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I am Matthais Unidostres, I'm a Christian and I love FanFiction!


Sweetie Belle has discovered that there is a powerful magic in her singing voice. This magic that allows her to touch the minds of other ponies and pass judgment on those who cross her. With great power comes great responsibility, and Sweetie Belle does not posses the necessary responsibility. And so, with every song she sings, misfortune befalls another pony. Sweetie Belle does her best to rationalize it as justice or karma, but in reality, this power that grows with every song she sings is slowly driving her insane.
Each chapter has a featured song. After all, this is a musical. You can even suggest songs for this story. But beware, for these songs you choose will determine the fate of Sweetie Belle and those around her.

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'In the End' by Lincoln Park? :pinkiehappy:

Well this is off to a promising start. It's nice to see a character not usually chosen to descend into madness.

I love this so far! Omg the ending to that... :pinkiecrazy:

I can use that. . .I'll put it on the list at least.


I can't see that picture when I click on it for some reason, but the picture's web address has the F-word in it. That concerns me.

A very interesting start, and a siren huh, this should be interesting. Though would be it possible to suggest Year of the Rat or The Apothecary? Since both are a bit mixed in message, and very open to interpretation. Or for more modern, if worrying, These are the Times? But I hope you have a blast with this story!

Hmmm. The Apothecary sounds good. . .but looking at my plans for this story's plot, I might end up having to choose between that and Hellfire. . .seeing as they both could work for the certain conflict I have planned. Hellfire's would be a more angry hateful Sweetie Belle, while The Apothecary would fit a calmer, reserved, in control Sweetie Belle. It all depends on how much sanity Sweetie Belle has already lost when we get to that part of the plot, which could either be really soon or far down the line. Maybe I can use both songs. First the Apothecary when Sweetie Belle is still sane, and then later down the line I can use Hellfire to show how much Sweetie Belle has changed.
Alright then, I'm putting The Apothecary on my list! Thank you very much!

Um... I don't know where you're going, but 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' can be pretty crazy. :unsuresweetie:

Your writing is amazing!

Wow that was just.

No words for how great that was.

Yeah, let's just cut out "Spike at Your Service" from this continuity. Yeah, that episode never happened. It doesn't exist.

I'm with you there.:ajbemused::moustache:

Oh, wow.
I'm loving this so far, and the dark twist that's already been thrown into this...
I shall eagerly await the next act.

That Celestia bit was pretty out of character for her, wasn't it?

I mean, it's easy for Sweetie Belle to look good in comparison when

"ENOUGH OF THIS!" Celestia roared in the Royal Canterlot Voice, causing everypony to cringe in fear, "Now, I am going to give you all one last chance. All bow before Princess Twilight Sparkle!"

is how other characters act. Can't say I liked it.


Shit just got real :rainbowderp:

Well you have to realize a few things:
1.) Celestia spent years grooming Twilight for this position, and was anticipating this event. Imagine all of her hard work getting ruined. Yeah, she is not happy right now.
2.) Celestia loves Twilight. She's her favorite student, and, well, just listen to Celestia's Ballad. She's watched Twilight, groomed her, taught her, and is ever so proud of her. Twilight's practically a daughter to her. Now imagine how she's feeling after her precious student who's been raised so high has now been cast out and rejected by those she cared about. It'd make sense for Celestia to be pissed. Heck, I'd be pissed if I were Celestia's place.
3.) Twilight's friends rejected Twilight as a Princess. Celestia trusted those five ponies to support and guide her, and now they've given up. Celestia is upset at this betrayal, and she's also worried that the Element of Harmony might be malfunctioning, putting Equestria in jeopardy.
4.) Twilight came to her in tears. That'd be enough to get Celestia mad.
5.) Celestia wasn't thinking straight when she commanded everypony to bow down to Twilight. She was just too angry to act logically, and a after calming down, she probably would have looked back and said, "Oh. . .that was a bad idea."
6.) We've seen Celestia angry before, like in "A Canterlot Wedding." ("You have a lot to think about!")
7.) I want to make Sweetie Belle look as sympathetic as possible so we won't immediately write her off as the antagonist, and more like a tragic Shakespearean hero, or at the very least an anti-hero. Once again I stress that I have NEVER seen "Death Note" and never well, but I guess I'm hoping to create a similar effect in this musical.

Well, I hope that helped. Get ready to smile, because this Act IV will be much more joyous and happy with a happy song we all know very well. Sweetie Belle knows we all need it after those three dark songs.


Well, I hope that helped. Get ready to smile, because this Act IV will be much more joyous and happy with a happy song we all know very well. Sweetie Belle knows we all need it after those three dark songs.

Not sure how that is likely. Because in my head, this new day won't be a good one. :facehoof:
Also, what's happening to twilight in punishment place? :twilightoops:

The same Gala scene is actually what I base my skepticism on, since Celestia reacted very calm, considering what just happened.

At the same time, I'm wondering if perhaps Sweetie Belle's magic had already reached Canterlot. Celestia making an appearance like that would feed well into the filly's paranoia - perhaps her subconscious created this situation in order to justify itself...

Well, let's just push Twilight's scene into the future. I already have the perfect song for her. But I will give you one vague clue: secrets and lies.
Also, hope is not lost for our purple Alicorn. There still exists a character that can help her.

