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Twilight's ascension brought many changes to her life but it didn't just affect her, Spike changed as well evetually taking on the mantle of Ponyvile's Librarian and three year after Twilight's ascension moved out with help from Discord. Due to his new found indepdence his body changed rapidly, being large than the average pony with a pair of strong wings as well as body covered in muscle. After saving a down on her luck Trixie from Timberwolves and trying to stave off he once would have cherished, Rarity's affection.

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Look at the bug coming!

Sorry, wrong meme.
See the critter coming, dude!

I am not well versed in memery I'm afraid, I am still confused.


already played or watched Dead Space 2.
Imagine Rarity like this creatures wanting to eat Spike's butt.
or more than that.
I will not use dirty term. teen rating

Oh yes I've seen someone let's play Dead Space 2, I didn't realise a Necromorph eating someone's bum was a meme.

if you want to see my favorite top 4 they are on normal and crossover 5 3 of the 4 thats aren't finished I would like to see done and once again nice work.

That was the reaction I was looking for

How does this fic not have more comments?

Anyone seen my popcorn?

Well yes, that is kind of a thing in my stories. In fact I do that a lot, if you read my stories find one non-Op character main character.


I did not like this chapter, in my opinion.

Fair enough, I'm going to change focus to Illusia for a while. I must admit I did rush through a lot here.

Jeez, i didn’t realize that the apple family was a frigging crime syndicate family! I mean i guess i don’t know that for sure but how else would one explain the torture then?

Well no, I haven't explained that yet but I feel it fit Babs being a tough filly from Manehatten.

Guess who’s back, back again, tirek’s back, call a friend

nice work and if you do a sequel that will be cool.:twilightsmile:

I do have some idea but I want on another project

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