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Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were hanging out in their clubhouse when a strange miasma rolls in. It's mere presence brings in strange creatures known as shadows that seek to destroy all that is good but why did the fog roll in and where did the creatures come from.

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nice work looking forward to more and when will you get to your older stories?:twilightsmile:

ok just don't die and leave them unfinished like mythrilmoth did

sorry take a look at his profile when you have the time and see what i mean

I see you got that you went through with your idea. Good luck!

Which Persona game is this story from?

I'm mixing and matching rules from the games. Seeing what fits for the story and plot.

There are more Persona users then just the three CMC, right?

I have been thinking on it, they are the main focus of the story. I know that after Tirek it will focus mainly on them so I'm not sure how much other Persona users will contribute to the story. I'll see.

3 Wild Cards? And they’re the CMC!?!?! I wish Ponyville luck.

nice work on both chapters:twilightsmile:

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