• Published 20th Mar 2019
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The Draconic Showmare - HeartfireFirebrand

It has been four years since Twilight's acension, Spike has moved into his own home where after an acident with Timberwolves he bumps into a former enemy of Twilight's, Trixie Lulamoon.

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Chapter 8: Second Date

Trixie and Spike were sitting on the balcony of the restaurant they went to on their first date, Trixie sighed her red eye looking at the stars “Spike, I don’t know what to do with myself. I am cursed with this power, some nights I hear the amulet whisper to me.”

Spike frowned “Do you need my help, me and Twilight could find a way to block it out.”

Trixie took a deep breath “It’s fine Spike, I am in control of myself it just likes to insult me sometimes.”

Spike moved his seat over to her and wrapped a wing around her “If you ever need a shoulder to lean on I am here. No voice will keep us apart no matter they say.”

Trixie gave him a small peck “Thanks Spike.”

Rarity was sitting there in the park her eyes closed. In her own mindscape she saw a furious old and twisted version of herself screaming, it’s red glowing eyes glaring at her “Spike’s ours he belongs to us, we should be up there in that stuck up showmare’s place!”

Rarity glared at the darker part of herself “I listened to you because you are my anger, my rage control me. I didn’t realise what I had done until I saw her fight Tirek, and I saw something that I hadn’t seen in myself in a long time. I have been greedy and cruel, I don’t deserve to be the Bearer of Generosity anymore. I have to let him go.”

Another younger version of her with a weak golden glow stood beside her “You have made the right decision.”

Rarity slumped “I know.” She opened her eyes as she returned to the world, she saw Spike up there and turned away “I will see you in the future when I’ve overcome my own jealousy.”

Spike and Trixie had got their food, Spike frowned “Trixie do you plan on going back to being a showmare at any point?’

Trixie shook her head “No, that life didn’t work out for me. I’m happy to settle in Ponyville it’s a quaint little town but interesting stuff happens often enough to keep me entertained .”

Spike smiled “Good, in fact I think it might be good to spend some time around the ponies in this town.”

Trixie sighed “I think I should spend some time with Twilight and the others first, I don’t much about them and I want to learn more as well as formally apologise for everything that I had done.”

Spike frowned “I’m pretty sure they’ve forgiven you know, you saved most of them from Tirek.”

Trixie nodded “I know but this is for me as well. I need to formally apologise so I can move on as well. I need to move on if I’m going to live here.”

Spike nodded “I understand, maybe it would be good for you to do it tomorrow.”

Trixie nodded “I agree.” The pair continued to eat calmly, Spike gave her a kiss as they headed home. Trixie was leaning on Spike as they entered the building, Trixie smiled as she gave him a kiss “Love you.”

Spike returned the smile “I love you too.” Trixie curled up on the bed, Spike curled up around her covering her with one of his massive wings as they descended into slumber. The pair awoke to the the ground shaking, their eyes widened as they saw a massive crystal castle shooting up from the ground.

Trixie blinked “What the fuck is that!”

Spike flapped his wings while Trixie’s body glowed red, the two took off flying towards the Crystal Castle. Trixie looked down to see the Bearers of Harmony approaching the Castle. Spike frowned as he landed “Where did this castle come from?”

Twilight turned to them “Well Discord gave me the last key to reaffirm our friendship and when we put all of them in the chest it flew here and this castle appeared, we don’t know why.”

Trixie frowned “Okay I’m probably missing some infuriation but Spike can fill me later. As for this castle well Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have Canterlot Castle, Princess Cadence has a castle in the Crystal Empire so I assume this castle is your Twilight.”

Applejack nodded “That does seem to make sense, Ah mean you’re a Princess and all.”

Spike raised an eyebrow as Rarity tried to look anywhere else but at him, Pinkie gave Rarity a quizzical look “Are you alright?”

Rarity took a deep breath as she trotted over to Spike and Trixie “I’m sorry to both of you, I’ve bee horrible to the both of you” she turned to Spike “I believe we need to be away from each other for a time.”

Spike nodded as he was about to speak only for Trixie to put a hoof around Rarity with a weak smile “I’ll forgive you as long as you can forgive me for all the harm I caused to you.”

Rarity shook her head weakly “There is nothing to forgive, it’s water under the bridge.”

Trixie turned to the group to speak only for Applejack to shake her head “There’s nothing to apologised, your actions against Tirek were enough.”

Rainbow grinned “Yeah, you were totally awesome out there!”

Fluttershy smiled shyly “Thank you for helping.”

Pinkie bounced up down with a widened grin“I need to throw a forgiveness party! I’ll be right back!”

Twilight took a deep breath as the Pink Pony moved at almost incredible speeds before smiling at Trixie “I already forgave you Trixie, it’s in the past.”

Trixie smiled “Thanks.”

Spike turned to Trixie “I believe you should spend some time with the girls, I have to open the Library.” He gave her a kiss “Have a good day.” He flared his wings out and took off with a mighty flap.

Rainbow began getting inpatient “Come on, I want to see the inside of the castle!”

Applejack rolled her eyes at the rainbow pegasus “We’ll get there, just give us a minute.” The group of six headed in to see a pair of grand crystal stairs leading up to a pair of glistening doors, the group enter a room to see six chairs around a circular mark on the floor.

While the other were stunned at the massive castle, the cogs in Trixie’s mind were turning. She approached the large crystal windows with a frown, she then approached the doors. Twilight snapping out of her reverie raised an eyebrow “Trixie, may inquire as to what you’re doing?”

Trixie frowned “I’m thinking were guards should be placed.”

Twilight blinked “Why would you think I need guards…”

Trixie turned around with an incredulous looks on her face “Twilight, do you know how important having castle staff is?” Twilight shook her head, Trixie grimaced “The fact is if you don’t have castle staff it sends the message that both you as well as the other Princesses don’t your the fact you’re a princess seriously. You got away with it before because you lived in a library but know that you have you own castle you must take these things into consideration.”

Rarity nodded “Unfortunately, Trixie is right. It would cause a political uproar if you don’t acquire staff for the castle.”

Applejack frowned “I would love to stick around but I have chores that need doing” she then turned to Rainbow “Don’t you have a shift today.”

Rainbow’s eyes widened, she shattered a window as she flew out accelerating quickly. Applejack following after. Trixie raised an eyebrow seeing Fluttershy leaving with Applejack. She cast a simple restoration spell on the window “Is Rainbow Dash always like that?”

Twilight sighed “More often than not.”

Rarity frowned “Where’s Fluttershy?”

Trixie frowned “She left with Applejack said something about her animals. Anyway we should explore the castle so we can design it accordingly and make sure the future castle staff don’t get lost.”

As they set about that, Applejack who had just returned to the farm was struck by an excited Apple Bloom “Babs is visiting us! Applejack smiled as she and her excited sister headed back to orchards unaware of the drama that would come about during this visit.

Author's Note:

Do you remember what happened to Trixie in Manehatten and who was ressponsible?