The Dark Secret

by HeartfireFirebrand

Chapter 6: Attacks

Sweetie Belle was with a small squad of Arachna Soldiers, each in their dark blue armour. They snuck toward an outpost, the Captain and Sweetie Belle holding a magical transceiver to communicate with fellow squads, she frowned as Arachna wearing dark purple armour were patrolling the walls.

Sweetie Belle whispered through her receiver “Carefully approach the walls,.”

A voice whispered as her own group slowly and cautiously approached the wall trying to remain out of sight “Yes Princess.”

Sweetie Belle was not going to tell them to call her by name, this was the time when rank was important. She whispered as she arrived next to the wall “Are you all next to the wall?”

A reply came through “Yes,we’re ready but how do we get in.”

Sweetie Belle looked at the walls that were long and straight with small outcroppings, she grinned as she whispered “Climb up the walls to get in and carry out the plan as we discussed, leave no survivors.”

There was confused reply “Yes Princess.”

The receiver went silent, Sweetie Belle climbed up the wall beckoning the squad behind her. The Captain whispered as several of his forces were stunned at what they were doing “How did you know could do this?”

Sweetie Belle raised an eyebrow as she whispered “I’ve seen spiders do it before, and well we are just giant sapient spiders. So why couldn’t we climb walls?”

The Captain frowned “It appears we will have to redesign our defenses after this.”

Sweetie Belle frowned “We can discuss that later, we need to attack now.”

Sweetie Belle climbed up onto the rafters with the rest of the squad following. Her fangs pierced through one of the guard’s armour as the squad rushed into the base quickly overwhelming the unprepared guards in a swarm of quickly coordinated attacks.

Sweetie Belle watched as the they splintered off into smaller groups of three or four and through a series of carefully planned teamwork attacks they overwhelmed the groups of eight they were tasked with fighting.

The Captain frowned as she approached “All the enemies are dead, now what’s the plan.”

Sweetie Belle frowned as activated her receiver “Are you all ready, the squad on my end has cleared up the defenders.”

She got a reply from everyone “We’re ready and awaiting your command.”

Sweetie Belle gave the order “Set up the explosives, and place the tripwire. We need to have the done soon, once you are done evacuate immediately.”

They shotued “Yes Princess, we’ll start immediately!” Sweetie Belle nodded to the squad accompanying her who began placing explosives inside the base. They then set the tripwire, Sweetie Belle and her squad left the base over the walls.

Soon all the squads met up with her, she frowned at them “How did the plan go?”

The squad leaders bowed “We all succeeded with minimal to no losses, Princess.”

Sweetie Belle looked down “I’m sorry for that, no one should have died today.”

One of the Squad leaders scurried forward and bowed “I’m Captain Toxin, you have given us hope Princess. I have lost many good friends but for the first time I can say that they haven't died in vain. Too many friends died just protecting our borders only granting temporary reprieve before more lives were lost.”

Sweetie Belle looked away “It’s still not fair.”

Captain Toxin shook his head “Princess, you are still young. You’re not truly ready for this conflict, your mother should really be handling this.”

Sweetie Belle frowned “Mum isn’t good at this whole war thing, she is more the peacekeeper. I have no idea why I have such an aptitude for this kind of thing.”

Captain Toxin sighed “In truth there have been multiple plans set in motion to overthrow your mother. She hasn’t proven herself to be an effective ruler for a long time.”

Sweetie Belle growled “Maybe not but she has years of political experience I do not! Not every leader is cut out for war, it’s why Equestria has had two Princesses! Celestia took the political side while Luna fought the wars, my mother will keep the peace at home while I fight the enemies that oppose us!”The whole group began the long trek back to their home.

3 Days Later

Queen Venine was sitting in Courtroom, the sudden attacks were reported immediately. She had sent twenty million Arachna, one fifth of her forces out to investigate soon a messenger has returned with the news that her force was utterly devastated by a massive trap set in the forts, she growled furiously “So this is how you wish to play Spinneret? I’m going to decimate you for this one!”

Meanwhile Sweetie Belle had just returned, Spinneret scurried over to her with panic in her eyes “Queen Venine is launching her full force at us abandoning all defensive bases planning to wipe us out with sheer power! Eighty Million troops will be on us in a week.”

Sweetie Belle laughed “Well it seem Queen Venine has forgotten one thing, numbers provide no real advantage in war. She has made a fatal mistake and I have a plan to take her down, it will take explosive charges and multiple ambushes but we will have them dead to rights.”