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People need to indulge in their own insanity sometimes. I have to do it 24/7. I like pastel ponies prancing playfully. I'm the nonofficial Pun Master. I'm a certified Narwhal Enthusiast. Enjoy. ^^

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Sweetie Belle has discovered that there is a powerful magic in her singing voice. This magic that allows her to touch the minds of other ponies and pass judgment on those who cross her. With great power comes great responsibility, and Sweetie Belle does not posses the necessary responsibility. And so, with every song she sings, misfortune befalls another pony. Sweetie Belle does her best to rationalize it as justice or karma, but in reality, this power that grows with every song she sings is slowly driving her insane.
Each chapter has a featured song. After all, this is a musical. You can even suggest songs for this story. But beware, for these songs you choose will determine the fate of Sweetie Belle and those around her.

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Button Mash is a pretty average colt. He likes video games, hates homework, and spends his days playing with his best friend/brother-from-another-mother, Rumble. Together they try to navigate the problems of everyday Ponyville, which would be perfectly ordinary if not for all the spirits of chaos, angry dictators, giant star bears, and the occasional schoolyard bully.

These are the tales of how two mostly-normal foals deal with their very magical world.

An episodic story to be updated every so often. Cover art by the incredible dbkit

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Warning: the comments are rife with spoilers!

Starlight Glimmer's attempts to stop the Rainboom pulled Twilight Sparkle into many possible timestreams.

In one, Rarity and Rainbow Dash survived Nightmare Moon's victory over the forces of light, eventually attaining positions of prominence and comfort in the Nightmare's service. But when the unexpected visit of an Alicorn and Dragon sheds light on a growing conspiracy against the wicked mistress of the night, Rarity and Rainbow Dash may yet be inspired to risk what they have gained to join the fight for a better world.

Yet darkness lingers even in the hearts of some who would oppose the Nightmare, and not all agree on what a better world would look like...

This story would not have been possible without the indescribably vast help and unwavering support of Moosetasm, the pre-reading assistance of I-A-M and Waxworks, as well as the editing prowess of OnionPie and Pascoite! Cover by Novel Idea, using Rarity by miracle32 and background by Drakizora! Featured on Equestria Daily 17Jul.2016! :pinkiegasp: Featured on FimFiction 2Feb.2017 and many times thereafter! :heart:

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Derpy has always been the sad kind of pony. Her completely unfocused eyes haven't helped at all. She had been teased all her life and was just at the brink of ending it all. No more sadness, no more mockery. That's when she met an interesting stallion who changed her life for the better.

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Ever wonder what was going through those little heads in "Just for Sidekicks"? Well, here's your chance to find out! Go through an average day with one of your favorite pets.

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Scootaloo is involved in a tragic accident, and in order to keep alive, somepony had to make a huge sacrifice; and Rainbow Dash is willing to be the one to make her biggest fan alive and happy.

Started writing it the day I joined!

Dialogue is colored so you know who's talking.

Remember: ANYTHING can change!

This story is in 80 bookshelves and is being tracked by 34 users?! Holy crapadocious! Thanks so much for enjoying my story guys!

This is tagged Alternate Universe because the CMC don't have their cutie marks in this one.

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This story is a sequel to But I'm here for you now

Scootaloo's been having the time of her life since she's been back with her mother, Fluttershy. Life has been great, but as time progresses Scootaloo has been wanting to ask her mother a very important question: who in Equestria is her father?

((The sequel to 'But I'm here for you now' is finally here. Took me long enough. lol))

Warning: rated teen for a bit of language and violence down the line.

((Second story to be featured. I can't believe it. :) ))

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"A good teacher is like a candle— It consumes itself to light the way for others."

Fresh out of college and ready to tackle her career with all of her might, Cheerilee is what some ponies would call perfect for teaching in Ponyville's schoolhouse. It's her first day on the job, and she's ready to start doing her part to help the town's foals grow to be happy, healthy adults.

Of course, there are some things that college simply can't teach. When one of her pupils begins to show signs of trouble, Cheerilee will be forced to learn a very important lesson.

Teaching is about a lot more than writing on a chalkboard.

Concept gifted to me by my good friend, Blue Flame

Concept Development, Prereading, and other assistance by KillerShadow 15

Edited by
Lord-Commander (Chapters 1-11)
Xhoral1865 (Chapter 12)
Kestrel (Chapters 12- )
MissytheAngle (Chapters 13- )

Cover art commissioned from Sayer09

Thanks go out to everyone else who has helped me along the way, and to you readers for taking the time to read my writings. Enjoy the story!

Featured on Equestria Daily! 9/30/2015

Reviewed by Blunt Reviews!

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This story is a sequel to Sunburned

After spending more time with his cherished friend, Sunburst finally decides to work up the courage to propose to Starlight Glimmer.

But mentor Twilight Sparkle and big sister Sunset Shimmer have mixed feelings about this.

Cover art by Cover Designer Novel-Idea

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To my dearest Reader,
I regret to inform you that the work of fan fiction which you are about to read is exceedingly troublesome, for it recounts the unfortunate lives of the three Apple youngsters: Macintosh, Applejack, and Apple Bloom. Though they are charming and faithful, these poor ponies’ lives are filled with misery and misfortune. From the very first paragraph of this upsetting account of events the cruelty of their lives is realised, and my horn, even now, is loathe to hold the quill.
In this woeful series the three Apple siblings will encounter an egotistical and prejudiced relative, uncomfortable accommodations, an abused unicorn, a terrible plot, and horrible news that will change their lives forever.
I have taken it upon myself to document these miserable happenings, but you have the freedom to keep on scrolling and pass this piece of fan fiction by. I am sure that not far from this location on the webpage is some other, happier story about, say, some playful and colourful ponies frolicking under a rainbow, enjoying the happiness of a life without sorrow.
However, if the sad lives of these three ponies has grabbed your attention, then read on; but don’t say that I did not warn you.
With appropriate resolve,


Inspired by A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

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