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My Little Pets: Friendship is Hard - peppermint_twist

Walk through the daily life of your favorite pets.

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Cats can cause Chaos


Opal felt a soft rumbling under her belly. She sighed as she turned onto her side, not even opening an eye. “Oh! Princess Celestia, of course I’d help make outfits for your castle crew,” a richly accented voice muttered. Opal again felt a thump under her.

She toppled off the bed, howling her cat howls as she awoke, every hair on her body stood on end. The pearly white feline glanced up at the tall bed lined with a lilac comforter. That idiotic pony! The cat screamed on the inside. She leapt up, missing by a few centimetres. Her pedicured claws burst out of the tiny paws as she latched onto the lilac comforter. She dragged her claws through the sheets, leaving six large gashes in the once fluffy blankets. When Opal’s small, plump body landed, the covers fell on top of her, causing her to howl in that cat-like way.

The howls weren’t what woke Rarity up, however, but the sudden change in temperature around her. “Huh?” she groggily said, lifting up her blossom patterned sleeping mask. She rotated her head 180 degrees, looking down at the pile of blankets on the floor next to her bed. Something began to shift underneath, causing the once tired Rarity to a fully awaken one, screaming at the unknown monster. Opal poked her little white head out of the mound of softness, meowing at her idiotic pony. “Opal!” Rarity scolded, lifting up the fat cat, “You scared me!”

Opal hissed; her claws missing the marshmallow pony’s face by a few centimetres as the pony held her even further. “Ugh, Opalescence, I was having the greatest dream ever! You are quite the rude kitty!” She cooed.

Opal rolled her lime eyes. This pony was truly idiotic. Couldn’t she tell that Opal was mad at her? Annoyed at her? Stop being stupid, Stupid Pony. Opal thought, a slight hiss emitting from her mouth.

“Are you hungry Opal?” she asked gushingly. “I got to get ready first! Be patient!” she giggled, trotting into the bathroom.

What do you expect me to do? Wait around for breakfast for what might be two hours?! Seriously Stupid Pony. Opal strutted into the marble-floored bathroom after “Stupid Pony”. Stupid Pony came out of a white door with a golden handle, a flushing sound of water following her.

“Opal! Going to help me get ready?” she asked, treating Opal like a little baby. The Persian cat just sat down and licked her paw. Just shut up Stupid Pony.

Rarity giggled as she leaned over her sink, washing her hooves with her rose-scented hoof-soap. The room filled with the scent of flowers that Opal despised. Rarity splashed some warm water on her face. Opal smiled silently, imagining the marshmallow-like face of Stupid Pony melting. Rarity grabbed her magenta face towel as she rubbed her face hard, making sure to dry it off completely. The ‘kitty-cat’ thought of Stupid Pony’s features rubbing off and smiled again, this time letting out a contented, 'meow'.

Rarity lit up her horn which was now trapped in a sky blue aura. She levitated her rosy mane brush she had bought in Canterlot and began gently brushing her dark purple hair. It straightened out, causing Stupid Pony to look like an entirely different stupid pony.

Rarity levitated a few self-heating curls and gently curled up her long hair. The pink tools made her look like she was wearing a powdered wig. This made Opal snicker. The white unicorn let her makeup kit float towards her as its lid opened to reveal at least 70 different compartments. One opened itself and hidden inside were about 20 different cerulean eye shadow containers. Rarity pulled out the already opened one with her magic and picked the most worn out brush from the top compartment.

Stupid Pony gently dusted some of the blue onto the large brush and closed one azure eye. She brushed her closed eye lid with the powder extremely thoroughly, leaving way too much make up for one eye- well, in the cat’s opinion. She repeated this step with the other eye.

The mare put the makeup and tool back into its designated spot. She pulled out something else from a drawer in the top row. Inside was what seemed like a bunch of really thick black hair. Stupid pony chose two and held them in the air. She then pulled out a bottle of white thick liquid from another drawer. She gently lined the fake eyelashes with the adhesive. Watching herself carefully in the mirror, Rarity gently put on the eyelashes on each lash-less eye. She blinked a couple of times.

Content with her work, she pulled out the hot pink curls. Her hair was now its usual self, bouncy and curly. Rarity smiled at her finished work. Overall, this whole thing had taken only 45 minutes! A record!

Semi-transparent sky blue magic surrounded the protesting Opal. “Time for your makeover Opalescence!” Rarity giggled.

