• Published 31st May 2020
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On a normal day in Eqeustria a strange miasma rolls in that will change the lives of three fillies forever.

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Chapter 3: Day 1 Part 1

Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom were up early in their clubhouse. Scootaloo groaned “So where are we going today?”

Apple Bloom frowned “Ah was going to visit Zecora, some of her potions might be able to aid us. Healing any injuries we may sustain for example.”

Sweetie Belle yawned “Okay, let’s get going.” The trio headed towards the Everfree Forest, as they trekked into the woods twenty Timberwolves leapt out of the brush. Sweetie Belle smiled “I want to try something.” Her horn glowed and she levitated the twenty of them into the air, juggled them around in a circle before tossing them away.

Scootaloo blinked as they continued through the forest “How did you do that? Last week you couldn’t levitate even a small light bulb.”

Apple Bloom frowned “I’d assume the power of our Personas have amplified all of our abilities. I’d assume that has made us stronger in all aspects.”

A familiar Zebra waved at them with a smile as they approached Zecora’s hut “I haven’t had guests in a while, it’s good to see smiles.”

Apple Bloom giggled “Yes it is Zecora but” she then frowned “we are here because we are need of potion that can heal wounds.”

Zecora nodded “I am busy collecting dew for my newest brew. Go inside to rest while I seek a Timber Crest.”

The three fillies entered Zecora's hut, Scootaloo frowned “What is a Timber Crest?”

Apple Bloom shrugged “They are the discarded shells of Timberwolves, it is not too hard to find them. Timberwolves don’t go into territories where they leave their crests, it’s how they keep from consuming everything in sight.”

Sweetie Belle frowned “Why are they called crests and not shells then.”

Apple Bloom smiled “Because the crests on heraldry used to be made out of them, hence crests. Our family knows everything about Timberwolves, after finding the Zap Apples we had to do our research on them.”

Scootaloo frowned “How long do you think Zecora is going to be anyway?”

Sweetie Belle frowned “Hopefully not too long, it’s pretty boring in here.”

Ten minutes later, Zecora returned carrying a heavy wooden structure and a jar of dew. She smiled as she put them away “You want to acquire potions, I could use the promotion.” She pulled out a box of basic red potions and handed them to Apple Bloom “I can provide a sample for I have ample.”

Apple Bloom smiled “Thanks Zecora, um I was wondering if you could teach me how to brew potions? It sounds like a useful skill.”

Sweetie Belle poked Scootaloo “With what we need to deal with brewing few potions in a pinch would be helpful for all of us.”

Zecora smiled “I have always wished to take a student but it requires you all to prudent.”

Scootaloo blinked “What does being prudent mean?”

Apple Bloom frowned “Being careful and sensible, it’s a common enough word. Applejack uses it sometimes.”

Zecora nodded “Well we will begin next week, just note it will reek.” The three fillies nodded as a bar appeared in front of them.

Hermit Social Link, Reclusive Potion’s Master formed.

The trio nodded to each other with a smile before waving good bye. Apple Bloom was carrying the potions on her back as they left. As they returned to town, Scootaloo frowned “So how many Social Links do we have now?’

Sweetie Belle frowned “Two for all of us plus our families, so that would be Zecora, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara as one. Then there is Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash, how about we alternate hanging out with them after school. We also should spend some time with Silver Spoon and Diamond, there must be a reason for the link.”

Apple Bloom frowned “You think this is some destiny thing?”

Sweetie Belle nodded “I believe it is, yes.”

Scootaloo frowned “So what now? I mean we just visited Zecora.”

Apple Bloom frowned “We meet up at the clubhouse and hang out a bit before school.” Later at the clubhouse, Apple Bloom frowned as she stared at their crusading ideas. She shook her head as she turned to her fellow crusaders “We may have to focus on Persona stuff over our Cutie Marks for a while.”

Scootaloo shrugged “I kind of thought that was the deal, besides we may actually get our Cutie Marks by the end of this. This does sound like some really big destiny thing doesn’t it.”

Sweetie Belle frowned as she saw a lilac unicorn covered in cuts and bruises “Well that doesn’t look good, we need to help them.” The trio galloped over to the mare. Sweetie Belle’s horn glowed as she looked over the wounds, a word came to her mind “Dia.”

Agreen light began to close the wounds and the bruises reduced in size by quite a bit. The mare looked up at the three of them in confusion “Who are you three?”

Apple Bloom smiled “We are the Cutie Mark Crusaders, I’m Apple Bloom.”

Scootaloo smiled “I’m Scootaloo and the one who healed you is Sweetie Belle.”

The mare smiled weakly “I’m Starlight Glimmer, I must thank you for helping me.”

Sweetie Belle frowned “Why were you so injured?”

Starlight looked down with tears in her eyes “Nopony wants to be my friend, I just want to make use of my talent to help others but no-one appreciates me.”

Apple Bloom smiled “Nonsense, we’ll be your friend. If your ever feeling down, just speak to us. No-one should ever be friendless.”

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo nodded with their own smiles, the mare gave them a massive hug as tears flowed down her face “Thank you, thank you!” Twenty minutes of crying and hugging later, the Crusaders smiled as another Social Link formed.

Star Social Link, Lonely Unicorn formed.

Starlight smiled “I’ll find somewhere to stay in town and I’ll visit you three sometime.”

Scootaloo smiled back “We’ll hold you to that, see you soon.”

The trio returned to the clubhouse as the unicorn mare left. Apple Bloom smiled “Well it seems that was successful, so what should we do before school.”

Scootaloo frowned “Don’t we have to see that pony who Celestia is sending down, maybe we should see if they are around?” Sweetie Belle was about to speak when a Social Link appeared in front of them.

Fool Social Link Cutie Mark Crusaders went up to Rank 3

Tears formed in Sweetie Belle’s eyes as she flopped onto the floor and wailed “My relationship with you two is better than the one with my sister, who I have known my whole life!” Scootaloo and Apple Bloom hugged Sweetie Belle for an hour.

Author's Note:

Sorry this took a while but writing Zecora is exhausting. I hope the rhymes were okay. Also because what I have planned Starlight needs to turn up before Tirek.