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Golden Flare

I love to create stories.


For everypony in the land, life in Equestria is very peaceful, especially during summer vacation.

That is until...

...They showed up, completely out of nowhere.

A guy and a girl, who has power over some strange cards...

This is my very first fanfic, leave me some feedback and let me know what you guys think or if there's something I need to improve on.

I do not claim any rights to the following:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Persona 4

These belong to their respective owners. This is just for entertainment purposes.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 8 )

Seems interesting i'll follow to see where this goes.:pinkiehappy:

This is good (::::::::::::::::::::) potato chips for you author:pinkiehappy:

Decided to add an "Alternate Universe" tag :twilightsmile:

Pretty good. It does feel a tad rushed but what I'm enjoying is you employ a level up and arcana system similar to the game and use your story to level up the characters. i'll most likely finish the other chapters you've got soon and i cannot wait to see what you bring out next.

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