By Catlestia, you better not lay a single- Rarity dropped the cat on her table with a loud thud. She used her magic to pull up some loose hair at the top, this keeping the feline put. She gently brushed it with her ‘pet-comb’ that was really just an itchy hair brush that Opal hated with gusto. Rarity pulled out a drawer with her hoof that was under the sink. She brought out a thick lavender ribbon with her magical aura. She quickly tied a bow around the now brushed hair. She took some mane spray and sprayed a large cloud of the chemical-filled stuff around Opal’s whole face, causing her to gag. There was now a white stalk of hair jutting out from Opal’s head.

Satisfied with that, she moved on to those lime green, annoyed, eyes. From her makeup kit, she got out some lavender eye shadow that matched the bow. Rarity took a smaller brush and covered Opal’s now closed eyes with the sick stuff (Rarity had to use her abusive magic to keep those eyes shut). Stupid pony took some thinner fake eyelashes and glued it the bottom of the cat’s eye.

“You’re looking fabulous Opal!” Rarity beamed. I hate you Stupid Pony. Opal hissed. Rarity wrapped a grape coloured collar around the Persian cat’s fat neck. “Finis!” Rarity smiled and set Opal down. “Now it’s time for breakfast!”
Opal groaned as she imagined stupid pony taking an hour to make it ‘perfect’.


Opal wacked around Nibbles, the mouse chew toy. The lilac rag toy squeaked with every attack. Opal pricked her milky white ear as she heard the sound of a bouncing ball. Oh no… Opal thought, her heart beat faster than ever before. She was coming.

“Hiya, Rarity!” Pinkie Pie screamed, suddenly in the boutique, though Opal didn’t see her go through the door. Gummy, that little green thing was in her bubbly hair.

Rarity shook her head. “Darling, I never really understand how you do these amazing feats!”

“Whuh?” Pinkie asked, cocking an eyebrow. “Anyhow, I got an invitation for you and Opal!” she said in her cheerful, squeaky voice that reminded Opal too much like the sound Nibbles made.

“Oh, darling, I forgot all about that!” Rarity said in her extremely thick accent. She magically grabbed the letter that was clenched in Pinkie’s teeth.

“This afternoon! We’re meeting at Twilight’s house!” she said. In a haze of pink, she disappeared.

“That pony…” Rarity muttered. Stupid Pony quickly turned around, flipping her violet mane, “Opalescence! We’re going to have a little play date and lunch with all our friends,” Rarity said matter-of-factly.

Ugh, not another one! Opal moaned, her cat howl lasted for at least a minute. Those filthy animals were all so idiotic. Egghead Owl, Mushy Alligator, and Fussy Bunny were all just horrible! Mushy Alligator looked so dumb. He never did anything! Fussy Bunny thought the whole world revolved around him. That’s preposterous. The whole world revolved around Opal! That Owl thought it was the leader. Opal laughed at this; she was leader, the way all feared her!

Well… All except Tubby Turtle. The First time the feline met the aquamarine tortoise, she tried to attack him and show him who was in control for he tried to rebel and steal Nibbles. Tubby Turtle was smart- just as Opal- and he slowly grabbed Nibbles while Opal didn’t suspect him. He hid behind that fortress of solitude which left Opal in an angry fuss.

After all those events however, Opal looked back and noticed how strong and fearless the tortoise really was. He was tactical too, knowing what to do in the situation. Now, whenever they had the ‘play dates’, Opal would feel a warm sensation in her chest as her nose would turn slightly pinker.

Oh, let’s not forget Country Dog! Country Dog had and has been Opal’s only friend. That hound had her faults, yes, but overall, she was the only sane creature in the world other than Opal. Country Dog always knew what she was doing, well most of the time. She liked ponies too much. Sometimes, Opal would think that Country Dog might even want to be one. But, that’s silly; that dog could never be a pony.

The floor started to rumble. Earthquake? No, much, much worse. Three small fillies rushed into the room, circling the poor kitty.

“Cutie Mark for being pet stylists!” Young Stupid Pony shouted in her high, squeaky voice. This pony was even more annoying than Stupid Pony. She was such a follower. She tried to curl her pink and lavender mane too, but ended up with less than perfect ones that got tangled and disgusting.

“This is the best idea yet! Ah am sure we’ll get them marks this time! “Country Filly shouted. This one was annoying too. She was always trying to be the leader. How are you supposed to be a role model if you dress like a kitten in that fat hot pink bow?

“I brought the hair dryer and paint!” Flutter Orange smiled in her scratchy voice. Now she was the real follower. She followed Rainbow Fast everywhere and even tried to dress up as her. That little thing could never be like Rainbow Fast, not with those wings!

“Ah got all the stuff for clothes and Ah alsa brought them bows!” Country Filly squealed excitedly.

