• Published 24th Nov 2018
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Power of the Cybernetic Soldier - HeartfireFirebrand

A young teenage thief running from the police winds up in EQG Canterlot as Tempest Shadow getting a new chance at life.

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Chapter 1: New Life

A teenage girl with crimson red hair leapt out of the second story of a tall building a knife in her mouth carrying a bag on her arm, she slammed in the pavement with a grunt the rain pounding on the solid concrete pathway. She gritted her teeth as her leg clearly shattered throbbed with pain, she began to limp away as she heard gunshots behind her she turned into a dark alleyway hoping to avoid the police.

Unfortunately for her luck was not on her side they saw where she had gone and burst around the corner, she screamed as a bullet slammed into her spine dropping her to the ground just as the police ran over to her with cuffs a metal glowing arm materialised in front of her almost as if it was calling for her, she reached out and grabbed it, she then vanished in a flash of light leaving the bag and knife lying on the ground much to the confusion of the officers.

The girl looked around as stood up, she was standing in a strange black room with stars floating around her. A glowing orb purple orb floated in front of her “Hello it’s a pleasure to meet you?’

The girl growled “Who are you?”

The orb turned away “I suppose you could say I am one of the masters of fate, in case I am the master of yours.”

The girl scowled “What right do you have to dictate my fate?”

The Master of Fate chuckled “Relax I have no intention of causing you ill, in fact I’m offering you a better life, a new identity and if you happen to be put in life threatening danger I will do my best to keep you alive indirectly unfortunately the other Masters of Fate will not be so kind to you.”

The girl frowned “Why are you helping me?”

The Master of Fate grimaced “Look I’m not sure how much I am allowed to interact with you, I will only intervene directly if you do something that threatens this world. I am putting you in one of the most powerful bodies in this world and this means you will do your best not to blow up the world with what you can do.” The Master of Fate said as it started to fade “Note you will have to see a lot of memories coming to you so be careful. Also your new name’s Tempest Shadow by the by tata”

Before the girl could respond she was whisked away as memories assaulted her mind, she was in a pale white room crying and wailing in the hands of two blurry figures, the in the next moment she was in a room bashing some toys together, then in primary school then High School, the her graduation day before enrolling in a Military Academy.

The memory that appeared next through would be unlike any other, the girl looked at her purple arms as her body moved forward, her skin was a dark orchid, she was wearing a dark blue army uniform she then noticed their environs, a dark cave with only lamps to light the way a large came full of weapon depots with barricades on either side, soldiers marching back and forward in similar dark blue uniforms.

Her body walked over to a tall man with dark green skin, the man saluted as he spoke in a deep voice “Commander Tempest we have been investigating these tunnels for days but we have found no sign of any hostiles, are you sure the information command has given us is correct?”

The girl felt her mouth move “Captain Hellfire, Command does not make mistakes like this, the only place they could is in these caves.” Before either could add anything the sound of gunfire began echoing through the caves. The girl sighed as her body scowled “Shit!”

The girl felt her body rush froward as it headed towards the sound of gunfire as soon a a she arrived both her and her body shouted “What the fuck are those!” The girl was stunned at the flying red humanoid creatures wearing strange armour and had strange buglike wings, on their wrists they wore strange bands that had white glowing energy blades sticking out of them.

Her body grabbed a gun and rushed forward firing at the red humanoid creatures, much to her shock the bullets bounced off their armour, then one of the bullets just by chance hit in between the armour causing the attacker to fall from the sky, her body roared “Everyone aim for the weak points in their armour!”

The girl watched as her body and everyone around fired taking out the attacking force, Captain Hellfire ran over to her, he grimaced “Commander this is is an untenable situation, many of our men are dead or dying due to this attack force.”

She gasped as she her body looked over a corpse of one of her body’s men who was torn in half his intestines laying in front of her. Her body then looked over to the enemy troop, she realised at the same time as her body did as it looked at the bands on the creature’s wrists, her body pulled them off and attached them to her own wrists, her body looked at Captain Hellfire. She and her body spoke in unison using the same voice “Captain these are your final orders, you will get our men out of here.”

Captain Hellfire saluted “Yes Commander, I wish you luck.”

Her body nodded to him as she rushed forward into the cave, her body tapped the bands together causing white energy blades to pop out of them as both her body and her roared “I am Commander Tempest Shadow, you cowards stop hiding in the shadows and fight me!”

The red creatures returned but these ones were bigger and large as well as wearing thicker armour. Tempest Shadow rushed forward her blade swinging the creatures that swarmed her, she was tearing through them with her blades at an alarming rate, so faster rate she didn’t even notice her left arm falling off beside her. The creatures began to fall back unable to stand the reckless assault, before they could regroup a large group of creatures similar to them nut in a shade of light blue flew forward.

Tempest collapsed as they adrenaline in her body began to fade, then countless more memories flooded through Tempest’s mind. She woke up with a groan in a beautiful light blue room, a few books sit on the bookshelf as well as a small lamp a huge trunk sat at the end of her bed. She forced herself out of bed “I have to get to work.” She forced herself out of bed her mechanical arm clicking into place, she tossed her green pyjamas onto her bed as she walked into the pale white bathroom, she then walked into the shower turning on the water with a smile.

Her mind began wandering back to the alleyway ruining her good mood, Tempest shook her head as she got out of the shower grabbing a towel lying next to the shower drying herself off, as she walked over to the mirror she smiled at her long rose hair resting upon her muscled shoulders, underneath her moderate bust a set of iron abs showed, she chuckled as walked over to the sink and quickly brushed her teeth before grabbing some clothes out of the pale white drawer. She put on a set of green undergarments before putting on a red shirt and blue sweatpants.

As she walked down the stairs, she walked into the kitchen only to bump into someone, she looked up only to see her own eyes staring at her in shock and confusion. The girl turned Tempest Shadow growled “Shit!”

Author's Note:

The reason why it refers to her body is she is still coming to terms with the facts it belongs to her, she doesn't quite see herself as the body she inhabits just yet.