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Trixie has been through some rough times of late and in her desperation she returned to Ponyville. She returned to an attack included many angry ponies and even a unicorn possessed by dark magic. It's not all bad after all she is receiving help from the Lord of Chaos.

Warning : this story contains Tricord(Not Twicord) and Somity

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8212122 Yep, I don't know the official name but I thought that fit.

I love this story so much. It's really adorable.

I will get back to this story at some point don't worry.

your welcome, and I look forward to it

I got a lot on my plate two Changeling stories to clean up and I have no idea how I'm concluding either. I'm have the bad habit of making it up as I go along, some things that weren't originally planed end up there.

I do the same thing, so don't worry. I can wait years if you need, I'll be here when you update. Have a nice day!

While I appreciate the pairs and feel like this would make an interesting story it just feels like the timing is really rushed. You solve the Rarity dark magic issue, and have Trixie living with Discord, and Sombra teaching rarity in less than 3000 words. I'd love more on how those things happen and how Sombra got reformed rather than a brief line saying he is. Also maybe give some reason why Celestia lied to the ponies (if it is a lie) that one line just seems to hide something.

Yes, I should put a few interlude chapters for how Sombra was reformed , also which line is the in which Celestia may be lying in it's been months since I wrote this chapter forgive me.

Its "I asked “Celestia, what did you tell ponies about me during the last one thousand years. Celestia said slightly worried’ “I told them you were an evil tyrant who took over Equestria and did many other horrible acts. I’m sorry Discord.”"

So I ould suggest find an editor or a proofreader just clean up the grammar. A cover image would help a lot too.

Aside from that it does sound like an interesting concept.:pinkiesmile:

Maybe I will at some point it's just really hard to keep up with all my ideas. I have ideas for at least another ten stories easily.

Twilight's a real bitch. I don't say this often, but she's the almighty bitch.

It suits her.

Well, its hard not to like. Yes, it has the occasional typo but I myself am guilty for that too. The story is beautiful and isn't something you would find anywhere else.

Thanks for the kind words, I hope to spread happy joyful stories around that make people happy.

Aaawwww. The last few chapters (including this one) are so adorable!

Think that I .... What? I'm not sure what you're asking?

Oh Wow! That's a very interesting take on the elements! I haven't seen anything like it before. It's kind of refreshing, in a way. I'm also exited to see how all the timelines play out, and as to how Starlight will fit in with the story. I'm proud of you. I'm also really excited!

I'm glad you like it. I wish more people read my stories even though I make a lot of mistakes. I know a lot of people could do the Trixie Discord ship better than me but I did it so others could pick up the concept and run with it.

It wouls be nice to have more people read and watch that little green bar grow and over come the red, wouldn't it. I actually found this book by looking for the discord Trixie ship. There aren't a lot of them out there.

That moment at the end before the timeline shifted was adorable! You're able to make me feel so many emotions when I read your works. That's something not easily achieved. Keep that in mind for when you get stuck, friend. :)

That was an interesting set of events. It was different from the show, and that made it unique. I really enjoyed it. I can't help but imagine Starlight being traumatized from that and the image from it in my mind is amusing. I can't wait to see how things turn out!

Well the next chapter is the last and will focus more on resolving Discord's family issues. Still that is great idea to put in a sequel, thanks for the comment.

Amazing ending. I will admit that It felt a little bit rushed in the beginning, but it smoothed itself out by the end of it. It was a fitting ending. I hope more people will read this and enjoy, because I would like to see that green bar go up, lol. If you ever start on a new story, and would like me to read it, just message me. I'm sure anything new you come up with will be wonderful.

Well I would suggest Darker Harmony it an Equestria girls one shot covering an alternate end to Rainbow Rocks

I stand and smile on my stage. I feel so proud as I show my magic to tell stories then I see a dark shadow envelop the crowd.
They start throwing food at me shouting “Fake, liar cheat.”

You’ve described what’s happening in her dream, but how does Trixie feel? And how do her actions inside the dream convey these strong emotions? In my experience, it helps to think of times you felt a similar way so you can picture it more vividly.

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