a three and will grow rapidly. While Apple Bloom, your Strength Social Link with your sister is strong and deep at ten fully complete.”

He then turned to Sweetie Belle “Your Priestess Social Link with your sister, is quite low at 2. You may want to spend more time with her, really take your time to see understand her.” He then turned to Scootaloo “Your Chariot Social Link with Rainbow Dash is 5, you have great respect for her but you don’t know much about her under the surface.”

Sweetie Belle winced “I didn’t realise that our relationship was that frayed, I need to spend more time with her. “

Scootaloo frowned “What were those creatures out there anyway?”

Igor explained “Those are Shadows, dark manifestations of the spirits of individuals. All of their negativity become Shadows but they have not been in your world for a long time, I have a feeling that things are going to rougher for a while and you may need to be ready for bigger threats to emerge. Also enhancing your Social Links will help you forge stronger Personas and it may be wise to max out all of them.”

Scootaloo cheered “So when do we start forging Personas!”

Igor summoned three books “First we will register your current Personas in the compendiums. By doing this you can retrieve Personas for a price, this place needs upkeep after all.” The books glowed as Speedwing, Velvet and Tremor appeared in the respective books.

Igor then summoned three sets of Personas, three Pegasi appeared on one side and three Breezies appeared on the other. Igor then raised his hand “These aren't true Pegasi or Breezies, no individual is dying here. There are physical manifestations of them from the minds of others, all Personas fused are.”

He then raised his hands slamming them together as the six Personas fused, out of the fusion came three ponies made of sand. He smiled “Ah, three Sandponies. They exist in the Dream Realm and helped guard the dreams of others since the Moon Princess vanished. Us them well.”

Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom smiled as the new Personas touched their souls before vanishing “Thank you, Igor. We’ll be back as soon as we can!”

Igor chuckled as three fillies left “I wonder what’s in store for these three, well let’s wait to fin out shall we.” He grinned as the door closed, the three fillies long gone.

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoy this first chapter, I am writing this to get my writing Mojo back.