• Published 31st May 2020
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On a normal day in Eqeustria a strange miasma rolls in that will change the lives of three fillies forever.

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Chapter 6: Day 2 Part 1

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo had just met up outside of the Carousel Boutique. Rarity poked her head out of the door, wearing only a bit of blush and a slight bit of eye shadow for makeup “Do you mind meeting with Twilight, she has been rather excited to meet with you?”

Apple Bloom shrugged “Sure, Ah don’t know why she would want to spend time with us though.”

Rarity smiled “Well I have work to do, wish you luck with Twilight.” The three fillies trotted calmly towards the Golden Oak Library. They arrived in front of the wooden door, Sweetie Belle calmly knocks on the door.

Spike quietly opens the door and whispers “Twilight is sleeping, she did a massive study binge last night. She was so eager to meet to get all her materials to meet you last night. She didn’t get any sleep until two hours ago.”

Scootaloo frowned “Is this normal for Twilight?”

Spike chuckled “Yes, Twilight three days before any important exam stayed up for two nights straight and was going to do a third. I replaced her coffee with tea so she slept the whole day, she needed the sleep or else she would miss the test.”

Sweetie Belle smiled “Twilight is lucky having you care for her wellbeing?’

Spike grinned “Well someone has to, who knows what kind of madness she would succumb too otherwise. Well anyway I’ll make some food for the four of us, Twilight won’t be awake until lunch time.”

Sweetie Belle smiled eagerly “Can I help?”

Spike eyed her closely as her friends gulped “You will follow every single instruction that I give and if you are unsure you will ask before you do anything? The kitchen is my domain and I am it’s master, also your friends will also be helping otherwise this will take to long.” Sweetie Belle nodded, Spike pulled a chef’s hat out of the ether, placing it on his head as he directed them towards the kitchen.

As they entered Spike climbed onto a stool and clapped his claws “Right pancakes, eggs, milk and flour. Scootaloo and Apple Bloom I am going trust you to handle your own process, this is very simple.”

Scootaloo shrugged “I have to cook for myself often, I make pancakes a lot.”

Apple Bloom smiled “I help my sister a lot in the kitchen.”

Spike then turned to Sweetie Belle with a deep grimace on his face “I have heard the horror stories about your cooking.” His eyes narrowed “By the time Twilight wakes you will know exactly how to make pancakes, you will not leave the kitchen until you do.”

Sweetie Belle gulped at withering glare of the young dragon “Yes sir!” He moved his stool next to bench. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo had already started as Spike hopped on the stool and commanded “You need two eggs, milk, self raising-flour, vanilla essence and caster sugar.”

Sweetie Belle slowly brought over the ingredients, Spike frowned “Now break the two eggs into a bowl.” Sweetie Belle quietly followed his instructions, he then got a series of measuring cups and spoons which he put next to the bowl “Now you need to put one and three quarter cups of milk into the bowl.”

She was about to say something but his glare silenced her. She followed his instructions to the letter, he then frowned “No put one teaspoon of vanilla essence and stir.”

Scootaloo smiled as she was stirring her own mixture “Spike is a real competent chef, he is watching every one of her movements intently.”

Apple Bloom nodded “Ah’m glad he is a really good chef. Ah mean who else could teach Sweetie Belle cooking.”

Spike frowned as that task was accomplished “Now rinse and dry the one cup measure. Then put two cups of flour in a different bowl along with a third cup of caster sugar and stir.” He watched closely as she followed his instructions, he then explained “Make a well in the middle and carefully pour the milk mixture into it then stir.”

She carefully held the bowl in her hooves as she poured the mixture. Spike nodded as she began to mix it all together. He then frowned “Now to get some cooking butter and use it to grease the pan, then put it over medium heat.” Soon Sweetie Belle's pan was next to Apple Bloom and Scootaloo's.

Spike directed her to clean the quarter cup measure and the frowned “Now each pancake should be one quarter cup of mixture.” He smiled “Now each pancake should be left for two minutes or until bubbles appear on the surface. Then flip and wait for one-two minutes or until cooked through.”

Spike smiled as Sweetie Belle began putting her pancakes on the plate, all of them looking like they were supposed to. Spike smiled “This was fun, if you three ever want more cooking lessons I’ll be more than happy to provide them.” Then a bar formed in front of them

Emperor Social Link, Talented Chef formed

Sweetie Belle smiled “I’d like that, I would love to become a better cook.”

Spike smiled “Anypony can cook if you practice enough, just because you don’t have natural talent for it doesn’t mean you can’t become really good at it.”

The four of them took the pancakes to the table, Spike brought an extra plate and they shared the pancakes. Spike smiled “I’m glad to have some company that is not Twilight.” He then frowned “I do sometimes feel like I am her servant.”

Scootaloo frowned “You really should speak to her about these feelings, if you feel like she is treating you badly then you should say something.”

Spike shook his head “Twilight doesn't mean to, she is just oblivious sometimes. Besides if I say something she will have a huge panic attack and might run off all the way to Manehatten before I can stop her. She has a bad habit of overreacting to little problems and takes criticism very poorly.”

Apple Bloom deadpanned “Great and we are going to be in her lab.” The three Crusaders sighed as they would have to spend part of their day with Twilight.

Author's Note:

Twilight is a bit of neurotic mess. Also Sweetie Belle is going to cook.