• Published 20th Mar 2019
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The Draconic Showmare - HeartfireFirebrand

It has been four years since Twilight's acension, Spike has moved into his own home where after an acident with Timberwolves he bumps into a former enemy of Twilight's, Trixie Lulamoon.

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Chapter 7: Showmare's Surprise

Trixie frowned she was sitting in the Library helping Spike sort out books “I’m sorry about my parents, they want the best for me. Their opinions towards are more because they believe you will hold me back from being an important noble but don’t understand I don’t want to be one.”

Spike nodded “I can understand that” he looked outside “hmm it’s getting late Twilight should be home.”

Twilight landed with a sheepish smile “I just had something I needed to do, I’ll see the two of you tomorrow.”

Trixie raised an eyebrow “Okay that was odd, do you think something’s up?”

Spike frowned “Maybe but if it was serious Twilight would tell us. For now we should close up the Library”

Trixie gave him a peck on the cheek “Maybe tomorrow we could have a proper date, our date in Canterlot got ruined so let’s have a proper one tomorrow.”

Spike smiled as the two left the Golden Oaks Library “I’d like that.” The two arrived at Spike’s home, Spike smiled “I’ll get on dinner right away.”

Trixie smiled “I’ll be in my room.” She entered the small guest room that she currently resided in, it had a small blue box of trinkets leftover that Trixie used to use for her shows. She sighed as she sat on a small vanity, she looked up with a frown as her horn glowed slightly. The illusion over her eyes vanished revealing two black sclera, one eye was missing any colour while the other had a large vivid red iris “I hope I never have to rely on you but you give me bad feeling when something is wrong.”

Trixie restored her illusion and began reading a few books on magical theory, a few hours later Spike called out “Dinner’s ready!” Trixie nodded as she bookmarked her current book and left it on the vanity, she then trotted out to see a simple fish past on the table.

Trixie smiled as she took a bite “This is quite good.”

Spike smiled “Thanks, I’m glad to hear you say that. I usually on make food for Twilight and her friends, I sometimes worry they only say they like my food to be polite.”

Trixie shook her head “That is not good, Spike you should say something.”

Spike looked away “It’s not something I need to bother them with, I have learned that worrying about nothing only causes problems. This is not major enough for me to bother them with.”

Trixie frowned but dropped the topic as they ate, Trixie sighed as they got ready for bed “I have a bad feeling about tomorrow.”

Spike shrugged “Don’t worry about it, I’m sure everything will be fine.” Those words only driven home the feeling of dread Trixie was feeling, she had to force herself to sleep with a spell that night.

The next morning after Spike and Trixie have breakfast they entered the Library only for Twilight to dart out of the Library without a word, Trixie grimaced “Okay that is not normal.”

They frowned as Rainbow Dash flew over “Twilight told me everyone is to stay in their homes!”

Spike and Trixie frowned “What’s going on Rainbow?!”

Rainbow sighed “Twilight told me nothing, look you two stay in the Library for now. Twilight will come back and help us.”

They enter the Library but after a few minutes Trixie pokes her head out to see Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie being drained of their magic by a huge red centaur. Trixie growled as she turned to Spike “I need to help them, your friends just had their magic drained and they are in trouble.”

Spike poked his head out to see Discord get drained as well “How can you beat that?”

He turned around to see one red eye gazing upon him, Trixie grimaced “The Alicorn Amulet left some side effects, it bound itself to me and started feeding me magic. I learned how to use it so I wouldn’t lose control and then hid with an illusion, it give me a bad feeling before something bad happens, but it is suppressed by my illusion.”

Before Spike could say another word Trixie vanished, the huge red centaur meanwhile was laughing at Discord “You were so easy to play Discord.”

Discord glared at him weakly “Tirek you…”

Discord blinked as Tirek was surrounded in a glowing red aura was hurtled into the air, then heard a voice “Die!” He watched as hundreds of red blades flew into the massive centaur before he was sent hurtling back into the ground.

Tirek looked up at the blue unicorn, he saw the red eye glaring at him : and growled “How dare you attack me, I’m Lord Tirek and I..”

Trixie roared “That sentence ends with ‘am going to die!’ Tirek eyes widened as massive red sword swung at him, he remained completely silent as his vision split in two as his body fell onto the ground before shrinking as his magic flew off in every direction.

Discord now having his magic restored clicked his claws as the cage around the non-Alicorn Bearers of Harmony was removed, Rainbow flew over to Trixie “That was awesome!”

Applejack pulled her back by the tail as she noticed the former showmare’s expression of discomfort “Ah don’t think Trixie likes that power, in fact that power reminds of when she used the amulet.”

Trixie grimaced “It never truly left, just took a while to start affecting me again.”

Spike flew over “Are you okay, Trixie?”

Trixie slumped over “I’m worried, what will Twilight say when she sees what happened here I killed him with no remorse or pity.”

Discord walked over and sat next to them “I screwed up, he made me think he was my friend” he looked toward Fluttershy “when I had real friends all this time.’

Trixie took a deep breath and turned to him “We all make mistakes, you can’t change the past but you can learn from it. Speaking of which where are the Princesses?”

Discord grimaced “I better get them out of Tartarus” a few moments later Celestia, Luna and Cadence arrived with Discord next to them. Cadence frowned “I’m glad to be out but where is Tirek?!”

Trixie grimaced as she trotted over to them “I left him there.”

Luna’s eyes widened “You killed him, how?!”

Trixie grimaced “I bought the Alicorn Amulet not knowing what it was and it corrupted me. Even after I now longer possess it, it still has an effect on me.”

Celestia turned to her eyes to Trixie when griffon claw blocked her, Spike then put himself in front “I will not allow her to be harmed.”

Just then Twilight they saw a pony fly towards Ponyville, Twilight looked around “Where’s Tirek, is he here?!”

Discord frowned “Tirek is dead, he betrayed me and took my magic. Trixie ended him.”

Twilight shouted “What, we didn’t have to do that! Ponies don’t kill, it’s not our way!”

Celestia shook her head “That is not exactly true, it’s not my way and Equestria followed that for a long time but had my sister ruled it would have much more violent.”

Luna turned to Twilight “Not everyone, some creatures need to face the end of the blade. It’s why me and Celestia ruled together. She was the diplomat and I was the soldier, where her diplomacy failed my blade followed.”

Celestia nodded “Anyway we need to celebrate Equestria’s newest hero.”

Trixie frowned “No, I want this to fade into obscurity. Tell them the one who defeated Tirek vanished before you could congratulate them, this must be kept quiet.”

Luna nodded “Very well, note if you we ever need help we will contact you as well.” Trixie nodded as she and Spike returned home for their date that night.

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.