• Published 4th Jan 2019
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Adventures Of An Animus Dragon - Undertotem

A man gets sent to Equestria, but not as a human, but as his OC dragon. Camo scales - weird, mind reading - head ache, prophecy seeing - HUGE migrane, venom spit - dangerous. At least he has books to keep his abilities from being a problem

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A not so regular Monday

Author's Note:

Second chapter that took me way too long to make.

Just so you know I purposly made the main character an idiot. Smart, clever, and a hard worker if he wants to be but an idiot nontheless.

Constructive critisizm, suggestions and feedback are welcome again.

Enjoy reading and see you on the next chapter.

7:30 AM

The sound of the alarm was abruptly cut off by a hand as it lazily slides of down to the side of the bed as a man struggles to wake up from his bed to start the day. Shifting from his bed, he pulls the covers to himself while mumbling something.

"Five more minutes" he said, as he failed to hear the clock announcement, saying what time it is

15 minutes later

7:45 AM

The man wakes up from his slumber and silences the digital clock again. Stirring to face the otherside of the bed, he flipped over. Only this time just before he falls into deep slumber again, the clock announcement plays ang says the current time.

The current time is...7:45 AM the clock announced.

The mans eyes instantly opens and he tries to scramble up from his bed. Instead, he falls down on the floor miserably. As he tries to stand up ang regain his balance, he picks up the clock and looks at the time.

7:45 AM, crap. He thought. Then he took a huge breath
Then he started to panic.

"15 MINUTES, AND I'M GONNA BE LATE FOR WORK!!!" He screamed as he tried to find some clothes and towel so he could take a quick shower. Leaving his room littered with art materials, sketch papers, and dirty clothes, he made a beeline towards the restroom to get a quick shower.

After taking a quick shower, he quickly wore his clothes, grabed his bag, and ran as fast as possible out of his appartment. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him. This is a story of a man, which fate would pave a different path for him, changing his life forever.

'This is the last time I'm doing an all-nighter' I thought to myself. I honestly don't know why I did it, I mean, creating another character and making a full backgroud doesn't take that much time...right? I shove these thoughts aside as I countinue to run towards my work. It's not even a good job, I just work as a clerk in a simple mini mart. The pay is poor, but at least I get free food that I can take from the store.

I continue to run until I reach a corner and and turned. 'One minute on the clock' I thought as I spotted the store across the street. I broke through a full sprint towads the store. Once I reached the store, I opened the door but I failed to notice the small step the store always had and I triped.

'Hello face, meet your new friend, the floor. Now, give each other a big hug' was the first thing that came to my mind for the first few seconds before I fell flat on the floor face first.

After an embarrasing entrance and five hours of work, I was pretty bumed out and tired. The fact that an aquaintance of mine saw the whole scene, properly named Kevin, never stopped talking about my epic failure of an entrance.

"Nice entrance you did back there by the way, retard. A few more seconds and you could've been late." Kevin said "I thought you were gonna be late again, I was planning to tell the manager that you were sick so I could get your lunch instead." He said in a 'a matter of fact' tone as he rached for more tissue to wipe the food off his mouth.

God, Kevin, my co-worker, is such an asshole, he means good and all but by god he can be an asshole if he wants to. Were just aquantances and we give each other small talk if we want to, nothing more, nothing less.

"Yeah, yeah, fuck you too. I was up all night making details." I told him in an annoyed tone.

"Making characters again I presume?" He said, looking at me unamused. "Your not gonna get anywhere in this world by just creating charaters, Jon"

Yup, thats my name, Jonathan Rawls, or Jon for short. Age 21, brown hair, brown eyes, mild body build, nuff said.

"Hey! At least I can make a bit of money out of it, unlike you. Even a few game developers asked me to do splash art for their characters, some even paid me to create a character for them." I said with a hint of smugness in my voice. I don't know why, but I'm quite good at drawing even as a kid.

"You really need to stop living in your fantasy world." He said he said while eating. "The real world's gonna eat you up and spit you out if you keep thinking like that"

"You don't know me!" I said, annoyed at what he's trying to imply. Not that I know what his trying to imply at, but still, I don't like what he's trying to say. "And the real world sucks, reality sucks, why can't humanity have cool powers for once, huh!?" I yelled, raising my fist at the air, protesting at nothing.

