• Published 29th Nov 2015
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To Serve In Hell - CoffeeMinion

[Now complete!] Nightmare Moon has brought oppression and eternal darkness to Equestria, but Rarity and Rainbow Dash may yet risk prominent positions in her service to fight for a better world...

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Book 1: Hell Awaits

Princess Celestia rested her hooves on the railing of her high balcony, and watched as shadows from the setting sun rushed to overtake Canterlot. She didn't move as hoofsteps approached from behind and a pony cleared their throat.

“Princess,” said the low, rumbling voice of her advisor, Kibitz. “You should get some rest. We’ll need to be up early for the Summer Sun Celebration.”

“Of course,” Celestia said, though she didn't turn. “Tell me, Kibitz, do you remember Sunset Shimmer?”

Kibitz harrumphed. “I do indeed.”

“I know that she was… troubled. I’ve never met a pony so voracious for knowledge and power. But I hoped that Harmony itself could sate her, if she came to know it better… and that she, in turn, might help me wake it from its slumber.”

“Slumber, Princess?”

Celestia sighed. “The time grows short. Regret does little good. And yet, the day ahead is one I hoped I wouldn’t have to face alone.”

“But Princess, you won't be! You and I will be together, celebrating, along with all of Ponyville.”

Celestia watched as the sun fell below the horizon. The stars nearest the mare-marked moon shone brightly.

“No,” she said. “I want you to remain in Canterlot. I have instructions that you must deliver to my nephew if the sun is late in rising. But if it should come to that… have the mirror smashed. Immediately.”