• Published 20th Mar 2019
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The Draconic Showmare - HeartfireFirebrand

It has been four years since Twilight's acension, Spike has moved into his own home where after an acident with Timberwolves he bumps into a former enemy of Twilight's, Trixie Lulamoon.

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Chapter 14: Harmony's Choice

Trixie landed in front of Starlight who had just healed “So are you ready for this?!”

Starlight growled “I am here for my vengeance, those ponies destroyed everything I have put years working towards. I hate them and I hate you for interfering.”

Trixie shook her head “Very well then” a look of fire burning in her rainbow eye “I’m going to bring you down one way or the oaten!” Starlight was about lunge forward until several rainbow blades tore into her from the floor. Starlight telported away before throwing several pitch blacks spears towards her enemy.

Trixie dodged all of them before a bunch of white orbs turned rainbow and exploded around Starlight. Starlight growled as she rushed towards Trixie in a furious rage, Trixie yawned as she dodged the multiple sword swings.

Starlight’s soul turned blue as she sent flying only to pin herself to the ground with a spear before she flew into a wall of rainbow blades. She dodged a huge rainbow blast, only to wrapped in rainbow string followed by two rainbow disk tearing her in half. Only for a dark gooey substance to reconnect her body together, Starlight grimaced “What now!”

Hatred laughed “Don’t worry, that mare will tire out soon. Her body can’t handle that much harmonic magic for long, she doesn’t have enough power to finish us don’t worry.”

Trixie meanwhile was taking a breath, sweat was soaked into her fur “I can’t keep this up! Why out of all the days, on my bloody fucking wedding day I am fighting for my life!”

She jumped back as she growled at the Starlight. Starlight grinned “Getting tired are you? It’s not surprising, it turns out your body can’t handle that much power for very long.”

Trixie roared as she powered more power into the hands than ever before and fired it all off at once consuming Starlight in magic. Trixie took a deep breath “Did I do it” a spear piercing through her chest answered her question.

Starlight approached with a grin “You know what, you almost did but it wasn’t enough.” She was kicked onto the ground, she gasped as the spear was removed from her chest blood pooling under her.

She barely saw a pink blast fly past, she felt a claw lift her head up as her vision began to blur as she heard Spike’s voice shout “Trixie, don’t go!”

She whispered as she clutched at the claw “I’m so sorry Spike, I got overconfident again and now I’m hurting you.”

Her eyes closed only for a single unfamiliar voice to speak “This is not your end” she felt her body pulled away. She felt a hoof touching hers, she opened her eyes to see a strange realm filled with stars only to see a sparkling version of Twilight “I am the Tree of Harmony, I have been watching you for some time Miss Lulamoon.” The Tree frowned “I have seen what have done under the influence of the Alicorn amulet but I have also have seen the good you’ve done as well, how you defeated Tirek, hoe you defended a filly who wronged you and even more how you gave hope to another filly who was down on her luck.”

Trixie nodded “May inquire as to where I am exactly?”

The Tree nodded “Well this is a special realm, in truth I could have brought a few others here who could have taken this role but you were my choice. You are proof that anyone can change, no matter how dark the path they have been on and soon you will return to the world with more power than before”

The tree took a deep breath “That mare needs help as she has given in a terrible entity, one known as Hatred created by the residual cruelty and malice of the Alicorns Discord killed in order to stop their experiments, even he had some form of a heart back then. Life is a game to him usually but causing harm like that was beyond even him. Starlight has suffered from a loss early in her life and I believe you can help her.”

Trixie nodded “Okay, I can do that but what am I supposed to do now?”

The Tree frowned as she pointed to a door with Trixie’s cutie mark on it “Go through there and find the truth of why you’re here for yourself.”

Trixie nodded “Very well.” Trixie walked through the door only to pass countless images of her life the goo and the bad. She blinked a she reached the end when she felt magic envelop her.

Meanwhile Starlight was laughing as she levitated Spike and Illusia in the air above her “I admire you attempt but it was …” She blinked as she saw a flash of light to see Trixie but she was almost as tall as Luna, Starlight growled “How are you alive and where did you go?!”

Trixie opened her eyes as a pair of massive wing flared out from her sides, Illusia blinked in shock “Those are Alicorn wings!”

Trixie’s eye opened, it’s fierce red glow gazed upon Starlight. Starlight growled “I won’t lose to you, I will not be denied my vengeance!”

Trixie shook her head “I can’t let you do that, I’m sorry Starlight but your quest for vengeance ends here.”

A light blue hand bound her in string, then Trixie forced her magic into Starlight’s body. Starlight screamed a small pile of black ooze jumped out of her body, Starlight collapsed to the ground as she begged the dark blob “Help me, Hatred please?!”

Hatred growled “You failed, I have no need for you anymore!” Hatred as about to scurry away on for a pair of pink eyes to glare at the shadowy blob before a pink blast obliterated it.

Spike frowned “So, Trix what should we do about Starlight?”

Trixie shook her head “The Tree of Harmony wants me to care for her, to the point it made me an Alicorn. Besides from what the Tree said it seems she is suffering from her own trauma, trust me Spike on this ponies are very friendshippy unless they are either A Canterlot Snobs or B very disturbed, judging by her behaviour I would guess the later.” Trixie placed Starlight on her back and the three flew back, two using magic and one using their wings.

Author's Note:

Trixie is an Alicorn now.