Well, Celestia planned for the Mane Six to liven up the Gala because it had always been so boring. :trollestia:
Also, she was clam because Twilight wasn't in any danger. In fact, when she told Twilight to run, she sounded kind of nervous, like, "Run for your life Twilight, in Heaven's name, run!"
So yeah, my thesis is that if anyone hurts Twilight, you might as well just call Celestia "Hellfire Sun" or whatever you call the Daytime version of Nightmare Moon.

That chapter was so great! I loved it.

Any song from Into the Woods might work...

No One is Alone, Children Will Listen...

What about 'No Good Deed' from Wicked?

I feel the song In the End will have a big role in this little prophecy. :moustache:
I officially feel awesome.

My mistake, I meant the wedding scene. How did Gala end up in there? That's what you get for posting on one hour of sleep, I guess.

I wouldn't call things "joyous" right now, either. Sweetie has things falling into place like she wants so easily, and it's all so perfect in contrast to Twilight's handling of the situation, it's really lopsided. I tide myself over with thinking about how horrified and guilty Sweetie's going to feel once all this comes crashing down on her like a ton of bricks, up to and including he fact that Twilight is being treated like a dangerous maniac because of her mind magic, nevermind how angry the other ponies are sure to be.

Me, bitter? What name so?


I tide myself over with thinking about how horrified and guilty Sweetie's going to feel once all this comes crashing down on her like a ton of bricks

It looks like I have been successful in what I set out to do. That's exactly what I want the readers to be thinking of. After all, the title is "Sweetie Belle's Descent Into Madness." Like any Shakespearean Tragedy, Sweetie Belle will be a Tragic Hero/Well Intentioned Extremist/Woobie Destroyer of Worlds whose plans will fall apart and actions will come back to bite her. It's only a matter of time. This fits with the Theme of Act V. Twilight knows that Sweetie Belle will meet her end due to her magic that lets her see the future. We know she will meet her end because we can read the title. It'll be Exactly What It Says On The Tin. So Twilight can we relax, and we can relax and enjoy the ride.
Luna, however, would represent a person who wants bring Sweetie Belle down now and can't enjoy the ride. However. . .well, I can't spoil it. Just wait and see. This story still has a while to go.

Also, Twilight is showing that she is the better pony by letting fate take its course and not wanting revenge like Sweetie Belle got on her, or Luna wants to get on Sweetie Belle.

I want to theorize that while Sweetie's spell obviously plants hypnotic suggestions in others' minds that practically override any conflicting convictions that they may have previously had, I'm getting the vibe that there's still a part of their subconscious mind that's crying Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! at them. If ponies speaking Sweetie's lines word-for-word wasn't a good giveaway, then an even better one would have to be Spike's unnaturally long pause in Act II when Sweetie asked him if he would miss being Twilight's assistant. He's shown to be devoted to Twilight to the point that to be no longer needed by her is one of his worst fears - and he was living that scenario without being capable of realizing it until Sweetie came along and became a replacement of sorts. "Take a letter" indeed... I wouldn't be surprised if he was screaming far beneath that song-induced-trance when she asked him that question.

I built this theory based off of a dream I once had where I was committing acts that I never would in the waking world: I went along with it like business as usual, not stopping at the time to consider the weight of my actions, but at the very back of my mind, there was something SO. UTTERLY. WRONG. about everything I was doing. I like to think that Sweetie's music-trances work the same way, in changing what a pony is thinking, but not who they are at their very core; overridden, but definitely not erased.

Have you looked at any songs by Nightwish? They might fit the tone of the story as things get darker.

Sad but true with Metallica might fit your story

Very nice! Very good indeed! :twilightblush:That'll play a major role in Sweetie Belle's eventually downfall and descent in madness. Sweetie Belle has activated a time bomb.

Just curious, how's Act VI going?

Ever seen Anastasia? It's a wanna-be Disney animated movie.

You make such a good point! Why does your post only have a single upvote (mine, incidentally)? It boggles the mind.

Addendum: Uh, Sweetie? That Gabby Gums stuff? YOU started it. You started the hurtful stuff even before Diamond forced you to. /cough/HYPOCRITE/cough/.

When is new chapter?!
I NEED MOARZ! :flutterrage:

That's where "In the Dark of the Night" is from. You seriously have to listen to that song, it's just so incredible, it's the best villain song ever composed.

The way your describing it, it must be! :rainbowderp:

Actually, I think "Friends on the Other Side" from the Princess and the Frog might take the cake.

Is there any music to go with it? What song would sound like this one?

I almost feel that way about Sweetie Belle.

Well, not really, but I'll still relish the time when things come crashing down on her.

I'm glad that we're all starting to understand the point of the story.

3374443 I can't wait for that... that's going to be the BEST PART! :pinkiecrazy:

Not really, but you know what I mean. :twilightblush:

Seeing the songs we recommended, I don't think the crashing down is gonna come to lightly. :pinkiegasp:

All the better for all the more insane... :pinkiecrazy:

"-I just happened to walk buy Filthy Rich and the doctor, and I overheard the whole thing.

By? That buy means purchace.

"Just wait until Tuesday, when you all heard the song I have for my knight in green scaly armor! Speaking of which, I could use some more inspiration. . ."

Hear. Heard is past-tense, and she was thinking future-tense.
And, in all seriousness, I would be glad to be your editor.

Oh, wow, I can see where this is going- hopefully. You've managed to throw off all of my predictions with but a flick of your wrist, and thus I try to not allow my mind to predict. Eh, I'm excited nonetheless.

For the finale, PLEASE let her sing "still alive" by GLaDDoS.

That would be epic.

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