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Six thousand years, That's how long I have been living in this god forsaken world filled with dragons, shapeshifters, and monsters. In that time I have found love and heartache aplenty. Heck I even got hit by a magical rainbow death beam and survived. No seriously They actually weaponized rainbows on this world.

You know what the most irritating thing about all of this? I could have avoided it all if I had just read the warning message that popped up in my game. But that is the past now I find myself making a living as a mercenary protecting villages against bandits. But with war looming on the horizon I find that I have to choose a side or end up with enemies on all sides.

Warning: This is a humanized Equestria populated with Fire Emblem races.

Remake in progress as of 1/23/18. Will put new chapters as they are edited.

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Damien Law was once part of one of the biggest villain groups in the USA. Key word on was. The first member went missing, now presumed dead. The second got stabbed while on his way to the store, and bleed to death.

It’s been five years since then. Damien has moved on. From all of the ‘work’ he did he has enough money to survive on till he dies.

So he decided to go to a convention dressed as a hero from Japan. What could go wrong?

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A slave, He was a slave all his life.

From the moment he was born, to the day of his rise to galactic power.

It was not noticeable, yet he always remained a slave, only being commanded by a different master.

First by the Hutts, then Watto, then the Jedi Order and then finally, Darth Sidious.

He never had a choice in his life, he always had a straight path to follow where people expected him to act without question, it made him hate them.

Becoming disillusioned and making himself become a person he never imagined he could ever be.

A monster with no remorse and with nothing to lose, a war machine fueled by anger and hate.

But on this planet, all this anger will be taken to another level, seeing slavery in all its glory prospering without limits or restrictions.

He would change that, he had the power to do that, his power came from all the anger created by these abominations.

His anger would lead him to victory, and with his victory, their chains would be broken, the force will punish them.

He is the Chosen one, He will bring balance, however, he won't bring order, he will bring chaos.

A new god for all mankind.

(Been helped by the Legendary's; OmicroniX and ComissarFurry)

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(Before any complaints, Yes I know Valstrax is not the most powerful Elder Dragon, but frankly, I find him to be the coolest, and we are each entitled to our opinions. Besides, there isnt much in the way of MH fan fics, so I thought I'd try something out.)

First things first, This is my private journal, that has been enchanted to let me know if anyone is getting into it. So unless I have given it to you or I'm dead, Expect a sonic boom followed by something red charging straight at you. Good? Cool.

So we have all heard of displacement. We have all read stories where we turn into our character from a game, or enter the world of it, or any number of combinations. Well I have to say this is a first, for me anyways, and no I'm sot talking about proving it's real or it happening to me in the first place.

No I'm talking about being turned into my favorite monster. You see, I play a lot of Monster hunter, and everyone has their favorite. Mine was Valstrax. The Rocket Powered Elder Dragon, as we fans call it. And that's not all, because of course not. Of course I'd be in a world called Equestria, where all fear me to be some creature made from a chaos god.

Well I shouldn't say all. Tia and Lulu seem to like me.

1/17/19: Featured.... WTF
5/10/19: Featured less than 20 minutes after posting. What the hell did I do to deserve you all.
8/13/19: You all are way too good to me. Featured again!

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This story is a sequel to Guardian


This story is a sequel to Guardian and the novella Doom Slayer


Oh holy Seraphim, firstborns of the Light, keepers of heaven, earth, and the souls of men. . .
hear thee now, the words of our final oath. . . .

On the day when evil should darken the skies of paradise.
On the day when all hope has fled.
On the day when wisdom, love, and friendship are not enough.
On that day when you are most alone.
Call to us.
On that day, when the shadows lengthen, and when despair eclipses all light, WE shall hear you. . . .

Where wisdom falters, we shall bring destruction.
Where compassion fails, we shall bring ruin.
Where hope dwindles, we shall bring wrath.
And where evil treads. . . we shall bring death.

This we vow oh Seraphim. . . .

For our number is Legion, and our name. . . is DOOM.

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The Mayan calender was right in a way. The world ended not because of war or natural causes, but because of the idiots who saw the end as a reason to start a damn Purge and it was a test by God. Not that I'm truly capable of caring anymore. Now I've been given a way out of all that, out of the Hell my life has been, and I'm not looking back.

MC doesn't know about Kingdom Hearts, references he'll make, or worlds he'll visit if I choose to go that route.

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This story is a sequel to Serpent of the south

It is amazing how someone in high position of power and authority can make mistakes. Whether it is lowering your guard in an official Trial, trusting justice to happen. Or using an archaic privilege to over rule the courts final ruling in front of so many beings witnessing it, all because of fears caused by some vision. Leading to a cold frozen prison to one, and a political sh*tstorm and potentially burned bridges to other, who still hopes that things will calm down in the long run...

But fate has other plans. And marilith Naja's forced hibernation has come to an early end. And with the help from a familiar face and from the native folks from the lands of the north, she will slither her way back to the south. With the intention of giving some promised payback to a certain pony sitting upon a throne with her cake filled bottom...

Edit: Whuuut? Got featured on on its first day (8.7.2020)??? Even got hot...:derpyderp2:

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[Displaced Story]

[I don't own Dragon Ball Super or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]

My name is Michael, but I'm in the body of Goku Black. I was Equestria's guardian. Until another part of me, a darker side wanted control. That's when I decided I needed to be trapped in stone until then. I don't know how long I've been here, but it sure is boring. I miss my first friend, don't even know if she's alive, but I hope she is. After what has been centuries, I was released from my stone prison. It's time to get back to work.

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A Displaced Story.

My name is Heather, and I'm stuck in Equestria. I'm hated by 2 and a half of the mane 6 and I'm stranded with a young changeling. Ok, let's see what else... Ah yes, I'm constantly changing into wolf link whenever the black twilight crystal decides. Wait, It's me? Never mind! Oh yeah, plus I'm stuck here without my best friend... I'm slowly going insane...

I know I've already written this but now I've just changed it up and tried the best to my ability to make it good.
Marked Teen because there is going to be fight scenes because you can't have a LoZ fic without fighting. I'm terrible with fight scenes so the first one I do most likely is going to be because of a fit of rage or something. The next... I might need help on.
Thanks to zekromthepokemon for the new title name!
Takes place sometime around the first few days of Twilight's alicornhood.
More tags will be added as story develops and don't worry, the main character won't turn into a pony.

Maybe... But most likely not. I'll make no promises :raritywink:

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This story is a sequel to Guardian

(This story is a Novella taking place in the Guardian story universe.)

Tempest Shadow had heard the rumors. Stories, told in frightened whispers by traders and wanderers, in the taverns and around campfires. The stories told of an almighty champion, a monstrous creature from far beyond the stars, that had come to defend Equestria from its enemies. The stories told it had slain dragons by the hundreds, broke the savage beasts of the Everfree like twigs beneath its boots, and torn down titans and monsters alike with its wrath. They said it wielded weapons that could turn mountains into gravel, and seas into desert. That it was clad in armor, that neither the sharpest blades, nor the mightiest magics, could pierce. The rumors said it was unstoppable, relentless, beyond the power of mare or beast to oppose, that it was. . . a god. Tempest had laughed at the rumors and stories, as she flew toward Equestria at the head of an armada, intent on the conquest of her weakling former homeland. Never once did she give the obviously absurd campfire tales even the slightest credence.

The arrogance of fools and tyrants, shall awaken the rage of a monster, and lead an empire, to its DOOM. . . .

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