The Dark Secret

by HeartfireFirebrand

Chapter 8: Execution of the Plan

Sweetie Belle was watching the enemy forces from a rocky outcrop matching their positions to a chart, they were surrounding their food supplies with large amounts of troops. Captain Toxin frowned “Why are we not launching attacks on their food supplies anymore?”

Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes “Look at them, they are heavily guarding their food supply. Striking now will be futile, we need to watch carefully and wait for the right moment.”

Captain Toxin grimaced “The troops are getting restless, what are you waiting for.”

Sweetie Belle frowned “Give it a few seconds.” The enemy forces slowly encroached forward, Sweetie Belle gave a look at her then back at the forces movement. She grinned as she pressed a button, a massive explosion erupted from the ground tearing apart the army decimating the army. Sweetie Belle roared “Capture them now!”

The large remnant of Queen Venine’s forces though still holding numerical superiority was in a state of panic allowing the smaller force to quickly capture them. Sweetie Belle approached Captain Toxin “I told you the plan would work.”

Captain Toxin frowned “So what do we do now. We have two million injured Arachna in chains.”

Sweetie Belle looked over them, she noticed something many of them were very thin she growled “It seems they have been starved, Queen Venine has a lot to answer for!” She then took a deep breath as she looked at the Arachna in front of her “Why are there so many of you in the military?”

One of them responded fear in their eyes “The Royal palace holds most of the food, the army is composed of ninety-nine percent of our population. We can’t anything to eat unless we are either in military service or scientists in the development division.”

Sweetie Belle turned to the Squads, her tone venomous“All of you save Captain Toxin’s Squad will escort them back home! Captain Toxin’s Squad will follow me into her city where I can bring her to justice!”

Every Arachna heeded her orders without a word not willing to further upset the already livid princess. Sweetie Belle was fuming, how could anyone treat their subjects that way, as if they are mere tools. She was going to tear Queen Venine limb from limb. She snarled as she grew to easily one thousand Celestias tall and three thousand Celestias wide, she looked down at the squad “Get on, I want to be back with mum before dinner!”

The squad climbed on her back, Sweetie Scurried quickly towards the enemy city. Meanwhile in the castle Queen Venine was sitting on her thrown impatiently as her scientists were standing around nervously, soon the room began to shake. Queen Venine scowled as she scurried out of her castle “Who dares disturb…”

Her eyes widened as she saw Sweetie Belle’s massive form towered over her city, the massive Arachna glared down at the relatively tiny light blue Queen “You truly have no respect for your subjects, I saw the state of the survivors. They were starved beyond compare, that is poor form for a Queen and I’m going to have you pay for it!”

Queen Venine barely could get a word in before a huge leg slammed into the side of the palace and Captain Toxin used his webbing to bind her. His Squad pulled the bound Queen onto Sweetie Belle’s back. Sweetie Belle frowned as she scurried through the caves “Queen Venine, why do you treat your subjects in such a way?”

Queen Venine scowled “A Queen is in charge! They should be able to do what they want!”

Sweetie Belle shook her head “Not really, what is to stop a revolution from those beneath you. Could you really stop millions of your own angry populace from overthrowing you?”

Queen Venine slumped “No but how does one rule without intimidation.”

Sweetie Belle frowned “Through respect, if subjects respect you they will be willing to throw themselves to the wolves in your name. My mother rules through respect, Princess Celestia has ruled for one thousand years and she is respected by her subjects.”

Queen Venine frowned “What happens when you lose that respect?”

Sweetie Belle scowled “Of you lose the respect of your subjects then you are not worthy of leadership! I would have gutted you on the spot but it should fall to my mother to judge you, after all you hurt her far more than you hurt me!”

Queen Venine looked nervously at Sweetie Belle. Queen Venine was shocked when the group returned to nest. Several Captains she recognised were now wearing armour in Spinneret’s colours. They all glared at her, she gulped as she realised just how much trouble she was in.