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Perry Pinkie Potter

People need to indulge in their own insanity sometimes. I have to do it 24/7. I like pastel ponies prancing playfully. I'm the nonofficial Pun Master. I'm a certified Narwhal Enthusiast. Enjoy. ^^


I Wrote A Sherlock Fanfic! (Redirect) · 6:58pm Jul 8th, 2016

Hey guys! This is an update detailing a new collab story I'm working on with a friend over on Wattpad. It's called 'Shut Up, Sherlock.' and it is a BBC Sherlock/JohnLock story. Warning on cursing, by the way. Right now I'm writing John's point of view, and RyanPoorRyan (I don't understand this username at all) is writing Sherlock's point of view. I'd really appreciate it if you'd check it out, it's going great so far, I think! Here it is:

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My New Profile Pic (Story and Full Picture) · 12:20am Jun 3rd, 2016

So, I updated my profile pic. I actually did this on almost all my accounts, because I felt like I needed to. It's updated to include other Fandoms I am a part of.

Used To Have:
My Little Pony
Disney/Phineas And Ferb
Harry Potter

Now Includes:
Steven Universe
Once Upon A Time
A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Other Fandoms I'm A Part Of That Aren't Included:
Hunger Games
Gravity Falls
Star VS The Forces Of Evil

Full Image:

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Happy Birthday Perry Pinkie Potter!!! ^^ (+account update) · 4:01am May 17th, 2016

Hey everybody! Perry Pinkie Potter here, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Yeah, I'm pretty excited obviously! But now for the update! (I'll try to keep it short, don't worry!)

•First off, thank you to all my watchers. I'm glad you all like my stories, I've been writing for awhile, but I didn't get a Fimfiction until now because I didn't write WELL. XD

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I Have A YouTube! · 3:19pm Feb 16th, 2016

Hey everypony! If you want to check out more of my stuff, click here: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCG69ebLs7ST7p61tCoebeDw

Thanks, everypony! :pinkiehappy:

Update: Devianart: http://perrypinkiepotter.deviantart.com/

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Back In Business! · 4:20am Feb 16th, 2016

I hope you all have been enjoying all the productivity on this (channel?) lately! What can I say: inspiration has struck! :raritystarry:
Thanks, everypony! :pinkiehappy:

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Regarding My Newest Story... · 3:54am Feb 2nd, 2016

Fun fact! All of my other stories (sans Trixie's Tragic Tale) are ideas that I came up with then wrote.
Trixie's Tragic Tale, however, is different. I decided I wanted to post a new story for you guys, so I typed in a random word for the story title. Then I began to write basically whatever popped into my head. I made it up as I went. I didn't know how it would end. I didn't even know who the pony would be.

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Read ALL My Stories! · 2:48am Jan 23rd, 2016

There are many stories I have not published. Maybe they aren't good enough. Maybe they aren't at 1,000 words yet. Reasons vary. But you may now read them all, free of wait! Please note that none of these stories have shipping (felt like some titles suggest that, but none are!) Also, there is more to these fics then meets the title. Thank you. Without further ado, however, live it up!

Password: Narwhal23

Links to my tales of pony:
Unpublished Stories:

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My Opinions That Nopony Cares About! · 2:16am Jan 21st, 2016

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Happy New Year! (And update on ALL my stories!) · 5:15pm Jan 1st, 2016

Hey! :pinkiehappy: I hope you all enjoyed my newest story, I wanted to do something special (though it's the wrong holiday, lol.) I might make a short story about Sweetie Belle's story with her parents, but I'm not sure.:unsuresweetie: For those of you wondering about Voices In My Head, I don't know when the hiatus will be over, but I want to take a break from it. :pinkiegasp: With so many new story ideas, :raritystarry: I REALLY want to try them out, and I'm confident you'll be happy with the

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Merry Christmas! · 2:20am Dec 26th, 2015

Happy holidays, my pony friends! Hope yours was good! I won't be writing for another day or two (sorry!) I'm at my sisters and the Wi-Fi stinks. I'm at a McDonald's and figured I'd post this so you know where I've been lately. I hope I can get back to my upload schedule soon, I've missed this fic. See you all soon, and happy holidays! Thanks, everypony!:twilightsmile:

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