• Published 20th Mar 2019
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The Draconic Showmare - HeartfireFirebrand

It has been four years since Twilight's acension, Spike has moved into his own home where after an acident with Timberwolves he bumps into a former enemy of Twilight's, Trixie Lulamoon.

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Chapter 12: Wedding Plans

Trixie and Spike entered the Friendship Castle with a smile on their faces. Twilight raised an eyebrow as the two entered the room “Spike, Trixie may I inquire as to why you came in so early in the morning?”

Spike smiled “Well, I just proposed to Trixie and…”

Twilight’s eyes widened before she pulled them both into a hug “Congratulations, do you have a date picked?!”

Trixie nodded “We decided a couple of months from now, I was actually wondering if you would like to be the one to give us the blessing at the altar?”

Twilight smiled “Of course I would! We can even hold the wedding in the castle if you would like?”

Spike took a deep breath “That would help, we were not sure where to host it. It was giving us trouble with the planning actually”

Trixie smiled “Well as much as I would love to stick around, I must inform the flower filly that I am getting married and the get her fitted for a dress at Rarity’s. Spike, I’m sure you can handle informing the caterers for the before and after-party right.”

Spike smiled “I can.” They both waved to Twilight as they left.

Trixie flew far into the distance, she arrived in a pitch black forest her red eye watching for danger. Illusia approached with frown her wings calmly sitting at either side “Trixie, may inquire as to what you were doing here?”

Trixie turned around with a smile “I actually have to ask you something, would you like to be the Flower Filly at my wedding. I just need to get you measured for a dress.”

Illusia’s eyes widened as tear began to drip from her eyes “I get a dress, I’ve never had a dress before. Why are you being so kind to me?”

Trixie gave her a light hug as if she was made of glass “It’s because you need it, it was something I always needed and never got. Not from my parents, not from anypony until I met a special drake.”Trixie lifted Illusia onto her back “Let’s go and get you measured for your dress.”

Illusia smiled as the two disappeared in a flash of light, the two arrived just outside of the Carousel Boutique. Trixie opened the door with a smile “Rarity, I need you help with something.”

Rarity came out with a smile “What is it?”

Trixie levitated Illusia down to the floor “I need you to get some measurements for the Flower Filly so she can have a dress ready.”

Rarity smiled “I know I can do something, her silver mane and blue eyes are to die for.”

Trixie frowned as he followed them, Illusia looked nervous. Trixie smiled as she placed a hoof on the filly’s shoulder “It will be fine, Illusia. Rarity is a friend of mine, she won’t hurt you.”

Illusia smiled as Rarity began measuring her, Rarity smiled as Trixie “When does it need to be finished?”

Trixie returned the smile “In a couple months.” She then turned to Illusia “I think we should get some food, Sugarcube Corner sells the best cakes you could ever get.” Trixie smiled as the pegasus filly cheered excitedly happy to be experiencing the life of a normal foal.

While Trixie was busy organising the dress for Illusia, Spike was heading towards Sweet Apple Acres. He arrived to see Applejack taking a short breather, he smiled “Applejack, I have something to ask you.”

Applejack beckoned “Go on.”

Spike twiddling his claws nervously “I was hoping you would do the catering for my in wedding in a couple of months.”

Applejack grinned “So ya are finally tying the knot with Trixie, good on ya” she then smiled ’”Ah’ll be happy to cater for the wedding, Ah’ll be there in the crowd. Ah promise on mah honour as an Apple.”

Spike smiled “Thanks Applejack, I have to go to Sugarcube Corner to inform Pinkie Pie. She probably would want to plan the after party and it would wrong not to include.”

Spike entered Sugarcube corner to see Pinkie loudly and animatedly interacted with Trixie who was smiling as Illusia happily slurped at her milkshake beside them. Pinkie was going on and on about different party related things as Spike coughed “Trixie, how is everything going?”

Trixie smiled “Pinkie and I have been going over the reception plans. I assume Applejack is proving catering right?”

Spike nodded “Yes, she is happy for us as well. I feel like everything is going to be fine.”

Meanwhile somewhere else a pinkish unicorn with a tricoloured mane was growling “Those ponies destroyed my village, my ambition. I hate them, I HATE THEM!”

A black ooze began to slide over her as it‘s sinister voice filled her ears “I can help you, I can help you bring them all down and restore your village to glory.”

The unicorn grinned wickedly “I’m game!”

The darkness smiled “My name is Hatred, and I can grant you power beyond that of gods.”

The unicorn replied “My name is Starlight Glimmer and this is the beginning of our revenge!” Little did they know the effect their teamwork would cause for a single unicorn with a red eye.

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.