"Ugh...you're an idiot, you know that right?" He said in a disapproving voice. "Grow up will you, stop acting like a kid, for crying out loud! All those fantasy books that your reading are getting through your head, it's a book for kids for christ sake!" He yelled at me, trying to get his point through, but thats not gonna work on me.

"I'll live my life however I want and read whatever books I want, thank you very much. Plus, the book I brought last time was a book for everyone, everyone can read it, not just kids." I said, giving him a solid reason that I'm not backing down from this argument. At least, I think it's a solid reason...hmmm.

Kevin rolled his eyes and said "What ever dude, I'm heading back to work. I'll see you at the front" before leaving to the front of the store.

I sighed and looked up at the ceiling, 'the world is just to boring for me, nothing interesting happens in my life' I thought before standing up, cleaning the trash and heading to the front of the store to start the other half of my work.

After 4 more hours of work, I pack up my stuff, then I daid goodbye to my co-worker and started heading to my appartment. Before reaching my apartment though, I had to order a take-out at a chinese restarant for dinner, a guys gotta eat good food at some point.

After getting the take-out, I went to my appartment without further delays, I still had to finish up some minor details on the original character that I was creating from last night. The character was a dragon hybrid from a book series called Wings Of Fire (which I own all current books). It's basically a fantasy book about dragons. The characters name is Stargazer, named after a flower called 'Stargazer'.

I cut my thoughts as I somehow noticed that I just missed my appartment building. I took a few steps back and entered the building and headed straight to my room. I entered the room, set down my food, went to my bedroom, took of my clothes, took a shower, wore a new set of clothes, opened the computer and started working until I get hungry.

It's about 6 PM or so, I already finalized the backgroud of my character and started to draw art. Since the character is inspired by a flower, the main colors are that of the flower, white and red. Since the character is a hybrid between two species, namely the RainWings and the NightWings, I made it so that it has best of both worlds. Star patterns on the underside of the wings, prehansile tails, venom spitting fangs, camoflaging scales, mind reading and prophecy seeing.

After drawing out a rough color sketch, I was starting to get hungry. But before I left my computer, a notification appeared in my browser, and as a curious man I am, I opened my browser and checked what the notification was. I was shocked to notice that it was apparently an online book store offering me some books due to its apparent sale. What shocked me the most was the books it was offering me, two books to be exact, TWO books I have never heard of from the creator of the books since I was a fan of them, TWO books that at this point, I told my mind, 'I need that in my life, real or fake'. The books wereWings Of Fire: Darkstalker's Guide for Mind Reading and Prophecy Reading Box Set - Deluxe Edition.

My mouth open in shock as I saw this. I couldn't believe what my eyes are seeing, this had to be fake, yet it looked so real and legitimate. I was having an internal battle whether I should buy it or not, cuz' you know, I mit het scamed and all. The risk was greater than the reward, but I just had to see if it's real. 'Well, no pain, no gain right? Yolo!' I thought as I grabbed my mouse, clicked buy, put in my credit card number, authenticate the adress, and waited......and waited......and waited.

After two very stressful minutes , a message appeared and it said 'Thank you for purchasing these three items, we hope you enjoy your puchased books. Safe travels!'

I was both shocked and happy at what I saw. Happy that the transaction was a sucess, shocked because of two things. 'Three items' and 'Safe travels'. I know I only bought one item, a book set of TWO books. Before I could do anythhing else, a bright light errupted infront of the screen blinding me. The next thing I knew was darkness.

The darkeness was surrounding me, I couldn't see anything, but I could hear things, it was just muffled. I tried to feel around me and noticed that I was on a smooth surface, the noises suddenly louder until they became deafening that it feels like it's in my head for some reason.

I opened my eyes in an instant from the head ache I was recieving. Now completely aware that I'm out of the darkness.

'Shutupshutupshutupshutup.....bequietbequietbequietbequiet.' I said silently holding the side of my head with my hands. Through all the confusion in my head, I failed to notice an object infront of me so I triped, but I caught myself before I went face first to the floor again. Despite the noise in my head and the splitting head ache, the sight of my arms surprised me even more. What I saw was an arm full of white and red scales and instead of fingers, I had claws.

But what really took the cake of all shock was the sight infront of me. Somehow I failed to notice a large door opening, but when I looked up what I saw were colorful horses, no sorry, ponies looking at me with shocked faces. I should have said somethin if my mind wasn't filled with all kinds of noises. I know who they are cuz' I'm a brony but I cant say anything due to this splitting head ache.

The only question I got on my head at the moment of reaization was 'why am I here?'