• Published 20th Mar 2019
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The Draconic Showmare - HeartfireFirebrand

It has been four years since Twilight's acension, Spike has moved into his own home where after an acident with Timberwolves he bumps into a former enemy of Twilight's, Trixie Lulamoon.

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Chapter 5: Spying on the Spy

2 days had past since Spike and Trixie agreed to go out. Rarity not knowing this was watching the library intently, she saw the Spike and his assistant sorting through the books. She was thinking of schemes to make him hers, three bushes had been intently observing her for an hour, each bush turning to the other for a moment before looking back.

Sweetie Belle frowned “Do you think she’s come up with anything?”

Scootaloo rolled her eyes in her own bush “No I don’t, she is just being creepy.”

Apple Bloom asked “Why is ya sister doing this?”

Sweetie Belle stomped her hoof with a fierce scowl “I don’t know!”

Applejack was just trotting through town, she was just about to pass by the Library when a yellow hoof pulled her in. Applejack frowned “Apple Bloom what are you doing here, aren’t ya a little old to be playing hide and seek?” Apple Bloom pointed with a hoof in Rarity’s direction, Applejack looked and scowled “Ah’m going to put an end to this.”

Apple Bloom scowled “No, we need to figure out what she planning next and stop it. Ya will not intervene me, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have been watching her closely.”

Sweetie Belle asked “Who’s with you?”

Apple Bloom replied “Applejack.”

Applejack frowned “Who’s speaking?”

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes “Sweetie Belle is quite a proficient mage, she cast spells that allow us to hear each other, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle can hear everything Ah’m saying and Ah can hear everything they’re saying.”

Apple Bloom and Applejack poked they're heads out to hear Rarity groan “There has to be some way to get them away from each other.”

A voice growled “Rarity.” Rarity turned around only for a light blue blur slam into the ground behind her, It was Rainbow Dash. Rainbow scowled “Rarity I thought I made myself very clear not to do this kind of thing, Spike is not your pet.”

Applejack got out of the bush and approached the pair, she said “How about we discuss this somewhere more private?” Rarity nodded nervously Applejack took the lead with Rainbow at the back making sure Rarity didn’t run off, they didn’t realise however that 3 bushes were following them all the way.

Applejack grimaced as they entered an empty orchid in Sweet Apple Acres, Applejack frowned “Rarity I thought we told ya to leave Spike alone multiple times, why do ya keep doing this?”

Rarity pouted “Because I like him alright, his attractive and I want him badly. He used to be all over me and I want that back.”

Rainbow growled “That doesn't matter because that is not your choice not make, that is his! You just can’t handle the fact that he has moved on.”

Rarity turned away “I don’t need to listen to this.” She left, Applejack began shouting at Rainbow who began to shout back while three more bushes.

Later that night Spike and Trixie in her disguise were leaving the library. Spike smiled as they approached a fancy restaurant a black bag hanging on his shoulder. A green earth pony mare with a dark brown mane wearing a fine suit smiled at the pair “I assume you two have a reservation?”

Trixie nodded with a smile “We should be under Emerald Books and Spike.”

The mare smiled as looked down the list “Ah yes, here table twenty on the balcony is ready.” The pair were escorted onto the balcony, the two sat down on a pair of plush seats as the moonlight shone down upon them.

Spike smiled “So what was you life like before you arrived in Ponyville?”

Trixie frowned “My parents were quite capable magicians in Canterlot but I didn’t inherit as much of their magical talent as they hoped, it doesn’t mean I was unsuccessful. I’m sure you heard of the Eagle Sight, Wolf Claw and Flame spells?

Spike nodded “Yes, Twilight told me that they were a poor mimicry of the Griffon Sight, Timberwolf Claw and Fireball spells.”

Trixie grimaced “Of course she would, being the top shot mage she forgets that not everypony can fling off every spell in the book. I designed those spells myself along with countless others so that even a below average unicorn could cast them multiple times without running out of magic, they might not be quite as effective as their much more expensive counterparts.”

Spike’s eyes widened “That’s quite impressive, Twilight is smart but doesn’t put much effort to creating new spells.”

Trixie nodded “Yes making spells of massive power are difficult if you approach it in that manner and beside what good is a spell if only a few ponies could use it. It’s why the Alicorns don’t make spells very often as they aren’t very useful if only four ponies can use them.”

Spike smiled “So what’s the best spell you have created?”

Trixie nodded “I created a spell that the average unicorn could use to create a controlled singularity, basically a object that nothing not even light could escape but you could choose what it sucks in so it only sucks in certain objects.”

Spike blinked “Twilight was really impressed with that one, she said it was a work of a master spell crafter.”

Trixie frowned “Not really, just most unicorns who make spells have really large magic pools and forsake efficiency for power” she then changed the topic “So what do you like doing?”

Spike smiled “I am quite the avid reader, and I do like flying.”

Trixie smiled “Do you think you could show me some time? I always wanted to see the Wonderbolts perform but we were never in the same places.”

Spike smiled “You watch me and Dash when we go on our flight next weekend.”

A unicorn waiter approached with a warm smile “I am ready to take your orders?”

The pair quickly ordered, Spike asked for an exotic fish dish it much to his shock Trixie asked for the same. Trixie smiled “Fish is something I have grown quite fond of over my years of travel.”

Little did they know Rarity was watching the pair of them from a bush, she was grinning as she held an explosive rune in her magic. One that Twilight had provided her years back after the Changeling invasion “Let’s see if you can stop this?”

She threw it towards the pair, Trixie saw the rune ignite just before it created a massive explosion only for said explosion to be sucked into a massive pitch black singularity the size of Spike. Several members of the restaurant ran up in shock, Rarity was hopped back into her bush angry that her plan didn’t work.

A bush then came up behind her bush and pulled in the other bush before scurrying away. Rarity by the time she had time to think was in the Boutique with an angry looking Sweetie Belle glaring at her “What do you think you were doing, that was a grade C explosive rune?!”

Rarity blinked “What does that mean?”

Sweetie Belle facehooved “That means it is a capable of levelling a building!”

Sweetie Belle frowned “I’m staying with Apple Bloom, in the meantime you will stay in this building until I return tomorrow!” Sweetie Belle left, Rarity growled as she opened the door only to bump into an invisible wall. Sweetie Belle l had put a magical barrier around the boutique so Rarity wouldn’t cause a bother.

Author's Note:

Rarity did something stupid.