• Published 20th Mar 2019
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The Draconic Showmare - HeartfireFirebrand

It has been four years since Twilight's acension, Spike has moved into his own home where after an acident with Timberwolves he bumps into a former enemy of Twilight's, Trixie Lulamoon.

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Chapter 15: Illusia's New Home

Illusia frowned as she flew behind Spike and Trixie “So what now, you’re Alicorn. Doesn’t that mean you are a Princess now?’

Trixie frowned “No, at least I hope not. I have enough problems dealing with my parents” she then turned to Illusia “how would you feel if I took you in?”

Illusia shook her head “I’m not sure, I have never had somepony care for me. Why are you even doing this for me?”

Spike gave her a weak smile “We want you to live the life of a normal filly. We will be your guardian giving you a home and shelter so you can enjoy a normal foalhood.”

Illusia frowned “How about this, I stay with you for a couple of weeks. Maybe after that I will make a decision?”

Trixie nodded “Very well, I think we can do that. In the meantime we need to deal with her.”

Illusia and Spike frowned at the unconscious unicorn on Trixie’s back, Illusia frowned “I assume you want to give her a second chance, fair enough I guess. We can always stop her if the need came to it.”

The three of them landed in the castle room to see everyone concerned, Rarity galloped over first “Is everything alright… and why are you bigger?”

Trixie rolled her eyes “Not exactly, almost dying is not fun not mention that I’m bigger because of these.” Everyone gasped as she flared out her mighty Alicorn wings, she frowned at Rainbow Dash “You will teach me how to use these I hope?”

Rainbow Dash shook her and grinned “Of course, those wings must be able to do some really fast flying.”

Rarity frowned “Doesn’t this mean you’re a Princess?”

Spike frowned “Trixie doesn’t want to be a Princess, she has made that clear to all of us. Besides she bigger things to do such as care for this one.” Spike lifted Starlight off of Trixie’s back.

Rainbow growled "Why did you bring her back here? You should have obliterated her, she tired to kill us!”

Trixie’s red eye glowed deeply “It seems the Tree of Harmony disagrees with you Rainbow Dash, it gave me these wings and it wants me to care for Starlight here. I will respect Harmony for saving from death.”

Applejack nodded “Ah understand, but what do we do now.”

Trixie frowned “I’ll discuss some things with our attacker here and then I’ll come up with some answers” she then turned to Spike “Can you please take Illusia home and re-purpose the guest room to be Illusia’s room.”

Spike nodded “I can do that” he then smiled “Are you ready?”

Illusia’s eyes widened in shock “I get my own room, I’ve never had my own room! Let’s go!” Spike gasped as he took off following the excited filly through the skies. Illusia slammed in front of Spike’s home “I’m staying here.”

Spike blinked “You were so cautious were we first extended the offer, why are you so excited now?”

Illusia sighed “Because I thought it was too good to be true, I’ve betrayed by many ponies before. I had tried to make friends over the centuries but each and every one betrayed me within a few weeks. Still I couldn’t hold back my excitement at having something that I had longed for.”

Spike nodded “That does make sense, anyway let’s get you settled in.” Illusia nodded as she entered the building with a grin. The two entered a small room with a simple bed.

Illusia pounced on the bed with a smile “This is my bed, it’s so soft.”

Spike chuckled “Well I’m glad your happy, tomorrow we’ll enrol you in the local school” he frowned “Just please don’t hurt anypony while you’re there, Cheerilee wouldn’t be happy about that.”

Illusia nodded “That’s fair, I am not a fool. I have not got this far with just exploding everything that annoys me, I tried that once it went poorly.”

Spike blinked unsure whether that should comfort or terrify him, he shook his head “Well, I need to help re-purpose this room to you liking so…” He blinked as the bed was covered in pink blankets, he blinked as posters of random types began to cover the walls. Illusia then slid under the blankets and within seconds was snoring loudly.

Meanwhile Starlight groaned as he looked around “Where am I, Hatred where are you?”

Trixie stated “Illusia destroyed Hatred, it’s gone now” she frowned as Starlight’s eyes froze in headlights “I’m not going to hurt you but you are my responsibility, the Tree of Harmony ascended me to help ponies like you or at least that’s what I think.”

Starlight blinked in shock “You’re not going to kill me?”

Trixie frowned “No, I have a duty to you. Now you and I are going to discuss your problems one a time starting off with the Cutie Mark issue.” Starlight slumped knowing she had to explain everything to the Alicorn in front of her.

Author's Note:

I will probably end this story soon but there will a sequel at some point