• Published 24th Nov 2018
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Power of the Cybernetic Soldier - HeartfireFirebrand

A young teenage thief running from the police winds up in EQG Canterlot as Tempest Shadow getting a new chance at life.

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Chapter 5: Demons Defeated

Tempest and Snowy bolted up only to see students walking around, Tempest scowled “We need to get up.”

Snowy stood up “Do you have anything to do today or should we check on Twilight?’

Tempest grimaced as she pushed herself to her feet “I’m not even supposed to be in today but I need to watch Twilight.”

Snowy smiled “Then let’s go before she gets into any trouble shall we.” Tempest smiled back as the two exited as they walked through the wall.

Tempest smiled “Got to love the transparency.” Snowy giggled as the two walked through the empty hallways, just as they began to pass the lunch room the heard what seemed to be singing.

They blinked as Twilight was singing and dancing, the other girls dancing along with her. Tempest and Snowy began to clap as well, as they smiled at the singing happening in front of them. Unbeknownst to them Sunset Shimmer was plotting outside of the room.

After the musical number was over Tempest and Snowy saw Snips, Snails and Sunset heading towards the gym. They followed them only to gasp in shock as they destroyed the decorations with Sunset taking a few pictures before leaving. Tempest snarled as the brats ran out of the room “Those little shits, I should go and send them to hell.”

Snowy placed her hand on her shoulder “Calm down we’ll get them.” They scowled as Sunset returned as she chucked a few things into the bin before running off, Snowy and Tempest became visible, they scowled as they found a few photos which had Twilight like cut-outs in them.

They turned invisible as they heard footsteps, the watched as Luna walked in and gasped at the destruction. Luna then scowled “Who did this?!”

Sunset gave the most innocent look Tempest and Snowy had ever seen much to their disgust “I found these photos.” Luna left the room as Sunset smiled as she summoned her two lackies and entered the sports storeroom, they saw Flash Sentry passing by.

Tempest became visible and walked over to him “Flash Sentry, I wish you to show these pictures to Vice-Principal Luna, Miss Sparkle is being framed by Miss Shimmer. Also don’t tell Luna that I gave these to you, tell her you found them.”

Tempest then walked away turning invisible as soon as she was out of sight of Flash, Snowy smiled “Well we fixed one issue.” They stayed there and smiled as Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and Rarity cleaned up the gym before setting up up everything.

Later we attended the Fall Formal visible this time as we hadn’t eaten all day, Tempest smiled “Well today has been good, we did well didn’t we.”

Snowy smiled “Yes and look they’re about to announce the winner.”

Principal Celestia smiles “The winner is … Twilight Sparkle!” Twilight smiles waving as a the crown is placed on her head.

Just as everyone clapping, Twilight shouted “Spike” then she and her friends burst out the door. Tempest and Snowy bolted after them, Tempest roared as she ran and Snowy ran out to see Sunset holding a sledgehammer to the portal, Twilight was holding Spike as she stared her down. Tempest and Snowy ran behind the girls as Twilight shouted “I will not give you my crown, Equestria can survive without me!”

Sunset shrugged as she dropped the hammer only for Snips to grab Twilight’s crown off her head and then throws it to Sunset. Sunset grinned as she put on the crown only to scream as the magic flared around her twisting her body into a huge flaming red demon. Sunset let out a dark deep cackle “I feel fantastic” she then turned to Snips and Snails “you two have done good work so here’s a little gift.” Sunset fired out two powerful beams transforming the Snips into a blue flaming demon while transforming Snails into an orange demon. She then hypnotised the other students.

Tempest smiled as she and Snowy rushed at the two transformed freshmen easily bringing them down with a few quick blows. They then turned around to see Sunset about to fire a ball of energy at the girls when a rock dislodged the crown causing it to land on the ground. Twilight then picked up the crown and the six girls began glowing, Twilight eyes narrowed at Sunset “You may have magic now but you don’t have the greatest magic of all friendship.” Snowy, Tempest and Sunset watched with varying degrees of shock as the girls grew pony ears and their hair turned into pony tails, three even gained a pair of wings.

Then suddenly a huge Rainbow Wave slammed into Sunset leaving her back to normal lying in a crater in the centre of the school courtyard. Snowy smiled “Well alls well that ends well.” Tempest meanwhile looked towards the hole eyeing the crying girl in the centre of it wondering what she should do next.

Author's Note:

Yeah Tempest and Snowy are very strong. I had to make some change to fit with someone else's story within the verse.