• Published 5th Feb 2013
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My Little Pets: Friendship is Hard - peppermint_twist

Walk through the daily life of your favorite pets.

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All Locked Up


“RISE AND SHINE GUMMY!” A loud, disturbing voice hollered.

Pinkie, Gummy thought. He gently opened his lavender eyes to see a smiling bubblegum pink pony staring at him with great intensity. He would have recoiled, but he couldn’t. He really couldn’t.

Gummy had a great disability. His brain worked wonders, functioning so fast, that even the so-called ‘Twilight Sparkle’ couldn’t even beat his intelligence. However, his body didn’t have the speed of his mind. His statue-like alligator body seemed as if it wasn’t doing as his head told it to. It would walk slower than Tank the Tortoise (yes, he was obviously a tortoise based off his shell, ponies are so idiotic as to miss that factor) and more emotionless than Madame LeFlour (A sack of flour Pinkie Pie had befriended).

Gummy recalled his pony finding him. It was one day; the party pony was walking through the Everfree Forest, quite a few years ago. She had found a just-hatched alligator curled up in a ball. This was no swamp looking alligator no, it had purple eyes that stared off into opposite directions (compared to the yellow-eyed alligators), its coat shined in the barely visible sun. It was a bright green, most unnaturally bright to the swampy mucus green that covered the other alligators.

Pinkie had picked up the now waking hatchling and watched as it started to suck on her hoof. She smiled slightly as it yawned a tad, coming out as a mere squeak. She looked around, trying to find the infants home, gently whispering, “Hello? Anyalligator home?” This baby alligator had been abandoned based on the absence of a protective mother and any siblings. It-and its egg remains- were far away from the swamp that lay a few yards away.

Pinkie again realized that the little creature was sucking on her neon hoof. She would have been screaming, she was about too, but stopped and realized that she felt no pain. She gently removed her hoof as she examined the still open jaw. “I think I’ll call you Gummy,” she said gingerly, looking in on the rosy mushiness of the toothless mouth.

Pinkie had raised Gummy as if he was her own foal. Every morning, she woke him up when breakfast was ready. She would brush his gums and floss them. Then, she would put him on her head and bounce downstairs to the cooling meal set before him. She always fed him first before herself, making sure he had his fill. She would gently spoon the mushy food into his mouth, blowing on it to make sure it wasn’t hot (though it never really was). It would take them at least 20 minutes to finish his meal. She would then bound over to her ice cold plate and start chatting while eating. Gummy believes that this is a way to let her feelings out. She didn’t do this at any other meal time; the Cake’s would always be there. Gummy was perfect for telling secrets to because he would never tell another soul. Gummy knew it was good for her and never got bored of her endless stories. She loved him dearly, and- don’t get him wrong- he loved her just the same.

“You ready to brushie brushie?” She asked in a gushy voice.

Gummy sighed- well, inwardly. Couldn’t she just wait five more minutes? Gummy thought of a possible solution for requesting this, but stayed quiet, as he knew that all Pinkie Pie wanted to do was help him. He only trusted her. Everypony else was just too unreliable. He would take one look at them and figure out all their faults. They were all horrible. Pinkie was extremely easy to read. With her joyful personality, it wasn’t hard to figure out that she was keeping something locked up in there. Everypony just seemed to ignore this (or just be too dumb to figure it out).

Pinkie put the alligator on her soft, bouncy hair and stuck out her hooves. “Ca-caw!” She whisper-shouted, knowing not to wake up the Cakes. “I’m a bird!” She rushed over to the bathroom and sat him on the porcelain seat. “Need to go? Don’t worry, silly, I won’t look!” She covered her eyes with her hooves as Gummy let out the vile liquid. “Ready for your morning check-up?” She asked, pulling out Gummy’s bristled toothbrush.

She began the ‘should-be-easy’ process of cleaning his gums. She didn’t even have to, considering they were just pink soft things that were always clean, but she did so anyway. She cleaned extremely thoroughly, Gummy just mentally sighed. She then began to ‘floss’ each individual little bump of where his teeth would be.

“Gummy, guess what?!” his pony giggled, doing the bird motions down the stairs. “We’re having another animal play date!” she smiled too cheerfully.

Just great. I have to see those things again. Gummy thought. He never seemed to enjoy it, though Pinkie thought he did. Sure, most of them were okay, but he preferred just Pinkie Pie. The only pets that were even close to acquaintances were Winona and Owlowiscious. Winona was a very loyal and trusting chocolate dog… maybe a little too loyal. She was always by her pony’s side- the country apple one. When she wasn’t however, she was sticking with whoever was in charge. Kiss-up. Owlowiscious was a natural born leader. He could take control over any situation. That coffee owl was definitely smart too. Naturally, Winona would stay by his side.

Then came the rest. Opal. That prissy narcissist cat. She thought she was better than everypony… even her pony. Gummy may have thought that of himself, but not to such extremities. She would walk all over the marshmallow-like owner and not have a care in the world. Why the unicorn loved her so much, Gummy was not aware of.

Then there’s Tank. Tank was an extremely clumsy tortoise and his pony was the Rainbow-haired one. Gummy supposed opposites attract, for the Rainbow one had great agility and stealth (though extremely brash). The tortoise always seemed to have a sheepish grin on his aquamarine face, for he was always causing trouble. He had a flying machine attached to his shell which was half the problem (donated by a large red stallion who was also of country origin). If the propeller is at that angle… no matter. It was still a kind gesture, considering he was a tortoise (naturally slow).

Finally… Angel. Every animal hated that little devil locked up inside that fluffy white exterior. He was a spoiled little brat with serious issues. He was always causing trouble and took advantage of the quiet one whenever he got the chance- which was always! He would ask for something from the pony, then, if it wasn’t exactly how he wanted, he’d throw a fussy fit! By Celestia, that was one rude rabbit.

Pinkie set out some oatmeal in front of the little reptile. “Here you go Gummy, some nice oatmeal to start off your day!” She scooped up a spoonful and did her trademark blow. “Here comes the train!” She made whistling noises as she gently placed the utensil in his maw. Gummy’s squishy pink gums mushed around Pinkie’s hoof as he sucked on the metallic spoon. “Not too fast! You might get a tummy ache!” She giggled. This went on for about 15 more minutes.

Really, Pinkie Pie, you don’t have to do this. It’s a lot of trouble and… It was no good. Gummy tried to form words with his lips, but it made him look like he was having a seizure. “Woah! Gummy! Let me go get the Cakes!” She hollered, almost bolting to the stairs. Almost.

Pinkie stared in shock at the little neon green claw that now rested on her soft hoof. Her sky blue eyes glazed over as a wavering smile grew. “Gummy! I’m so proud of you!” Gummy retracted the claw and tried to smile. It seemed as if his face was stretched and inside was a big glob of mushy bubblegum, but the message got across. Pinkie beamed, “Gummy, you smiled!” She embraced the alligator warmly.