• Published 24th Nov 2018
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Power of the Cybernetic Soldier - HeartfireFirebrand

A young teenage thief running from the police winds up in EQG Canterlot as Tempest Shadow getting a new chance at life.

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Chapter 4: Twilight Sparkle

Tempest woke up with a smile “Last night was great…” she then frowned “I need to find this Twilight girl and keep her safe, if she is around.” After having a quick shower, she put on a blue shirt and black pants. She walked down the stairs and had a similar breakfast to the previous day. Just as she exited the building Snowy River knocked her over giving her a kiss, Tempest groaned “I love you honey but why are you here?”

Snowy smiled “I want to see where you work.”

Tempest frowned ‘”Fine but don’t disturb my work today.”

Snowy purred as she laid her hand on erg chest “It will be just fine trust me.” Tempest grumbled as she followed her wife to the car, Snow frowned “Why do use such primitive technology?”

Tempest rolled her eyes “I have told you we haven’t discovered it yet and humans are too concerned with petty things like money and power to improve themselves in such ways.”

Snowy nodded in agreement as she took the passenger seat next to Tempest, Tempest smiled her wife’s yellow shirt and white pants as well as a pair of black boots. Tempest smiled “Looking good.”

Snowy grinned wickedly “You haven’t seen my dresses yet, those will truly wow you.” Tempest blushed slightly as she drove through the busy Canterlot streets, when she parked the car, Snowy got our first and smiled ‘This building looks nice, quaint even.”

She heard a voice “Hello Tempest, ready for lessons.”

She turned to see Principal Celestia, Tempest smiled “I am assisting in the formal planning since the gym is in use for the Fall Formal as such I won’t be teaching.”

Luna grumbled as she walked up “Better you then me, urghh my head aches.”

Snowy walked up “Who are these two?”

Luna and Celestia raised an eyebrow, Tempest smiled at her grand nieces as she wrapped her arm around her wife “This is my wife, Snowy River” she then turned to Snowy River “These are my grand nieces Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna.”

Snowy River smiled warmly “It’s pleasure to meet the family of my wife.”

Celestia smiled “It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.”

Luna grinned “I wonder if she’s as good a drinker as you.”

Tempest laughed as Celestia glared at her younger sibling “This is going to be the best Fall Formal ever.” The four of them walked in the school, a few students gave Snowy an odd look or two but most didn’t seem to care.

Tempest and Snowy spilt off form the other two as they headed to the office, Tempest cast a glare at Miss Harshvoice only to walked to her desk with Snowy following behind her. After checking to make sure her firearm was secure, she turned to the desk beside her to see Berry Punch asleep on the desk, she shrugged as she grabbed a few papers, Snowy asked “Where are we going now?”

Tempest was about to speak when she saw a purple girl with sapphire blue hair that had streaks of moderate violet and brilliant rose helping a pale yellow girl with light pink hair. Tempest frowned “We are going to follow her discretely.”

Snowy frowned “Why?”

Tempest frowned “Because an unworldly being told me to and I’d rather not upset said being if I can help it.” Snowy nodded as they walked into an empty classroom nearby, they both looked at each other before closing there eyes and then turning completely invisible. They proceeded to walk through the classroom walls, Tempest smiled “I must say this tech always impressed, it even muffles our voices.”

Snowy River laughed “How do you think we deliver presents every year, on Christmas Day.”

Tempest blinked “Wait you Fae are Santa Claus?”

Snowy laughed “Well yes, we exist all over the world and give presents to good kids.”

Tempest frowned “Right, well we better go and find that girl.” They walked through the building avoiding the people as they saw the purple girl, they see her walking into the gym and signing to be in the running for the Fall Formal Princess. Twilight then left the gym, Tempest groaned as they followed her “Urghh this just a got a lot more complicated.”

Snowy blinked “Why?”

Tempest growled “Because Sunset Shimmer also wants to be the Fall Formal Princess and she will do anything aside from killing her opposition to win.”

Snow grimaced “That bad huh.”

Tempest frowned “Yes a right brat but don’t worry she won’t hurt physically at least. For now let’s follow her.” The follow into the Library only for her to slam her fingers on the computer, drop books everywhere and utterly fail at everything.

Snowy groaned “She’s hopeless.”

Tempest facepalmed “Tell me about it.”

Snowy frowned “You should go and check on the prep, maybe even help the pink girl I’ll keep an eye on her.”

Tempest gave a kiss “Thanks Honey.” Snowy simply smiled before beckoning her wife to leave, Tempest ran into the gym and hid behind a curtain before removing her invisibility. She walked over to the pink girl “Pinkie Pie, you’ve done a impressive job.” Several tables were set up, covered in yellow with blue polka dot fabric as well as colourful balloons everywhere.

Pinkie Pie bounced over “Hi, Miss Shadow where were you?’

Tempest frowned “I was watching a girl who believe is named Twilight Sparkle, I am worried Miss Shimmer will try something.”

Pinkie Pie frowned “She is a real meany pants.”

Tempest shook her head “Enough of that, let’s put up some more balloons.” Pinkie grinned as the pair began decorating the hall with balloons, streamers and other decorations.

Hours later, Pinkie Pie bounced up and down “That was fun, let’s do it again sometime.”

Tempest smiled “I’m here to help.” She smiled as the pink girl bounced out of the gym, she turned around to see Snowy enter , Tempest frowned “Is Twilight alright?”

Snowy smiled “She seemed to be, although Snips and Snails were taking photos of her.”

Tempest groaned “Those two are Miss Shimmer’s lackeys, they are probably going to take those photos to her. Speaking of which where is she?”

Snowy frowned “She’s sleeping in the Library.”

Tempest frowned “Then we will too, we can’t leave her there alone can we.” Snowy nodded as they walked into the Library smiling as they saw Twilight sleeping next to a purple dog and they activated their cloaking before quickly descending next to slumber leaning on a bookshelf, neither realising that a series of strange events would take place the following day.

Author's Note:

Finally got to Equestria girls, still a while to go before I catch up.