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Button Mash is a pretty average colt. He likes video games, hates homework, and spends his days playing with his best friend/brother-from-another-mother, Rumble. Together they try to navigate the problems of everyday Ponyville, which would be perfectly ordinary if not for all the spirits of chaos, angry dictators, giant star bears, and the occasional schoolyard bully.

These are the tales of how two mostly-normal foals deal with their very magical world.

An episodic story to be updated every so often. Cover art by the incredible dbkit

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I haven't read it yet, but something tells me I am going to have a lot of fun reading this.

This story is the bomb. Literally the best. So hilarious all my guts busted out of every single one of my holes. Everyone read this right now because you're gonna have the trip of your goddamn life. Also, uh... awesome. Yeah, awesome was the word I was looking for. Because this story literally is that. Awesome incarnate in word form with every sentence another suckerpunch in the gut because you don't expect how awesome it'd be. Like, you think you know what awesome is, but you don't. That word's definition changes drastically the minute you read this story. And you know what that new definition is now? This story's title, description, and every motherflippin word. You're gonna go on a trip to Amazingville through the country of Totallyradical Land the minute you read the very first word. You'll laugh, you'll chuckle, and you bet your ass it won't just be a sensible chuckle but a full-hearted one too. You'll be on the edge of your seat until you tip over into a different dimension of strange sights, sounds and experiences all contained in this story. What you knew of fun is now mediocre, a waste, all because of this story. Because this fic, this flippin fic right here, will make all the fun you've had previously in life be moot. It's just that life-altering. What you knew of the world before is a lie because once you read this story your eyes will be opened, the truth scraped from the bottom of the barrel and force-fed into you mouth, and finally you'll know for certain that this fic is the bomb and that you have to, HAAAAAAAAAAVE to read it. So go out there and do it, and prepare for the best experience in your goddamn life.

Also, Red, good job. Keep it up, dude! :heart:

So far this is some crazy shit. And I like it!

I love this so much right now!
The part and the very end made it that much better!

Wow...just....Wow. You captured the essence of The Amazing World of Gumball perfectly while at the same time changing it so that it didn't just feel like a pony reskin of it. The characters while silly are all diverse and unique in their own ways and stay true to what the fandom has dubbed canon, but at the same time everyone has that sort of Amazing World of Gumball insanity that all the characters inherently posses.

All in all an amazing chapter and honestly, I can't wait to read the next part. Now while this is more of a personal thing I thought I would bring it up anyway, the thing is, I honestly think this would do well with a bit of continuity. I know you said this would be episodic and that's cool, I don't want you to change that, but maybe just a bit of continuity would serve the plot well. Like perhaps DT in later installments would have a massive grudge against Button and Rumble for burning her house down.

I don't know, that really is just more of a personal preference honestly.

Anyway amazing start, I really want to see this done well, so don't think that just because the story has become popular that you have to rush everything, take your time and make sure everything is as good as it could be before sending it out. Not saying you will or would do this but, I've seen authors fall in that trap before and I DO NOT want to see it happen with this story.

I have been waiting so long for someone to make this a thing. I knew it was coming eventually!


I loved the ending, also, you may want to look over the beginning of your story a little bit more, there were a few spelling errors there that were very distracting from the flow of the story.

Yes! This. All of this. This is what win looks like. I had so much fun reading this.

Can we get ShadyVox on this? What would I give for a reading.

Oh, wow. This. This is the Button Mash fic I've been waiting for. Have a fave and upvote! :pinkiehappy:

I'm going to enjoy reading this, can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

“Uh, duh!” Diamond said, sticking her tongue out. “Of course I won’t. My personal butler is going to get it for me. Then I’ll just stick it in my room with the rest of the junk that you all will never be able to have. Literally the only good reason to be rich is to get the stuff that nopony else can, so you can say that you have it and nopony else does.”

Diamond Tiara really has no imagination with what can be done with wealth... Look at what Tywin Lannister and Tony Stark decided to do with wealth, they altered their realms balance of power tremendously. And with Citizens United we've seen its influence in the U.S.

This is great! What other adventures will they get up to? Will they ever be ungrounded? Will Rumble ever man up and kiss Scootaloo?

This and more must be answered!

Funny, but not as close to Gumball as I expected Gumball is more of a drug trip.

OMG This is AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE this story! I very eagerly await their next adventure!:trollestia:

Bloody hell YES.
this... thing... this thing is every bit as wonderful as I hoped[1].

