• Published 31st May 2020
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On a normal day in Eqeustria a strange miasma rolls in that will change the lives of three fillies forever.

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Chapter 8: Day 2 Part 3

Shortly afterwards Twilight had just finished her and the Crusaders finished their lunch. Twilight smiled “I’ll just get my notes and I’ll be back.”

The three fillies and Spike watched as Twilight galloped up the stairs. Scootaloo frowned “I hope this doesn’t take too long.”

Spike shrugged “I doubt she will take too long, she is really excited for all of this.”

Twilight burst down the stairs in a lab coat and wearing goggles. Twilight smiled “Come to my lab in the basement.” The Crusaders followed her down as Spike began picking up the dishes, Twilight had several machines set up. One was a treadmill, the other two were strange machines that none of them could recognise.

Twilight pointed to one of the strange contraptions “I was hoping to take a piece of your Personas for experiments.”

Sweetie Belle frowned “I don’t know much but I think they are part of our souls. I’m confident that cutting a part of it off would be very hazardous to our health.”

Twilight nodded with a grimace “Yes, soul manipulation is one of the darkest forms of magic. Even many of the most heinous individuals our world had produced wouldn’t dare mess with it.” She then pointed to the treadmill “Alright, this is a physical test. This test starts at 3 km/hr with it increasing by 1 km every minute. Adult Unicorns on average last three minutes, Adult Pegasi five minutes and Adult Earth Ponies ten minutes.”

Sweetie Belle got on first “I’ll start.”

Twilight nodded as she put on several devices on her, one to measure heart rate and another to measure liquid loss as well as various other complicated machines. Twilight then nodded “You may begin.”

Twilight watched as Sweetie Belle was causally trotting, the machine began ramping up as each minute past. The sound of the machine whirring was the only thing filling the air, ten minutes later the machine was still going as Sweetie Belle galloped without the slightest hint of exhaustion. It wasn’t until the hour mark that she started to puff and another hour before she asked to stop.

Twilight’s jaw was wide open as she struggled to process what was in front of her “That should be impossible! Princess Celestia has done this test and only lasted an hour!”

Scootaloo shrugged “Celestia doesn’t have a lot of time for physical exercise, I mean honestly natural ability means nothing if you don’t use it. We ran around getting into all kinds of trouble before gaining this power.”

Apple Bloom frowned “We will only get stronger as we gain greater mastery of our Personas.” Suddenly there was a loud thud, the Crusaders blinked as they saw Twilight laying on the ground.

Sweetie Belle groaned “She fainted.”

Scootaloo shrugged as she looked around the lab “We just shattered her world view, she has grown believing that Princess Celest…” Her eyes narrowed to pinpricks as she looked towards several vials of strange liquids, she trotted over to the mixtures that were all lined up in order and exclaimed “How did Twilight get this wrong!”

Apple Bloom blinked “What do ya mean?’

Scootaloo frowned “I may play the act before I think member of our group but I do a lot of reading when I’m at home. Chemicals like this shouldn’t be put so close to one another unless you are going to use them immediately. A single spill and boom, you will detonate the entire library.”

Scootaloo grabbed a lab coat and a spare Test Tube rack. She put on the lab coat and then moved half of them over to the other rack, spacing them apart one by one. She then did the same on the initial rack before relabeling them all.

Sweetie Belle’s eyes widened “I’m sorry that I ever thought you were stupid.”

Scootaloo laughed “I can be stupid, I’m just knowledgeable instead of ignorant. Besides life’s no fun without a little risk.”

Apple Bloom frowned as Twilight groaned “Well it seems she’s waking up.”

Twilight took a deep breath “Okay, that was not a revelation I was not planning for. Well I’d say we can skip the physical tests considering those results and get to the magic tests and then we dive deeper into understanding this power. Apple Bloom you should go first.”

Twilight guided her to the other strange contraption, Apple Bloom frowned “Ah don’t know what ya want me to do?”

Twilight smiled “It’s simple, you just have focus your magic on this machine.” Apple Bloom closed her eyes only for the machine to glow with her magic. It’s reading shot up to maximum and then it exploded.

Twilight sighed “Well this all seems to been a waste of time, I will need to get some parts to build a much stronger version of this machine.”

Sweetie Belle smiled “It’s not all bad, we got to spend some time with Spike today and he has agreed to help me become an actual good cook. I’m looking forward to it.”

Scootaloo jabbed “By the end of this you won’t burn juice anymore.”

Sweetie Belle shouted “Hey.”

Twilight smiled “Well I’m glad you had fun, if you ever need help with anything just ask.” They smiled as a test appeared before them once more

Empress Social Link, Celesta's Protege formed.

Apple Bloom smiled “Ah wish ya luck in building that machine.”

Twilight smiled “I’ll get to work on it. It may take me a while though.”

Scootaloo frowned “Just remember to leave some space between your test tubes, your run this risk of a massive disaster simply because of that.” Twilight blinked as the three fillies left, noticing the two racks with the test tubes placed in the same order as before but have one empty space between them.

Twilight facehooved “I can’t believe that foal corrected me, I need to stop those late nights in the lab. I am making rookie mistakes again.” Meanwhile the three foals split up for the day to handle their own personal endeavors.

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.