• Published 31st May 2020
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On a normal day in Eqeustria a strange miasma rolls in that will change the lives of three fillies forever.

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Chapter 2: Heroes of the Hour

Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom emerged only to see a larger version of the Shadows they had been fighting so far. Apple Bloom was about to rush at it when Sweetie Belle pulled her back “This is a lot bigger than the smaller ones, we need a plan. Maybe it has some sort of weakness to exploit.”

Sweetie Belle closed her eyes and could start seeing information coming from the creature, it’s name was Cowardly Maya (Enlarged). She scanned for weaknesses and smiled, she opened her eyes “It’s weak to fire.” She leapt out and shouted “AGI!” Velvet materialised and threw a fireball at the large Shadow.

As it collapsed to the ground, Sweetie Belle smiled “Now let’s go all out while it’s stunned.” All three of them jumped on it, dust forming around them as they beat down the Shadow. As the shadow dissolved the sky began to clear.

Apple Bloom frowned “So that was the strongest one and destroying it caused the miasma to dissipate temporarily.”

Rainbow flew over with a grin “What you three did was awesome, you beat that thing! I couldn’t even dent it flying at full speed! We must throw you a huge party for saving the town, I’m sure Pinkie already has it set up!”

Scootaloo frowned “A short one, as much as I would to love spend all day celebrating how awesome we were, we need to get ready as it’s quite possible that more of those things could turn up.”

Rainbow’s eyes widened “You mean more of them could turn up!”

Sweetie Belle grimaced “Stronger ones too, the fact that neither you or Applejack could hurt them but we can means we need to prepare to fight them again. We are the only ones who can.”

Applejack galloped over to them, fury in her eyes “You don’t know how reckless that was, you could have been hurt!”

Apple Bloom glared at her sister “These creatures are going to keep appearing and they are only going to get stronger. Even you as strong as you are weren’t able to dent them, if we don’t fight this it could be the end of the world.”

Before another word could be spoken, a burst of solar light and a flash of night magic filled the area. Celestia trotted forward a grave expression on her face, she frowned “The Shadows have returned and so have the Persona users. I thought it was just a legend from the days before Discord.”

Luna nodded gravely “A legend from the days when our parents were mere foals, ones that they told us to help us sleep at night. That legendary heroes who wielded a fragment of their soul known as a Persona to fight the darkness that comes from within all of us.”

Rarity trotted over to the group nervously “What does that mean exactly?’

Celestia frowned “It means these three are to be our guardians and champions. To face the monsters that even we cannot, to face the enemy that legends say brought the end to the age of Alicorns. Why they are reappearing now.”

Rainbow looked at Celestia with anger in her eyes “Does that mean they have to fight them again! They are only fillies, they should be worried about school and making friends!”

Twilight who had just arrived looked nervously at Rainbow “I don’t think you should argue with the Princess, Rainbow!”


Scootaloo closed her eyes “Rainbow, it’s because we are the only ones who can. You heard what Celestia said. Even if we had an army of Alicorn Princesses it wouldn’t make a difference in the long run, we are only three in Equestria who can stand against this threat.”

Applejack looked at Apple Bloom sternly before sighing “Ah can’t stop you, Ah’ve seen that look in mah own eyes. Still please be careful, I don’t want to see you meet your parents too soon.”

Apple Bloom nodded “Ah understand, Ah will be careful” she then turned to Rainbow “don’t worry, Ah will keep Scootaloo safe. Ah will keep all of us safe.”

Celestia frowned “I will be sending down a supplier who stocks good that, for the right price will be very helpful. He is one of the best at what he does but he is not always the nicest. Still as long as you pay for your goods he is tolerable.”

They blinked as they were all suddenly shifted into Sugarcube Corner, the room was covered in streamers and there was food on every table. Before even a single word could be spoken, everypony jumped out of nowhere with Pinkie Pie at the head “Thank you for saving Ponyville!”

A huge “THANK YOU FOR SAVING PONYVILLE SCOOTALOO, APPLE BLOOM, SWEETIE BELLE!” covered unfurled from the roof. Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom galloped over to a table and begun stuffing their faces.

Rarity was about to say something when Rainbow frowned “Let them enjoy this, if they are going to be putting themselves in danger then let them enjoy the spoils a little bit. They are going to be fighting monsters that none of us stand a chance against.”

Rarity shouted “Wait they are going to be putting themselves in danger! We can’t let them do that!”

Pinkie appeared in front of them with a scowl on her face, her mane flat “That is not really your choice to make. They have a great destiny ahead of them, to stop them now we leave them as a shadow of their true potential.”

Twilight frowned “How do you know about their destiny?”

Pinkie shook her head “I can see many things Twilight, many things I am not allowed to share. I am an observer of all these things but too speak of them would prevent them for happening. So please don’t ask any more questions.” They all blinked only for Pinkie to be in the party with her usual cheer as if their little conversation never had happened.

Author's Note:

Next chapter will involve actually meeting with other ponies.