• Published 24th Nov 2018
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Power of the Cybernetic Soldier - HeartfireFirebrand

A young teenage thief running from the police winds up in EQG Canterlot as Tempest Shadow getting a new chance at life.

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Chapter 3: A Night on the Town

Tempest Shadow exited the building after dismissing her students, she smiled “What a beautiful day.”

A quaintly odd voice spoke “Indeed, even if it could be a little more chaotic but that’s neither here nor there.” She turned around to see a strange man wearing a polka dot suite with an atrocious light green tie as well as a purple top hat and sky blue boots, the man sighed as he waved his bright red cane around “I hate having to be serious like this.”

Tempest frowned “Who are you?”

The man grinned “My name is Discord” he then frowned “I’m not here for jokes, you see tomorrow a girl named Twilight Sparkle will turn up, she has purple skin, she will likely be awkward and uncomfortable. I just want you to keep her safe from a distance.”

Tempest raised an eyebrow “Why me?”

Discord smiled “Simple, I picked up on your energy signature immediately and well you are an odd one yourself. I feel power within you, that no-one can truly understand even the one who gifted it to you. I believed I could trust you I felt a kindred spirit within you, that you were once an outcast just like me.”

She frowned as the strange man clicked his fingers and vanished, she then shook her head “That was weird.”

She turned around and walked to her car only to see Celestia and Luna, Celestia was standing next to a white muscle car while Luna stood next to a dark blue buggy. Tempest smiled “Hello my grand nieces, what can I do for you two.”

Celestia rolled her eyes “Luna wants to take you out for a night on the town, she believes it isn’t good for you to be cooped up in your home all the time.”

Tempest sighed “True I do spend a little too much time at home, very well.”

Luna was grinning like a madman “Great let me just call Berry Punch, we can all go out and get drunk together.”

Tempest’s eyes widened as she looked at Luna, Luna pouted “You agreed.”

Tempest growled “Fine , she better not vomit on me while we are there and we are taking my car!”

Now that the exhilaration wore off she realised her car was a small green car with four seats, Luna looked around “Your car is kind of small.”

Tempest raised an eyebrow “So!” Luna said nothing, Tempest asked even as she fumed internally “Anyway, where does Berry Punch live?”

Luna smiled “Ten on Cherry Street in the suburb of Ponyville.” Tempest nodded as they silently drove to Berry’s place, Luna walked up to the door and Berry left with a maddening grin.

Berry grinned as she saw Tempest “Luna, you got miss stick in the mud to come out and have some fun on the town!”

Tempest growled “I am only coming because Luna pouted at me. Also I didn’t think she’d bring you!”

Berry Punch purred “You know you love me.”

Tempest growled “As soon as we get to the pub, I’m so going to drink you under the table, this I promise!”

Berry Punch grinned “Your on.”

Luna grinned wolfishly “You better include me too.”

Tempest sighed as she continued to drive wondering how she got dragged into the mess, they arrived at at dingy looking pub Tempest looked at them “Is this the place?”

Berry nodded enthusiastically as she exited the car and burst into the pub, Tempest grimaced as she and Luna entered the pub. Tempest instantly began looking for potential exits as she soon as she stepped in the building, she noticed the windows were boarded up and many rough looking individuals were scattered across the abused tables and bar stools. As soon as Tempest sat next to Luna and Berry Punch, Berry Punch shouted “Salty Pete, three shots please.”

Luna smiled “I’m paying tonight.”

Salty Pete grinned “Arr my favourite customers and you brought a guest.”

Tempest frowned scowled “Give me the shot.”

Salty Pete chuckled “And she’s got fire too, I like that, three shots coming right up.”

Tempest turned around as she noticed a big man walking toward them, he grinned as looked at Tempest “Can I do anything you tonight, maybe have some fun at my place?”

Salty just walked out and put three shots on the table, she instantly gulped the shot down much to the shock of the two women beside her, she then shook her head “No thanks I’m a married woman.”

The man grinned as he put this hand on her metal shoulder “Come on the Colonel will show you what real fun is, whatever your partner can do is nothing compared to me.”

Tempest let out a deep guttural growl “Get your hand off me!”

The Colonel grinned “Or what?”

Tempest stood up, turned around and grabbed his head with her right arm, she lifted him up in the air before slamming his head into the ground, she then threw him in the air and then as he fell down kicked him in the back sending him flying into the brick wall of the building, she spat “I’ll do that!” She then glared at every other tough looking guy and girl in the room “Anyone else want a piece of me?!”

After getting no response, she sat down. Berry Punch shouted “That was awesome!”

Luna blinked “How did you do that?”

Tempest grinned “I’ve fought in wars you know, anyway ready for the drinking competition.”

Salty chuckled“You three having a drinking competition, I’ll get out the vodka and the beer.” He then shouted “These three are having a drinking competition, is everyone ready to make a bet!”

Everyone in the bar save the one unconscious guy still stuck to the wall “YEAH!”

Before Tempest could even blink a shot was put in front of all three of them, Berry Punch and Luna looked at her, the three of them grinned “Bottom’s up!”

About an hour later with twenty empty shot glasses in front of her, Tempest who was not even slightly buzzed much to the shock of everyone in the room grinned at Berry Punch who had the same amount of shot glasses in front of her “You ready for another round.”

Berry Punch slurred “YYYeess ttottally.” Luna meanwhile was lying face first in front of fifteen shot glasses.

After one final shot Berry Punch collapsed to the floor, Tempest took her own short with a grin “I’ll be here next week” she hefted the both of her drinking buddies up onto her shoulders and walked to the her car. She took Berry Punch home first, she opened the door using Berry Punch’s key, she carried the woman through the surprisingly clean house, she grabbed labelled vomit bucket and put it next to Berry’s bed before laying her comfortably in her bed.

She then returned to Luna to the apartment Celestia and Luna shared, Celestia walked out to see Tempest carrying Luna. Celestia shouted “What happened?!”

Tempest rubbed the back of her head “We had a drinking competition, she had fifteen me and Berry Punch both had twenty one shots.”

Celestia sighed “She and Berry have to be at the school tomorrow with the Fall Formal coming up in a day or two, urghh getting her out of bed will be a drag.”

Tempest helped Celestia get Luna into a bed and then returned to her car, she smiled “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Celestia smiled “As will I.” Tempest smiled as she drove home eager to do this the following week.

Author's Note:

Temepst needed to cut loose a little bit.