“Rarity is gonna let me use some of her makeup for Opal!” Young Stupid Pony jumped in glee, her stub of a horn sparking spring green.

“Now Sweetie Belle,” Stupid Pony scolded, her makeup kit floating in front of her, “Don’t touch anything but Opal’s drawer,” She said, using her magic to pull out one of the multiple drawers and setting the kit next to the three fillies. “And don’t hurt my dear Opal,” she added, almost forgetting about the poor, abused cat.

“We promise,” The trio said in unison. As soon as the violet haired pony left, they all turned to Opal.

“Let’s start with your pretty fur,” Sweetie Belle giggled, grabbing in her teeth a pink, bushy manebrush. Opal looked around, sweat covering her matted forehead as she darted away. “Opal!” Sweetie cried.

Scootaloo reached over to her navy blue scooter that leaned against the wall. She hopped on and fluttered her wings almost at the speed of light.


Rainbowdash looked around, then at her cyan wings. What had caused that weird, tingling sensation? Someone must have beaten her record of wing flaps per minute! She shrugged, patted her pet tortoise Tank on the head, and went back to reading about the courageous Daring Doo.
Scootaloo’s scooter zoomed past the surprised Opal. A tangerine hoof with quick reflexes grabbed her as the scooter passed by. Opal’s body moved like old cartoons, her torso feet away, with her outstretched neck turned toward an unknown camera. Her face held a shocked expression as- within a few miliseconds- her head had caught up with her body.
The scooter halted to a smooth, yet sudden stop. Scootaloo smirked as she set down the dazed looking feline on the ground. Applebloom grabbed one of her longest ribbons between clenched teeth and wrapped up poor Opal like a birthday present.


“Good,” Sweetie muttered with the brush in her mouth. She began combing Opal’s tuft of hair downward, without taking out the purple bow. This resulted in a crazy look of a waterfall sort of. Her hair covered those green eyes and the cat let out a long moan. “We’re making you pretty Opal,” Sweetie smiled.

“Makeup time!” Scootaloo shouted, and then blushed. “I mean, well, makeup isn’t cool, but like… cats… and cutie marks…”

“Ya want some makeup, Scoots?” Applebloom raised a brow, attacking the surprised pegasus with a bunch of blush that she got from one of the other drawers. After the country pony had been shoved off, Scootaloo looked into the mirror of the makeup kit. She screamed as she had rosy cheeks and now some blue eye shadow.

“You’re just begging now,” Scootaloo muttered, attacking the cream coloured filly and knocking over the makeup kit, spilling its contents.

“Stop fighting!” Young Stupid Pony shrieked, stepping on some eye shadow, smearing the blue all over the floor.

“Girls?” Rarity called, walking up the stairs, “is everything okay-“Her pupils shrunk to pin points as she looked at the scene before her. Two fillies were pulling on each other’s tails and manes, biting each other, pummeling each other. Her sister was pushing them apart, being shoved out and falling into a mess of all of Rarity’s favorite makeup smeared all onto her perfect floor. Her precious Opalescence was rolling around on the floor, howling her cat howls, in a straightjacket of some sort.

Rarity shook her head and shouted, “Girls!” They didn’t respond. “GIRLS!” She screamed. Still no response. “Why, I oughta…” She muttered angrily, her eyes boiling with rage. She stomped up to them and shouted again, “GIRLS!” She stuck her hoof in between the fighting, trying to separate the two. This resulted in her being pulled in like she was being vacuumed and getting kicked in the face. She moaned as she fell onto the lilac floor.

Opalescence had stopped complaining when Stupid Pony started yelling. She started to snicker, then chuckle, then maniacally laugh. She did this rolling around the floor in her straightjacket-like device.

“Oh Rarity, I almost forgot- you are in charge of bringing the picnic blanket-“ Pinkie Pie hopped into the room and stopped dead before the whole scene. Two fillies fighting, makeup all in their messy manes, Sweetie Belle and her sister moaning on the makeup covered floor, their once perfectly white coats now stained, and a crazy cat laughing-in the way that cats laugh. “Um, I’ll leave you guys to whatever you’re doing…” She trailed, slowly backing up down the stairs.

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You captured Opal perfectly...and I love the idea that Opal has feelings for Tank, that's so cute!

I'm really loving this, hope you do angel next!

Awwwww Opal has a crush on Tank! :raritystarry: :rainbowkiss:

Are we supposed to like Opal? unless she gets a lot of Character Development, She's going to be pretty detestable.
Other than that, great job:pinkiesmile:

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