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People need to indulge in their own insanity sometimes. I have to do it 24/7. I like pastel ponies prancing playfully. I'm the nonofficial Pun Master. I'm a certified Narwhal Enthusiast. Enjoy. ^^

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The real story behind the Cutie Mark Crusaders isn't pretty. What happens if a pony's cutie mark doesn't represent who they are?

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Trixie's life before and after we saw her. Trixie's life with her sister.

(Warning: Some parts in chapter one contain child abuse!)

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(Inspired by My Little Dashie. Go read the original.) Rainbow Dash finds a book somepony wrote. It's not real. It didn't actually happen. But Dash refuses to believe that once she's read it.

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My name is Lavender Melody. I got a degree for being a doctor, and when I found out about what happens in Pinkie's basement, I realized what I wanted to do with it. My sister and I run The Cupcake Hospital. (Based on fanfiction Cupcakes by Sergeant Sprinkles) (Not canon to Voices In My Head)

Chapters (3)

It's Hearthswarming! Ponies everywhere gather close, celebrating there family. But not Applebloom. Not Scootaloo. They don't have parents anymore. But maybe they can help each other? (no shipping involved!)

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With Rainbow Dash saved just in time, and Pinkie knocked unconscious, Spunk Light delivers them both to the hospital. With Twilight, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack taking care of Rainbow, Pinkie Pie is now Spunk Light's top priority. But when they find a virus in her head, will they be able to save the innocent? Or will it forever be Pinkamena? (Narration is Spunk Light's point of view.) (Some parts of chapter one are copied from the original Cupcakes. This is to establish the story, not take credit for his work.) (Provides closure for Cupcakes story for those who'd like it.)

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Warning don't read Twilight's friends visit and are shocked when Twilight seems to act just like the pony they first met. As they try to get to the bottom of things, will Twilight be able to hold on? And what caused this anyway? One odd encounter.

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