• Published 24th Nov 2018
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Power of the Cybernetic Soldier - HeartfireFirebrand

A young teenage thief running from the police winds up in EQG Canterlot as Tempest Shadow getting a new chance at life.

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Beta Memory 1

Thief stood there perched on the roof of a building wearing a dark blue body suit, she lowered herself down with a small rope into the centre of the building with several glass case full of jewels. She pulled down her infra-red goggles picking up a set of security lasers that would set of an alarm as soon as they were touched, she carefully bended around them as she pulled out a knife which she used to open the glass container carrying a massive diamond.

Just as she removed the diamond, a guard walked in and saw her. Before he could even make a sound a knife was lodged in his throat, she then snuck over and grabbed her knife before escaping with the rope. She smiled as she held the diamond, only to see a helicopter looking at her pointing machine guns at her, Thief grinned as she pulled a grenade out of her pocket and threw it at the copper blades, she began to walk away as it crashed it sent a massive blast of energy sending debris flying past her.

An hour later she arrived at an old looking building, she walked in to see several armed guards. She grinned, she was now wearing a plain blue shirt, green pants and black boots, she tossed the man the diamond “Now where’s my payment, Don Roderick?!”

A fat man walked forward “Did you really think I would pay you for this, you must be daft, men shoot her!” Thief closed her eyes as she threw a flash-bang down realising a flash of light , she then opened her eyes and slitted his throat of the nearest guy before shooting the others around her filling them with lead.

The Don opened his eyes only to gasp in horror as she saw a gun pointed at him, Thief gave him a maddening grin “Lights out.” A bullet pierced his skull sending the fat man to the ground, she pulled out the diamond from his pocket and placed it in her own. She grinned as heard the voice of the top investigator in the state outside, she she pulled out her grapple hook and perched on the roof “Must have followed me, looks like it’s my lucky day.”

The top investigator walked in with several armed guards, one of the guards frowned “Inspector Roger, this area is not safe.”

Inspector Roger chuckled “That’s why your here…” he then frowned as he walked over to the body “Don Rodrigo, one of the most feared Crime Bosses in the City. To think someone could do this to him.”

Thief grinned as she threw her rope down and climbed down carefully, she then pressed a button closing the roof and doors leaving them in complete darkness. Then a barrage of gunfire tore apart all of Inspector Roger’s guards, then the light turned only to Roger to see Thief walking towards him with a scowl, he scowled at her “You killed my men!”

Thief scowled back “They were in my way, as are you so you have to die!” She threw a knife into his throat as he dropped to the ground as he gagged she then lifted his body up and walked to the dock placing his body on a wooden raft, she then placed a timed explosive in his mouth followed by removing her knife form his throat and kicked the raft onto the water. She then waited until it was far enough it out before pulling a detonator out and obliterating any evidence Inspector Roger was ever here.

She left heading to her local black market dealer where she sold the diamond for a considerable sum, she then walked to the local orphanage with a smile. She knocked on the door and then left a huge bag of money with a letter, that read (Anonymous donation)

Author's Note:

Not all these memory chapters are going to be super long.