You have no idea how long I've waited for something like this, me being a massive fan of the "stupid kids being stupid kids" genre[2]. Really, I'm just so glad that this exists now :pinkiehappy:

And I really thought that this would end up being a bit too descriptive for written text, but you've successfully done a really good job of translating the feeling of the show over to ponies, and even without just cut-and-pasting the universe. Admittedly, this one is perhaps a little less zany, but it works fairly well within the context of Equestria, and within the context of the medium.

For now, I'll just be looking forward to more. And if you're ever stuck and could use passing ideas back and forth, feel free to contact me[3].

[1] Okay, so maybe I would have preferred it if it showed a bit more of Diamond's more vulnerable sides that she tries to hide, but...
[2] To the point where I might even consider Gumball as my single most favorite cartoon show
[3] Though I question how much of a help I'd actually be =P

I'm also a fan of The Amazing World of Gumball, so this story really applies to me. Instant fave and Read It Later! :yay:

Looks like you've earned yourself a follower!

That was really, really, really hilarious. I almost passed over it until I checked the comments and saw all the praise from authors who really ought to know, and I am so very glad I took another look.

10/10, it was life changing, need more asap.


Thank you all for the kind comments. I worked hard to make this story as true to both pony and the zaniness of Gumball as possible, and I hope I can give you more in ensuing chapters.

5440612 You know what will make it much 20% more cooler? The fact that there's a Pony-version of that Opening, FTW! :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowlaugh:

I don't know anything about Gumdrop or whatever, and I still enjoyed this! :pinkiehappy:

It Felt like the show good job :twilightsmile:
you sir get a free moustache :moustache:

This... This is beautiful. Please, think of the children and WRITE MOAR OF THIS DIVINE LITERATURE!

:moustache: it's all in the MOUSTACHE

Button and Rumble represent Gumball and Darwin perfectly. I'm not sure how you pulled this one off, but this is good. It is like the TV show but with ponies! This is awesome! Keep going ok? You're doing a wonderful job!

Took me a while, but I finally got around to reading this.

And boy, was I disappointed...

That I hadn't read it earlier! :ajsmug:

This was such a fun read! I wanted to go through and quote my favorite few lines, but there were far too many. The comedy in here was just so natural, so comprehensive, so funny. And the characters! They were all awesomely in character—self-aware-bitch Diamond Tiara being one of my favorites. And don't get me started on the Slice of Life feel. This should be an episode of something, if not MLP:FiM itself, some fan work. Too bad Button's Adventures got canned. This would be perfect.

Have my faves. Have all of them! :ajsmug:

I was directed here by bad seed, it may have been with a detour sign to the face, but regardless, I think I'm going to like this
*After read*


Is this story going to get an update...?


You're in luck. One is coming soon.

Don't you hate when you like a story but the story was last updated one year ago?

Never before has the word "soon" and its definition been so stretched. I'm reading through these comments, and I'm honored, and yet also flattered, to take witness to such...history. And I'm saying this as a Grey Squirrel.


My "soon" is often everybody else's "a day too late," unfortunately. But it is here, and I am happy about that.


Well, gotta take what you get I suppose.


Well then. . . in we go!

Well that was nice. Not as awesome as the first chapter but nice. I guess we'll have to wait to see what that second favor is in the next chapter?

I did like them also acknowledging the way the universe revolves around the CMC and the Man 6. Reminded me of one my favorite parts in Friends Forever #16 with DT talking about the universe favoring the CMC at every turn despite their... CMCness.

Twilight's rage over Davenport being more organized is hilarious.

Comment posted by Pilcrow deleted Jun 19th, 2016

More than a year since the first chapter...
After returning to Fimfic since a few months I am treated with a surprise when I see this.

yup. This is good, I now want to draw some of these scenes. So i shall do that. soon. not now thou.
Thank you for updating this is a great story.

That was really good ! I loved the meta jokes about the universe favoring the CMC.

But what was Discord's surprise ? Did I miss something ?


His first surprise was to fix all of Ponyville so it wasn't destroyed anymore. His second surprise he is keeping to himself.

A perfect rendition of both shows

I'll take it. :raritywink:

Ponies fused with Gumball's themes and tone..

Can the universe handle that much madness?! :derpyderp2:

This is a great story so far, I hope you will get an other chapter out soon. I really like your depiction of Rumble as not being totally nice and responsible colt that most make him out to be most of the time. Button Mash is really great and I love how he manages to get is such horrible situations and still not really learn a thing from it.

“Rumbllllle,” he said, repeatedly lifting and dropping his hoof on Rumble’s nose. “I’m soooo booored! Tell me what to do!”

They could do what I always did as a child; take a nice long walk through the forest and spend hours studying the local flora and fauna and learning the nuances of the microclimates and little niches in which grew and crept all manner of life!


I am such a nerd. :twistnerd:

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