• Published 29th Nov 2015
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To Serve In Hell - CoffeeMinion

[Now complete!] Nightmare Moon has brought oppression and eternal darkness to Equestria, but Rarity and Rainbow Dash may yet risk prominent positions in her service to fight for a better world...

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Book 3: No Dreams May Come

Fire, screams, and death all around made a mockery of Princess Celestia’s concentration as she flew through a fusillade of purple energy that scoured the upper balcony of Ponyville’s City Hall. Behind her trailed the Elements of Harmony, secure in her magical grip, yet unyielding in their silence.

Despite the growing darkness of thick, stinging smoke, Celestia spotted a brief opening in the night-black Alicorn’s glittering force shield. She took careful aim and once again drew upon the lone source of power that still seemed willing to heed her call, conjuring a bar of molten sunshine that came blazing out of her horn. Her eyes squeezed shut on instinct, though the blast was so bright that she could see it clearly even through her closed eyelids, and so hot that it singed the fur on her muzzle.

All she heard in its wake was more screaming.

The Nightmare laughed. “I’m afraid that’s another miss, dear Sister. Is this truly the best you can do?”

Celestia opened her tear-streaked eyes. Her heart sank, and her muzzle twisted into a horrified grimace, as she saw that yet another blast had been deflected into the terrified and burning mass of ponies trying to flee. In their midst lay the distended, sparking portal that she’d conjured in the vain hope of imprisoning the Nightmare in Tartarus; but its magical weaves had been distorted by a heat they weren’t meant to bear.

Her sorrow fueled a wordless, choking cry. She cursed herself for losing Sunset, who she felt would’ve stood by her valiantly if she’d been a better mentor. She cursed herself for letting fear and disharmony poison her heart from the company of friends, in defiance of the Elements. But most of all, she cursed herself for turning to the awe-inspiring power of the sun in her desperation to stop Nightmare Moon. Not since the rampage of Lord Tirek had she seen a living weapon of such terrible and uncontrollable potency turned against her ponies, nor with such damning consequences.

But amid her lamentations, Celestia failed to see another bolt of power that shot out, struck her wing, and caused her to spin out of control. In an instant, she lost her grasp upon the Elements, which went tumbling out into the air…

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