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I love to create stories.


For everypony in the land, life in Equestria is very peaceful, especially during summer vacation.

That is until...

...They showed up, completely out of nowhere.

A guy and a girl, who has power over some strange cards...

This is my very first fanfic, leave me some feedback and let me know what you guys think or if there's something I need to improve on.

I do not claim any rights to the following:
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Persona 4

These belong to their respective owners. This is just for entertainment purposes.

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Seems interesting i'll follow to see where this goes.:pinkiehappy:

This is good (::::::::::::::::::::) potato chips for you author:pinkiehappy:

Decided to add an "Alternate Universe" tag :twilightsmile:

Pretty good. It does feel a tad rushed but what I'm enjoying is you employ a level up and arcana system similar to the game and use your story to level up the characters. i'll most likely finish the other chapters you've got soon and i cannot wait to see what you bring out next.

"We'll talk about this later, sister. You are NOT to leave your bedchambers, until it is time to raise the moon. Do I make myself clear?" Princess Celestia asked.

Not mean to offend but its really bs that Celestia is able to order Luna around like that.
Like they are co-rulers, Celestia shouldn't be "outranking" Luna like that.

Will this continue?
I don't know much about Persona but this also caught my eye.

Will Spike get a persona too?

"...Yes, sister." Luna hesitantly agreed. "Even... Ley... I apologize. I shouldn't have done what I did, I'm ashamed of it... And I'm sorry."

It really bothers me that Luna was forced to apologize.
Celestia shouldn't be able to order Luna around like that.

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