• Published 24th Nov 2018
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Power of the Cybernetic Soldier - HeartfireFirebrand

A young teenage thief running from the police winds up in EQG Canterlot as Tempest Shadow getting a new chance at life.

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Chapter 7: New Home

Tempest walked out of her office at the start of recess, she walked down to the cafeteria. She saw Sunset lining up for food, she joined the line behind her “Hello Sunset.”

Sunset jumped “As she turned around Miss Shadow you scared me?”

Tempest smiled as rested her hand on the teen’s shoulder “Call me Tempest, if you don’t mind.”

Sunset stammered ”B-but i-isn’t…”

Tempest pushed the girl forward so they kept up with the line “I’m not an incredibly formal person, at my age formalities are foolish things.”

Sunset raised an eyebrow “You don’t look a day over forty.”

Tempest chuckled “Funny I’m actually ninety three years old, I was thirty at the end of World War Two” she then frowned “Still remember the gunfire.” Sunset and a few kids who overhead were gobsmacked at the revelation. Tempest shook her head “Never mind that just know I’m with you to the end of the line.”

Sunset stood there processing all of the information she had just received, she had been just offered a home by a ninety three year old woman that looked like she was still in her prime. Granny Smith smiled “What would ya like?”

Sunset shook her head and looked up smiling weakly “Um I’d like a chicken salad please?”

Granny Smith let out a small chuckle “So you’ve remembered ya manners Ah see, good.” Granny Smith put the food on her plate before she walked away, only to smile at Tempest “Tempest mah good friend, it’s been years.”

Tempest chuckled as she rubbed her right shoulder over a scar “You were always a great nurse, you treated me well.”

Granny Smith smiled as she put an egg burger on her plate alongside some vegetables “Never grow old Tempest it hurts.”

Tempest grinned “I doubt that would be any issue.”

Sunset meanwhile had just taken a seat, only for five girls to join her at a table, Sunset frowned “Why are you here?”

Rarity smiled as she rested her hand softly on her shoulder “We are here to help you, you need friends to assist you during tough time.”

Rainbow grinned “You are an outstanding athlete, I’d be glad to test my skills against yours in a game of soccer.”

Pinkie Pie shook her head before turning to Sunset with an overly enthusiastic grin as she shouted “Before we do any of that we have to throw you a party!”

Before any of the others could speak, Tempest sat down next to Sunset “You have some friends I see.”

Rainbow asked “Are you really ninety three years old.”

Rarity scowled “Rainbow, that was very rude, you don’t ask about a lady’s age.”

Tempest burst into raucous laughter, after a few deep breaths she grinned “I’m no lady, I’m a fighter and yes Rainbow I am ninety three years old.”

Even Pinkie Pie the usually unfazed girl was speechless, Tempest raised an eyebrow “Swallowing flies are you?’

Sunset frowned “How can you possibly be as young as you are?”

Tempest smiled “Same reason I could face off against your lackies yesterday, I am cybernetically enhanced. I’m not even sure how many changes were made to me to be honest.”

Rarity blinked “How can you be so calm about that, you have no idea what they did to you, they could have brainwashed you or even have removed your brain and put it in a jar.”

Tempest frowned “And if they did, what does it matter, I’m too old and lived too long to worry about the idea of that anymore. Besides the person who I was during those years was not happy, I share the tales with the Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna.”

Fluttershy squeaked as Applejack raised an eyebrow, Tempest smiled “Their grandmother took me in as her sister, I am their great Aunt.” Once again everyone at the table had their jaw drop to the floor, before they could ask any question the bell rang and Tempest left to do some paperwork.

Tempest was sitting in her office filling out some paperwork, she never had classes early in the day, she hummed as she filled out a paper after paper. She sighed as the bell for lunch shattered her concentration, she frowned as Trixie turned up in the office “Are you ready for detention?”

Trixie nodded “Yes Miss Shadow.”

Tempest scowled “Now, where is Gilda?!” Trixie’s eyes widened as recalled, she pulled a smoke bomb and detonated it before bolting out of the room. Tempest coughed as the smoke began to clear, she roared “Get back here Trixie!” She bolted through the hallways, she turned to a few students “Did you see where Trixie went?”

She blinked as she heard Trixie shout out "Help someone!" she ran in the direction only to see Gilda holding a machete with Dumbbell and his lackeys, Trixie was standing in front of Sunset.

Gilda roared "Get out of my way!" Tempest dissapeared in a flash of movement before grabbing the machete and ripping it out of Gilda's hands. She scowled "Give me one reason why I shouldn't tell the Principal about this!"

A voice spoke "Because I'm already here." she turned to Gilda "You will report to my office now!" She then took a deep breath before smiling "Thank you Tempest, I request you take both Trixie and Sunset home to their parents, then go home yourself you deserve a rest."

Tempest as she guided the two kids to her car, she then took Trixie home first, she carried the stunned Trixie out of the car. She knocked on the door which opened shortly after revealed a tall blue skinned man with a magician's hat of his own. Tempest frowned "I am Tempest Shadow, I am here to return you daughter home!"

The man frowned "Why?"

Tempest sighed "One of our students smuggled a machete onto the school and attacked two students, one of them was your daughter.." before he could angry Tempest said in a calm voice "the perpetrator will be expelled at the minimum if not arrested!

The man spoke gruffly as he took his daughter from her "Good." Temepst sighed as he slammed the door behind him before she could speak, she walked back to the car . She got in, she then turned to Sunset and asked “So Sunset where do you live?”

Sunset sighed “I have a small wooden shack in the Canterlot forest.” Tempest nodded and began heading to the forest, Tempest got to see the massive brown tree, their brackishness covered in thick green leaves.

Sunset smiled “This way.” Tempest followed her, she frowned as she saw a crudely built wooden building. Sunset let out a forced chuckle as she grabbed a few clothes off a makeshift wooden clothes line “Home Sweet Home.”

Tempest frowned “Have you got everything?”

Sunset shook hook her head as she went into the shack and brought a few items out, a plain bag and a small box full of books. Sunset smiled “That’s it.”

Tempest frowned internally knowing that Sunset had so little, she resolved to get more personal items later. She guided Sunset to the car and began the drive to her home. Sunset’s eyes widened as she looked at the pretty white two story house that was to be her new home, Tempest smiled “You like, well you’ll like it more when we get inside.”

Sunset’s jaw dropped as she looked around, in addition to the marvellous yet quaint kitchen there was polished wooden table with polished wooden chairs. A large entertainment space with three large couches and a massive TV on massive wooden table.

Tempest smiled as she beckoned the girl upstairs, Sunset followed her to the upstairs room. She looked around the light blue room, Tempest smiled “This is my room, comer with me.” Sunset followed as she opened another door which lead to a hallway with multiple rooms, Tempest smiled as she opened a door to a pale white room with a massive Queen double bed resting against the wall, Sunset walked in and left her stuff next to it. Sunset frowned “Why so many rooms and why are they connected to your bedroom?”

Tempest sighed “This used to be a military building containing tons of special operatives but fell out of service, the military offered me this place as my home after I left let’s say. As for why I have the end room it used to be the room for the scout as they could report any issues to the rest, as of now I’m one of the strongest people in Canterlot so I take the front room to protect any once else sating here from an attack.”

Tempest then smiled “We’ll go and get you stuff to make this room yours tomorrow, after all it is the weekend.”

Sunset smiled ‘Thanks Tempest for offering me a proper place to call home.”

Tempest smiled “Your welcome Sunset.

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoy the revised version.